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Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Review 2024

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Is Stellar Windows Data Recovery Safe? How to use Stellar Windows Data Recovery? On this page, we will introduce Stellar Windows Data Recovery software for you. Learn how to recover deleted files free with Stellar data recovery.

Searching for lost files is a constant challenge we all have to do deal with from time to time. Sometimes we may delete important files by error or find it very difficult to locate a particular file from a multitude of similar ones. Today there are software programs used to locate and recover important data that we may need. A very effective piece of the program for doing just that is the Stellar Windows data recovery software.

Overview of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery software is an effective tool for salvaging or undeleting files that may have been deleted by mistake or recycled. Stellar data recovery is a perfect example of such a program developed by Piriform for Windows programs. It undeletes files that have already been marked as undeleted either by you or someone else who may have used your computer. This operating system marks the areas where data has been stored as free. It can recover specific files deleted from hard disk drives, memory cards, and USB drives.

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How Does Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Work?

Stellar Windows software works just like any other software of its type. To use it, you will have to follow these simple and easy steps to recover all lost files from your drive.

Download the Software: To set things in motion, you will have to download the software first on your system. Stellar Windows software can be downloaded from their website or from websites that post the download link. Before you download the application, make sure you have ample storage space on your drive to accommodate it. You will need RAM that is higher than 1GB and a hard disk that is larger than 50MB. Furthermore, you can download this application software on common Windows machines such as Windows 7,8,8.1, and Windows 10, Windows 11.

After you are done downloading the Software, you will have to launch it to get started. Once you've done that, follow these key steps.

Step 1 Scan data from normal hard disk drive- Stellar data recovery software supports NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT 32, and EXFAT file systems. You can scan for deleted files on your desktop or laptop computers. To scan for data,

  • Choose a location
  • Click on the scan button
  • Click OK when the scan is complete

Step 2 Scan data from external storage devices – You can also scan for files in external storage devices using these steps to get back missing files or data.

  • Connect your movable device to your Window PC
  • Choose the external storage device that you want to extract files from
  • Locate the storage device
  • Click OK
  • Click the scan button
  • Click OK when the scanning procedure is complete

Step 3 Scan data from deleted partitions: To kick-start, this process, choose the "can't find drive" option. After clicking this button,

  • Click the scan button
  • Highlight the drive in the "select drive" box
  • Click the "search icon"
  • After the search is concluded, highlight the partitions in the "partition found" box
  • Click the scan button to recover
  • Click OK when completed.

Step 4 Quick scan and deep scan: This option provides you with 2 Scan modes if you can't recover your files after completing the steps introduced above. Failure to recover files may be due to a multiplicity of factors but you can still recover your data by performing a thorough search of your drive. To deep scan for data,

  • Deep scan the selected drive: Once the quick scan is complete
  • Click the "here" link button at the bottom to commence the deep scan procedure.
  • Deep scan for partitions: For a further scan, choose the "partition found" button for a very comprehensive and thorough scan for partitions.

Step 5 Preview Scan results: You can preview scan results by turning on the preview button. Preview all files found in your drive. You are most likely going to find quite a lot of different files. Files such as document files, photos, emails, video files, audio files, archives, and miscellaneous files.

Step 6 Recover files or data: Recover files by clicking the "recover button for individual and specific files.

Step 7 After you are done with the entire process, it is important that you save the results so you recover specific files of interest to you later on. To save results, just click on the Save button. Also, note that you can enable advanced settings to improve the system management functions of the Stellar Windows data recovery software for better data management.

How to Get the Full version of Stellar Windows Data Recovery

To get the full version of Stellar Windows data recovery software, you can download both versions online. For the free version, you pay nothing to download it but for the Pro version, you will be charged for it because no the extra benefits it provides.


Professional ($79.99): ONE-Year license for a single system. Recover Deleted Data, Documents, Partitions, Photos, Videos, etc..

Premium ($99.99): One-Year license for one computer.

Technician ($199): One-year license for multiple computers(3 systems). Supports Technician / Corporate / AMC Service.

If you want to use the Stellar Windows Data Recovery software completely, you should pay for it and upgrade it. Also, you can get to download the next free data recovery software and try it. Compare with Stellar Windows Data Recovery software. Recoverit Free Data Recovery is an effective data recovery program, it can easily retrieve your lost data back.

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