Methods to Completely Erase Memory Stick

How to Completely Erase Memory Stick

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If the memory stick is infected and you are worried that the virus affecting it can spread to your computer as well, then it would be best to erase memory stick. With the data erased from the memory stick, the virus on it won't be able to infect your computer. Moreover, erasing memory stick data becomes a sensible decision if you don't have enough space on it for storing more image files. This creates the space on the memory stick required for additional memory storage.

Part 1: Why Do You Need to Erase Memory Stick?

The memory stick is like an SD card. It is a product of the sony corporation and offers you the chance to store data of any format. It is available in different sizes, which ranges to as high as 2TB(terabyte). Given the portable nature of the storage device, there may come some scenarios where you want to erase all the data inside by formatting it. Here are some of the circumstances which may force you to take the drastic step and wipe the memory stick.

The whole point of making storage devices such as a memory stick smaller in size was to enable the portability factor. And to allow the user to use it anywhere they like and on whatever device they want. But such a type of convenience brings its own set of problems. It is highly likely that your memory stick may get infected when you use to store a malice file on it. It will cause the memory stick to get corrupt, and sometimes the infection is so severe that you may have to erase all the data inside.

A storage disk usually becomes raw due to excessive or casual use. If you pull out the memory stick during shifting the files from one place to another, while it is at play, then complications may occur, and the file format of the stick may turn RAW. The only solution to that problem is to format the drive and erase the memory stick.

Sometimes we fail to assign the relevant letter or space to our storage device during the partition creation through Disk Management. If that is the case, the PC or any other equipment such as a camera will not be able to read the memory stick thoroughly, and you would have to erase it altogether.

Part 2: How to Completely Erase Memory Stick

You can easily erase memory stick data by formatting it. This process doesn't take much time and has proven to be an effective means of removing data permanently. However, frequent formatting can damage the memory stick and might affect its storage capacity. This is why using a data eraser tool for erasing the data stored on a memory stick is a far better option. These tools are capable of removing the data securely without damaging the memory stick. The Internet is full of data erasure tools but the best one among them by some distance is Stellar BitRaser for File.

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    1. Download Stellar BitRaser for File on your Windows computer and connect a memory stick to PC.
    2. Launch Stellar eraser tool, and click the section "Erase Now" to select your memory stick to the process.

erase data from memory stick

  1. Click the button "Erase Now" to start to erase data from a memory stick.
  2. It will take a while to complete erasure.

Stellar BitRaser for File can remove the data stored on a memory stick in just one pass. However, it might be difficult for some people to believe that the memory stick data can be erased in a single pass. To satisfy the concerns of such people, this data erasure tool allows up to three passes to securely erase memory stick permanently.

Part 3: What to Do If You Accidentally Erased Your Memory Stick - Try Recoverit Data Recovery:

When you have no other choice than to erase the contents of the memory stick, then all hope is not lost. You can retrieve the files from the newly formatted memory stick with the assistance of Recoverit by Wondershare. The main rule that you should keep in mind that no one should add additional data to the memory stick before the recovery procedure. Here are some of the features of Recoverit that will prompt you to use the application at once:

The steps to recover data from a formatted memory stick are as follows:

Step 1. Select a location

Plug your memory stick into the computer and launch Recoverit. Under the "External Devices" tab, select your memory stick and press the "Start" button for the scanning to begin.

erase data from memory stick

Step 2. Scan the location

The interface of Recoverit will momentarily scan the memory stick after you hit the start button. It typically takes a few minutes to perform the scan, but the duration may vary, subject to the file size. Recoverit also provides the means for you to check the recovered files during the scan if you push the stop/pause button. Furthermore, it will notify you once the scan is complete.

erase data from memory stick

Step 3. Preview and recover files

After the scan, Recoverit will prompt you to view the recovered data and check its authenticity. Select the items you want to restore and hit the "Recover" button to save the content anywhere you want.

erase data from memory stick

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