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How to Recover Deleted Files from PSP Memory Stick?

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Jul 11, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Imagine the situation where your treasured game files, accumulated over many years, suddenly vanish. Losing your composure is inevitable in such a scenario, but regaining those files is paramount. If you find yourself unable to partake in favorites like God of War, Mortal Kombat X, or League of Legends due to this loss, fret not. Our software is designed to guide you through the process of recover deleted files from a PSP memory stick. Delve into this solution and consider how it can assist in various other circumstances as well.

Part 1: How Data Got Lost from PSP Memory Stick:

In this section, before we get to the solution to recover deleted files from the PSP memory stick, we must know the cause of data loss. There are many scenarios where files in the PSP Memory stick will get lost.

All these things will make the memory stick files inaccessible to the users. So, the last resort you have is to take the help of an expert data recovery tool to get the files back.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Files from a PSP Memory Stick:

Data loss is an inevitable incident that most people can't avoid. So, instead of freaking out about data loss, use the Recoverit Data Recovery tool. With the help of the software, you can learn how to recover deleted files from a PSP memory stick. No matter what was the reason for data loss, Recoverit will help you retrieve files that are important for you. The software is capable of recovering files from any storage media and has the highest success rate.

The key features of the software include:

deleted data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

  • 3 simple steps to get everything back on your device.
  • More than 1000+ types of format for files, including images, videos, documents, archives, etc.
  • Recover data from recycle bin, internal drive, laptop, external storage devices like PSP Memory stick, and others as well.
  • Retrieve data even after a system crash.

You just need to download the software on your system, and once it is ready for use, follow the user-guide below.

Step 1: Run Program & Specify Location:

Launch the software and connect the memory stick with the device. From the interface, specify the location and press the "Start" button to initiate the scanning process.

external device recovery

Step 2: Scan Results:

It will only take a few seconds for the software to scan the memory stick and display the files that are found. You can filter the results according to their formats and file path as well to find your files faster. Also, you can pause, resume, or stop the scan anytime you want.

scan external device

Step 3: Preview & Recover Files:

Once you have located the files you need in the results, select them, and have a preview. The software supports selective recovery, and you can choose as many files as you want. Once you have chosen the critical files, hit the "Recover" button, and you will have your files.

preview recovered photos

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In case you cannot find the files in the scan results, you can run a Deep Scan to dig deeper into the data loss history.

Part 3: How to Prevent Data Loss from PSP Memory Stick:

While we are playing, we often get overexcited and do some things we regret later. This involves physical damage to the stick or keeping it in extreme conditions that lead to failure. Even though you can recover deleted files from PSP memory sticks, that doesn't mean that it will be possible also after you have permanently damaged the stick. So, to prevent data loss, there are some things that you have to be careful about. So, here are some tips that are worth keeping in mind to avoid data loss.


Now that you know how to recover deleted files from a PSP memory stick, your data files are safe. Using Recoverit will ensure that you can recover your data anytime. Tell your friends about this tool and help them to get back your data instantly.

FAQ on Deleted Files from PSP Memory Stick

  • Can I recover deleted files from a USB stick?
    Regrettably, files deleted from a USB drive are permanently lost. The sole method to retrieve them is by utilizing third-party recovery software. wondershare recoverit stands out as an illustration of such an application. The timelier you embark on the recovery process post-deletion, the greater your likelihood of successful restoration.
  • How do I recover deleted files on my PSP?
    Connect your PSP memory stick to a Windows PC using a card reader. Hover the mouse over the drive where deleted files were stored before, and select Scan. This will initiate Quick Scan and Deep Scan methods automatically, showing all deleted or lost files, including your game files.
  • How to fix a corrupted PSP memory stick?
    First, Power on your Sony PSP and wait for it to boot into the PSP menu, commonly known as the PSP XMB. Second, Link the PSP to your computer using a USB cable. Third, Find the game you had previously saved on your Sony PSP memory stick.
  • Can you recover data from a broken USB memory stick?
    Certainly, it is possible to restore a corrupted USB flash drive, even if it experienced logical failure resulting in data loss. Various solutions are available to address this issue. To facilitate the repair process, you can opt to download and install a dependable data recovery tool on your computer, Wondershare recoverit is a software of this.
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