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Partition Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows/Mac

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

"Q: How do I recover a partition on my hard drive? - a question from Quora"
"A: Data lost or deleted from partition hard drive is a common issue. Get a reliable Partition Recovery Software to help you recover deleted partition."

When receiving a hard disk, users are prone to dividing it into several partitions before using, which is good for data management and maximizes the usage of space. Also, storing data in separate partitions can prevent the loss of data. However, disasters always strike when you are not ready, and you end up deleting your partitions by mistake. In the next tutorial, we will introduce the best Recoverit partition recovery software for you, and how to recover deleted partition in Windows step by step.

Part 1: The Best Partition Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

Yes, there is a way that can help you to recover deleted partition. Lost partitions are not that easy to be overwritten so that they can be retrieved with a lost partition recovery software. Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows and Mac, it supports to recover deleted or lost partition completely and quickly. It can help you to recover deleted, lost or damaged FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, Ext2, Ext3 partition under Windows.

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Recoverit - The Best Partition Recovery Software

The Partition recovery program can easily recover deleted files lost partition in Windows and Mac. It can retrieve any data files from lost or deleted partitions such as computer hard drive, external hard drive, UBS flash drive partition, etc.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Lost/Deleted Partition Data?

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Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows and Mac

Free download and install Recoverit Partition Recovery software on your computer. The following steps show you how to recover deleted partition in Windows. In this tutorial, we will start with Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows version to perform partition recovery. Mac partition recovery is the same guide structure.

Step 1 Select a location for the scan

Please select a partition disk where your data loss, click the "Start" button to scan and search your lost data.

recover deleted partition

Step 2 Scan your data from lost partition

Recoverit lost partition recovery software will start scanning to search the data from deleted partition, the process of scanning will take for a while.

scan lost partition

Step 3 Preview and recover partition data

After the deep scan, you can check all recoverable files list on the left panel. You can preview the specific recoverable files like images (JPG, PNG, GIF), select your data, and click the "Recover" button to get them back.

partition recovery

Note: Please do not save any recovered data on the lost partition, please get a safe storage device to save them to avoid data overwritten and lost again. The partition will be recovered with original data.

Part 3: Recover deleted partitions by assigning a Drive letter

A partition can be seen as deleted due to the disk not being assigned a letter. This results in the partition being seen as deleted. To assign a drive letter, go to disk management, right-click on the partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click on Change in the next pop-up window.

Check the Assign the following driver option in the next pop-up window then go to the drop down letter menu to pick a letter. Click okay.
Go back to file explorer and see if you can access the partition.

Disk management option for changing Drive letter

Part 4: Use Windows file recovery solution

Go to Microsoft Store and search for Windows File Recovery then install the application.
Open the command prompt through your administrator account.
In the command line, type the command winfr C: S /regular (the letters stand for winfr source_drive destination_drive /regular). You can add a file extension at the end of the command to specify the type of files you’re trying to recover e.g. txt, doc, pdf
Windows will create a recovery directory located in the target drive

Windows command line

Part 5: Do a universal partition search (for Mac OS)

This feature lets you to recover deleted partitions on HFS+, FAT and NTFS devices. It treating the disk as a binary device and conducts the search at a disk level, scanning the disk for signatures of known partition headers. The recovered partition is mounted as a virtual Disk Image and is scanned for lost files.

The Universal partition search can be used to recover HFS+ partitions for Mac OS.

It works by scanning the partition to find back up copies of HFS+ partition headers. The backup copy is then used to recover data that was there before the partition was deleted.

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The methods above will help you recover deleted partitions in both Windows and Mac operating Systems. In case the self service procedures are too complex, get in touch with data recovery professionals to help you recover deleted partitions. Wondershare Recoverit has a team of professionals who will safeguard your data while solving the problem.

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