How to Fix Reboot and Select Boot Device Error in Windows

How to Fix Reboot and Select Boot Device Error on Windows

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In this section, we want to teach you some simple steps on how to fix Reboot and select boot device error in Windows. Just like always, our steps are very easy to follow and work well for fixing this kind of error. Without further ado, let's get on with.

Overview of the Error

A select and reboot error is a very serious hardware error that could permanently damage your device if it is not rectified on time. If your device is refusing to work because of a reboot and select error, the first thing that will cross your mind will be to take it to a computer repairer for a quick solution and that's a smart idea but before you do that, there are fixes you can try on your own to fix the error.

What causes this error

Reboot and select errors have two common causes.

Case 1: The first and most common one we want to look at is an improper BIOS boot order. If your PC tried to boot from a wrong source a boot error will display on your screen.

Case 2: If a partition in your hard drive is inactive, this error may show up after crus attacks, disk write errors or power outages.

How to Reboot and select boot device on Windows

Have you been scratching your head thinking about how to fix this error that has made it impossible for you to use your system? Here are some effective fixes.

Fix 1 – Use the Boot Order

One thing you should attempt to do is to check to see if your PC's boot order lists the hard drive correctly as the first option. Here how to check it out

You will have to open BIOS setup to change the order

Fix 2- Check for hard disk failure

To find out whether your disk has failed or not use a third party automatic repair tool. Several such tools can be downloaded online. The tool will scan and publish a report if anything is wrong with the hard disk. A repair tool like Easy Recovery Essentials will suffice. (You can download and use any tool of your choice)

Fix 3- You need to disable the (UEFI only) Legacy Boot

Fix 4- Utilize Diskpart

For an inactive primary partition, a Reboot and Select Boot Device error may occur. Activating the partition will resolve the issue but to do so you will need Diskpart and an original Installation media – DVD for Windows OS and a USB drive for 8.1

Before you take your PC to a technician for repairs, we implore you to try any of these quick fixes and we are convinced that one of them works for you. If a Boot order does not solve the problem, checking for disk errors or using the Diskpart tool will.

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