How to Use OneNote and Solve OneNote Problems on Mac

OneNote is essentially a digital paper notebook because it allows you to jot down notes and personal information, just like you would in a real book. Learn how to use OneNote on your Mac by following the simple steps given below.

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Imagine running software that not only allows you to take notes but allows you to do so in your own handwriting! Now is that super cool, or what? OneNote does exactly that. It takes personalization to a whole new level, so it’s about time you knew how to run and use it on your Mac.

Part 1: What Is Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a PIM (personal information management) and note-taking app. It collects, organizes and shares digital information. Don’t get it wrong though; OneNote is not specifically meant for writing stuff only. You can also store photos, audio, and video snippets, and do a lot more, so it’s pretty convenient.

What does OneNote do with all that information, though? It brings everything together into a single piece and organizes it so you can easily share it with others. Searching for the information becomes much easier too.

OneNote comes packaged up with Microsoft Office suite, so you’ll need to install that to utilize its full potential. Along the same vein, there are native applications for using OneNote on other operating systems, namely, iOS, macOS and Android.

So, your Apple devices (Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad, to be precise) as well as Android devices like Android Wear and Windows Phone all support this awesome software.

Likewise, your OneNote, er… notes can also be viewed in any web browser using Office Web Apps. So regardless of how you look at it, OneNote has got you covered from all ends because of how versatile it is.

Part 2: How to Use Microsoft OneNote on Mac

Your OneNote for Mac will always be a constant reminder for you because, as long as you remember to input it, all your information-new and old-is always in there. And you’ll never run out of paper so you have all the tools at your disposal.

Don’t get ahead of yourself by wondering how to use OneNote just yet, though. You’ll be taught everything in due time. Besides, how can you start using OneNote if you don’t even know how to download and install it?

Solution1: How to Download and Install OneNote on Mac

There are two main methods you can utilize here. The first and quicker way is via the Mac App Store, but if you opt for this alternative, you’ll only download OneNote and nothing else.

The second method is slower because you have to download and install the entire Microsoft Office suite since OneNote is part of it, but in addition, you get all the other apps that come along with the suite.

Mac App Store

1. Launch “Mac App Store and go to the search field. Type in “OneNote.”

2. Once you see it, click “Download.” It will install automatically once it’s done downloading.


Microsoft Office Suite

1. Go to this website:

2. Type in your account details into the fields provided (this account will probably be a Microsoft or a school or work account).

3. Sign in with a Microsoft account and the “Install Office” button is one of the first things you’ll see on the home page. Click it to initiate the download.


If, on the other hand, you sign in with a work or school account, you’ll see a button with slightly different words on the Office 365 home page: “Install Office apps”. Click this button and then click on “Office 365 apps”. This starts the download.


4. After the download is complete, open “Finder.” Go to “Downloads.”

5. The “Microsoft Office installer.pkg” file will be in the folder. Double-click it. If you see a prompt warning you the file is from an unidentified developer, just ignore it and count 10 seconds; copy the downloaded pkg file to your desktop. Double-click on the file again.


6. Click “Continue” on the first installation screen.


7. Once you review the software license agreement, click “Continue.”

8. Click “Agree” You can either install the full suite or install specific apps by clicking the “Customize” button. The simple reason you might want to do this is if you intend to forgo the other Office apps and install OneNote only.

But why would you want to do that? Why not just install everything so you have the complete Office apps in your Mac? This is a good idea because most of the apps work best when they are together.

9. Make a choice and click “Continue”. Click “Install” and then input your Mac’s login password if prompted to do so.


10. Click on “Install Software.”

11. Click “Close” once that’s through. Anytime you go to your “Applications” folder, OneNote will be right there waiting for you.


Solution 2: How to Open OneNote on Mac

1. Open up your “Applications” folder.

2. Double-lick the “OneNote” icon (it’s the purple icon with the big letter “N” on it). That’s all. The software will be launched.


Solution 3: How to Create a Notebook in Mac OneNote

1. Launch “OneNote” and click “File” on the menu bar.

2. Click “New Notebook,” or press these keys: “Ctrl” + “Cmd” + “N”

3. Go over the colors and choose the one which catches your fancy.

4. Type a preferred name for the new notebook in the “Name” box.

5. Click “Create.” You should know that the notebook you just created will be in the “Documents” folder in your OneDrive.


Solution 4: How to Share OneNote Notebook on Mac

1. Launch “OneNote” and click “File” on the menu bar at the top.

2. Select any of the following options:

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