Millions of worldwide users face data loss every year, often not finding a solution and mourning the loss of their precious data.

Solutions do exist, and they come in the form of professional data recovery companies like WeRecoverData. Today, we'll thoroughly review WeRecoverData's data recovery services, discuss its features, performance, security, and pricing, and see what existing users think of the company. We'll also provide an alternative solution that you can use at home.

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Overview: WeRecoverData Data Recovery

WeRecoverData is a New York-based data recovery company offering professional recovery services worldwide. With over 50 locations across the US, Canada, and Europe, WeRecoverData provides valuable recovery services to thousands of international home users, businesses, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

Everything happens in the company's numerous class 10 and 100 cleanrooms, where experienced experts will adequately care for your storage media.

“What types of data does WeRecoverData recover?” you ask. The company does almost everything, but let's look into what WeRecoverData supports.

Data Recovery ServiceWeRecoverData
Supported Operating SystemsDesktops, Laptops, and Servers running Windows, macOS, Linux, or Unix, and Mobile Devices running iOS and Android
Supported Storage MediaHDDs, SSDs, USBs, Memory Cards, Tape Drives, Mobile Devices, PDAs, servers, virtual servers, and RAID configurations
Supported File SystemsNTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS, HFS, HFS+, APFS, Ext, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, ZFS, UFS, UFS2, HP-UX, SGI, XFS, AIX, ReiserFS, NSS, WAFL, DTFS, BTRFS, HTFS, EAFS, Xenix, UnixWare, and Novel Netware
Supported File TypesPhotos, Documents, Music, Videos, Databases

WeRecoverData Data Recovery: Key Features

Now that we know more about the numerous types of data recovery services WeRecoverData provides, let's also look into the company's key features that set it apart from the rest of the data recovery services on the market:

  • Professional Data Recovery Services – With support for HDDs, SSDs, USBs, SD cards, tape drives, smartphones, PDAs, servers, RAID configurations, virtual machines, Windows machines, Macs, Unix and Linux devices, and databases, WeRecoverData's data recovery services can restore your precious files regardless of your storage device and data loss situation.
  • 👍Three Types of Recoveries – Besides lab recoveries that utilize state-of-the-art cleanrooms, WeRecoverData also offers on-site recovery services, which start at $5,000 per day plus travel expenses, and remote recovery services where WeRecoverData's engineers connect to your system over the internet.
  • 💰No-Charge Data Recovery Evaluations – WeRecoverData is known for its “No data, no fee” policy. The company provides quick evaluations, gives customers free quotes for their specific data recovery situation, and only charges users for successfully recovered data.
  • 🚨Emergency Critical Response – WeRecoverData provides data recovery services to dozens of businesses, healthcare organizations, and government agencies, and the company's services are available 24/7/365, where customers can request data recovery on weekends or holidays.
  • 🌐International Data Recovery Facilities – With over 50 data recovery locations, WeRecoverData has a global presence and provides recovery services for thousands of customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Germany.
  • 🙏Certified Cleanroom Centers – The data recovery company's facilities offer Class 10 and Class 100 certified cleanrooms where WeRecoverData's expert technicians can provide the utmost care for every storage device and recover data in safe and controlled environments.

Thanks to these features, electronic discovery services, and specialized digital forensics methodologies, WeRecoverData emerges as one of the top data recovery solutions on the market.

WeRecoverData Data Recovery: Performance & Efficiency

The swiftness of WeRecoverData's data recovery primarily depends on the type of service you opt for. For example, in-lab recovery can take five to seven days to retrieve your data, and the time depends on the type of storage device, its physical state and damage, and the amount of data on it. However, the process can also be sped up for an additional fee.

On the other hand, on-site data recovery can be far quicker as it involves flying out a WeRecoverData technician and having the whole process happen on the customer's premises. However, such an emergency on-premise data recovery costs $5,000 per day and requires covering travel expenses.

Finally, the company's remote data recovery is the fastest type of emergency data recovery service, promising to get your data back within a few hours. It's mainly used for enterprise servers running RAID configurations and Linux or Unix-based OS.

The technicians can also perform it on NAS, SAN, and DAS devices, as well as Apple Xserve/Xsan servers and VMware virtual machines.

Security of WeRecoverData Data Recovery

WeRecoverData claims that data safety and security are the company's top priorities. The company has designed and actively uses unique security protocols to ensure the complete safety of your sensitive data, including multi-level-security access control, full cleanroom control, chain of custody, and state-of-the-art forensic methods.

Countless certificates confirm WeRecoverData's adherence to strict security rules, and the company's customers include large enterprises like Google, Canon, Forbes, Nestle, Verizon, Dell, Coca-Cola, and countless other government agencies and healthcare organizations across the globe.

companies trusting werecoverdata's security

WeRecoverData also offers encryption features, providing top-notch encryption for your recovered files and sending you an encryption key via email.

Pricing Plans of WeRecoverData Data Recovery

WeRecoverData doesn't have pricing info on its website, which some customers will find tedious. Instead, WeRecoverData uses estimates, where a customer can inquire, leave details about their data loss situation, storage media, and contact information, and wait for a response from WeRecoverData's technicians.

inquiry form for getting price estimates

Searching for price estimates will give you results about recovery services ranging from $1,000 to $2,000, which is much more expensive than competing services. What's even worse is that a Reddit user shared prices for a 3TB HDD, ranging between $2,400 and $4,650, depending on the speed of the service.

In contrast, a Yelp user reported that the company quoted a recovery between $5,000 and $9,000 for 500 GB of data, but singular reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

Customer Support of WeRecoverData Data Recovery

One of the best things about WeRecoverData's data recovery services is the company's customer support division. They're quick, knowledgeable, and ready to answer all your questions instantly, and customers can contact these helpful experts through their country's respective phone numbers or email.

werecoverdata's contact information and numbers

A contact form is also available, which customers can use to get a quick price estimate for their specific data recovery situation. The company's Emergency Critical Response team is also readily available 24/7 and provides instant support in emergencies.

Many positive things about WeRecoverData's customer service can also be read in numerous customer testimonials on review platforms, so let's jump straight into these next.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Customer testimonials about WeRecoverData are rather diverse. Looking into these experiences shows that most reviewers rate WeRecoverData as pretty average. For example, Trustpilot rates the company 3.2/5 stars on which there's only a single 1-star review, and it states that the user had a very unpleasant experience and his storage device got lost.

Similarly, Yelp's reviews of the New York data recovery facility sit at 3.6/5 stars based on 33 reviews, where one customer, Mike S, states they're delighted with WeRecoverData's SD card recovery. Another user, Nathan T. from Nashville, TN, claims the company quoted a price between $5,000 and $9,000 for recovering 500GB of data from an LTO tape drive.

rating of one of werecoverdata's facilities

Finally, ReviewCentre rates the company's services at 4.3/5 stars based on 44 reviews. Most comments are 5-star reviews, with only three 4-star ones, seven 1-star comments, and nothing in between. You can read these reviews at ReviewCenter and decide whether the company is worth your time and money.

Potential Alternative – Wondershare Recoverit

With incredibly high data recovery service prices, WeRecoverData will certainly not be the first choice for many users struggling with data loss. Luckily for such users, home-use data recovery tools also exist, and they can be just as effective in countless data loss situations and for a fraction of what WeRecoverData is charging their customers.

Wondershare Recoverit is one of the reliable home-use data recovery tools.
Free Download
Free Download

This home-use app can recover data from corrupted disk drives and retrieve accidentally deleted files or data lost due to system crashes, malware, viruses, file transfer interruption, formatting, etc.

It can also effortlessly recover documents, videos, photos, and music from countless storage devices, including internal disk drives, external storage devices, NAS servers, USBs, HDDs, SSDs, etc.

Here are the key features of it.

  • Support for 500+ data loss situations;
  • Support for 1,000+ file formats and systems;
  • Support for 2,000+ storage devices;
  • Support for Windows, Windows Server, and macOS.
  • 35 patented data recovery methods;
  • Data recovery success rate of 98%;

WeRecoverData vs. Wondershare Recoverit

Before we show you how easy it is to use Wondershare Recoverit at home, let's first look into the differences between WeRecoverData's data recovery services and Wondershare Recoverit's data recovery methods for home users. Below is a detailed table comparison between these two approaches.

Recovery MethodWeRecoverDataWondershare Recoverit
Using ScenariosBusiness useHome use
Supported Operating SystemsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unix, iOS, and AndroidWindows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11)

Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022)

Mac OS X (10.10 to macOS 13)

Supported File SystemsNTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS, HFS, HFS+, APFS, Ext, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, ZFS, UFS, UFS2, HP-UX, SGI, XFS, AIX, ReiserFS, NSS, WAFL, DTFS, BTRFS, HTFS, EAFS, Xenix, UnixWare, and Novel NetwareNTFS, FAT32, FAT16, exFAT, ReFS, APFS, encrypted APFS, HFS, HFSX, encrypted HFS, HFS+, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, JFS, BTRFS, RAW, RAID, etc.
Supported File TypesAll file types (photos, videos, documents, music, databases, etc.)1,000+ file types (photo, audio, video, database, document, email, archive, web, and miscellaneous)
Supported Storage DevicesHDDs, SSDs, USBs, Memory Cards, Tape Drives, Mobile Devices, PDAs, servers, virtual servers, and RAID configurations2,000+ storage devices (HDDs, SSDs, USBs, SD cards, CF cards, Linux machines, NAS servers, digital cameras, audio recorders, music players, camcorders, drones, action cameras, etc.)
Recovery ScenariosSupport for all kinds of data loss scenarios, including physically damaged storage devices500+ data loss scenarios (accidental deletion, formatting, improper operation, virus infection, unexpected power off, etc.)
File PreviewYou can't preview the discovered filesThe app can preview photos, audio, videos, Outlook, Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, eBook, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio files, and other documents
Quick and Deep ScansYou can't choose scan modesThree scan modes – fast, intelligent, and deep scans
Pricing Plans$1,000 – $2,000 per device (with customers reporting prices between $2,500 and $9,000 per device)Three paid plans:

Essential – $69.99/year ($79.99/year for Mac)

Standard – $79.99/year ($99.99/year for Mac)

Premium – $99.99/year ($139.99/year for two Macs)

How Wondershare Recoverit Works

Now that we know the vital differences between these two vastly different data recovery approaches, let's also see how users can recover data at home with Wondershare Recoverit.

Here is a step-by-step how-to guide:

  1. Launch the app, click the Hard Drives and Locations option, and choose a disk to recover from.
    the app's simple user interface
  2. Alternatively, right-click a folder or drive in Windows File Explorer and select Scan for deleted files with Recoverit.

    scan folders through the context menu
  3. The data recovery app will automatically scan the selected drive or folder.
    scan the drive for lost data
  4. Adjust file filters to point the app's scan in the right direction.
    adjust various file filters
  5. Add keywords to pinpoint the app's scan.
    use keywords to find specific files
  6. Wait for the scan to complete or pause and stop it if it has already found the items you're looking for. You can preview the discovered files once the app finds them to verify those are the files you're looking for. If you're satisfied with the previews, tap the Recover button to save the files.
    preview the located items

Yes, it's that simple, as that's all there is to using Wondershare Recoverit. It's a remarkable tool that can help in almost any data loss situation, so try it today.

Free Download
Free Download

Final Verdict

WeRecoverData is an international data recovery company providing secure and comprehensive data recovery services for numerous computer systems, file types, and storage devices. However, the company's pricing makes it a costly option and only viable as a last resort for severely physically damaged storage devices.

Individual Users struggling with data loss would be far better off using home-oriented professional data recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit, which provides 90% of the functionality for a fraction of the cost. Still, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

Service vs. SoftwareWeRecoverDataWondershare Recoverit
🙂 Pros– Professional state-of-the-art cleanrooms and data recovery facilities across the globe

– The company can recover data from a wide variety of storage devices, file systems, and OSs

– Expert technicians do everything for you

– It makes data recovery available to anyone at home

– Far cheaper option for restoring lost data and can be used on countless storage devices with a single license

– Much faster data recovery process

🙁 Cons– Costly data recovery services with high per-device prices

– Takes a lot more time to ship the device, recover data from it, and ship it back

– Far more oriented towards businesses, healthcare firms, and government agencies than individuals

– Can't recover data from RAID configurations or Unix systems

– Lower recovery rate when it comes to getting data back from physically damaged storage devices

For the final verdict, you can check this:

If you…You can choose…
Seek professional recovery service with support from techniciansWeRecoverData
Want an efficient and cost-effective recovery tool for personal useWondershare Recoverit
Free Download
Free Download


As data loss remains a big problem for both individual-oriented and enterprise storage devices, finding adequate solutions is pivotal for regaining lost data. Here, WeRecoverData emerges as a fantastic option for anyone struggling with data loss, supporting countless operating systems, formats, file systems, and storage devices.

Thanks to WeRecoverData's Class 10 and Class 100 cleanrooms, 50+ data recovery facilities across the globe, years of expertise of the company's employees, state-of-the-art security systems, three types of data recovery, and a dedicated Emergency Critical Response team, its data recovery services remain the top choice for businesses, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

However, due to WeRecoverData's incredibly high data recovery prices, more and more users are turning toward home-oriented data recovery tools like Wondershare Recoverit. It is well-trusted by home users and small businesses, with an easy-to-use interface and a high recovery rate.

Free Download
Free Download
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