How to Clean A Memory Card Permanently

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Have you saved some personal sensitive photos and videos on memory card and wanted to delete them permanently to avoid unauthorized accesses from others? Have you ever thought that pressing ‘Shift+Del' can delete your sensitive data forever? Have you try to clean memory card by formatting it? Actually formatting or ‘Shift+Del' cannot wipe memory card permanently. You need to use memory card shredder to wipe it permanently.

When you press ‘Delete' or ‘Shift+Del' button or format memory card to delete files, actually the files are not deleted. Just the space that the files occupied before is marked as free space, which can be available for any other files. So if the space is not occupied, the files you deleted can be recovered by recovery tool, while if you use card eraser to shred files, the files cannot be recovered by any other recovery tools. It means that once you clean your memory card with card shredder, others cannot undelete the files and you don't need to worry about the files can be viewed by others anymore.

How to Clean Memory Card with Card Shredder

To wipe memory card permanently, you can use reliable card shredder because of the personal privacy. The file shredder in Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is such a reliable card eraser to shred your photos and video safely. The deleted files cannot be undeleted by any recovery software.

Launch the card wiper by clicking "Privacy & Security" on the main interface, then choose the "File Shredder" on the left side.

Fodler Shredder

Step 1: Add unwanted files

Click "Add Files", and there will pop up an open file dialogue box. Select the files that you want to shred, click 'OK', and then the file information will be added to software windows list box.

Wipe Memory Card

Step 2: Shred files

Once you make sure that you want to erase the files, click 'Shred' to shred files in the list.

Memory Card Shredder


1. The shredded files can't be recovered by any recover tool, so please confirm the list before the operation, and then click 'Yes' to continue shredding.

2. Remove Files :If you select the wrong files, you can remove them from the list by clicking 'Remove From List'.

Clean Mwemory Card

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