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Hide Files/Folder on SD Card in 4 Absolutely Workable Ways

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

"Is there a way to hide my files on the SD card on Android? Also, can I hide files on a system without it showing on other devices?"

The quest for security is something that has made many people look for how to hide files on SD cards. Therefore, it is important to know the process of how to hide important documents, pictures, videos, and other files.

What Does It Mean to Hide Files on SD card?

Having to hide files is no longer something geeky in the modern world. Hidden files are files that are invisible when you are browsing through your file manager. Without the required settings or permissions, you cannot view them. When you hide your files on your SD card, you prevent others from coming in contact with it.

On any operating system, like Windows, there are always hidden files already present. These hidden files are majorly system files. Therefore, you must be careful of changing, deleting, and moving them.

NB: All operating systems hide system files by default so that users wouldn't be able to edit it.

Why Do You Need to Hide SD Card Data?

The reason you hide files on an SD card depends on you. Whether you are a data analyst, a special agent, or a regular person, there will come a time you might need to know how to hide files on your storage device based on your surroundings. Below are two reasons why you should consider hiding your files on any storage device.

If you fall under any of these conditions, you need to hide your files. When you hide any file from your SD card, you will not be able to view them. Therefore, any utility application such as the file manager, file explorer, and other apps should not show their presence. You won't be able to view the files until you change the settings to enable you to view them.

How to Hide Your Files on SD Card?

What you need before you hide files on an SD card depends on the operating system that your device is running on. For each operating system, we will discuss how to go about the process.

On a lighter mood, the only thing you need is your unwavering attention to the instructions given

Method 1. Hide SD Card Data on PC

Hiding your files on PC is very easy, although it depends on the operating systems. We will talk about how you can hide files on SD cards using Windows and Mac OS.

Hide SD Card Data on Windows

To hide files on an SD card using Windows, follow these steps:

hide sd card data on windows

mark hidden

There is another method used for Windows. It is more complex and requires strict adherence to instructions. This method is ideal because most users know the above method. Therefore, it is easy to reverse the process.

This method involves making the file or folder to have system-like properties. Therefore, Windows won't display them.

launch cmd

After running the code, the file is hidden from view. To reverse the process, follow these steps:

Hide SD Card Data on Mac

Hiding files on Mac is way different and more complex in comparison with Windows. All hidden files found on Mac has a full stop at the beginning.

Like with Windows, there is another way to hide SD cards on Mac. It is also complex and secure.

hide sd card data on Mac

use terminal

After running the code, the file is hidden from view. To reverse the process, follow these steps

Method 2. Add the Dot Before Name on Android

It is another method to hide files on SD cards. Like the Mac OS, all hidden folders found on Android has a dot at the beginning.

To hide files on Android using this method, follow these steps:

After doing this, the file is hidden from all utilities on Android. This action is similar to how hidden the WhatsApp Status folder is on Android.

Method 3. Create ".Nomedia" File in a Folder

This method is ideal for hiding folders that are already on your file manager. Before we start, you might have noticed that folders that contain the ". nomedia" file does not appear on your File manager.

To hide files using this method, follow these steps:

After completing the process, the folder should be already hidden. Some users do experience an inability to create the ".nomedia" file on their smartphone. If you fall under that category, you can follow these steps.

Method 4. Encrypt Your SD Card Files

While hiding your files provides security, it is less secure when compared to encryption. Encryption is the addition of a layer of protection to files present on an SD card. Therefore, without the correct password, the files on the SD card are secured.

It is a better way of protecting sensitive files from other people. The most known method for encrypting SD cards is by using Windows BitLocker.

Encrypt SD card

Windows BitLocker is the most used way of encrypting flash drives or SD cards. To encrypt your SD card, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Connect your SD card to the PC

encrypt your sd card using bitlocker

Step 2 – Choose the SD card


Step 3 - Start the Process

fill in password

encrypt your sd card

Wait for some time for the process to finish. The amount of time it takes depends on the size of the SD card.

Decrypt SD card

You can also decrypt your SD card if you forget your password using Windows Command Prompt.

Step 1 – Launch Command Prompt

Step 2 - Start the Process

After decrypting, the SD card is wiped clean. Therefore, all your files are lost.

In case you need the files someday, here we prepared another guide on showing hidden files on SD card for your reference, from which you can learn the detailed steps to show and recover the hidden files.

Fix Possible Issues When Hiding Files on SD Card

Perfectness is subjective. Therefore, there is no how there won't be issues during one of the processes. This section will cover the two major issues experienced by users using simple and followable instructions.

Issue 1 - Show Hidden Files Option Not Working

This issue is common to Windows and is evident as the "Show the hidden option" icon not working. Therefore, users do not have access to the files. There are many ways to solve such an issue, but we will discuss the most efficient and the safest one.

Solution: Using Command Prompt

show hidden files option not working

Issue 2 - Data Loss

The primary issue users face when hiding or encrypting their files is the loss of files. During the decrypting process, all the files found on an SD card will be lost. Also, users can experience data loss while hiding files.

Recover Lost Files

However, you don't need to fear losing your files by using the Recoverit Data Recovery Software. The software is ideal for recovering lost data on SD cards and other storage devices. Download the software on both Mac and Windows.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Files from SD Card

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Step 1 – Begin the Process

Launch the software and select the SD card. Click on "Start."

select lost files after decryption

Step 2 – Start Scanning the SD Card

Recoverit will start the scanning on your SD card. Wait a bit while, and you can gradually find the scanned data and files.

scan lost files after decryption

Step 3: Preview and Recover the File

After completing the process, you can preview the files. Click "Recover" to Save the files in another location.

recover lost files after decryption

The process is efficient and ideal for recovering files from other types of storage devices.

Tips to Know Before You Hide Your Files on SD Card

Below are a few tips that can help you in the process.

Tip 1. Note whether you want to Encrypt or Hide

Depending on the situation, you can choose whether you want to encrypt or hide your files. Encrypting is more secure than hiding your files. With the extra layer of protection (password) added, it becomes hard for people trying to gain entry to your files.

However, if you do not want to encrypt, use the second method under computers to hide files on your SD card safely.

Tip 2. Safe the Password

Apply the password principle when encrypting your files. Do not share your password so that you won't be subjected to hacking. Also, secure your password so that you won't need to decrypt forcefully.

Tip 3. Note the File Location

If you are using the second method under the computers, make sure you know the exact location of the files. This is to ease your work when you want to view the files.


The security of your SD card is very important, especially if you always carry sensitive files. This article goes to show how you can up the security by knowing how to hide files on an SD card. Not only that, but it also does justice to encryption, which is more secure, and how to fix issues as a result of hiding and decryption of SD cards.

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