Based in Florida, SERT Data Recovery is a nationwide data recovery service provider that offers reliable server, USB, and HDD recovery services across all 50 US states.

Today, we'll take a closer look at this service provider and their services, including their strengths and weaknesses, to help you make an informed decision. We'll also give you an alternative solution for your consideration.

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What Is SERT Data Recovery?

SERT Data Recovery is a reliable data recovery and retrieval company trusted by Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government agencies. The company specializes in retrieving data from end-user storage devices, from USB flash disks and hard drives to SAN devices with multiple hard drives.

sert data recovery service provider

Based in South Florida, the company is the only service provider with a certified CLASS 100 ISO 5 clean area. The provider focuses on data retrieval and storage media recovery technology and techniques relevant to camera cards, flash drives, solid-state drives, hard drives, NAS/SAN devices, and RAID arrays.

Since SERT data recovery specialists provide in-store data recovery services, customer privacy is the company's primary priority. With more than 12 years of experience in the business and a 94% recovery success rate, SERT Data Recovery is one of the country's most reliable customer-centric data recovery companies.

Here are some quick facts to back up the company's unprecedented reputation:

Core Services of SERT Data Recovery

SERT has all the knowledge, expertise, and technology to get data back from compatible and supported storage devices across numerous data loss scenarios.

The company partners with industry-standard data recovery leaders, like Ace Laboratory and DeepSpar, to harness the power of the latest data recovery technology and techniques and retrieve data safely and effectively.

With that in mind, let's delve deeper into the company's core data recovery services:

  • RAID Array recovery – quick and efficient recovery of data from RAID 0-50 devices and controllers with up to 36 drives, including SCSI, SAS, IDE, SATA, and SSD.
  • Flash drive recovery – NAND and broken stem recovery using special data retrieval technology to retrieve data from monolith flash drives, USB sticks, pen drives, flash drives, etc.
  • SSD recovery – full SSD data recovery including verifying and retrieving data in SSD's service area, reading and writing SSD's ROM content, loading microcode via SSD's RAM, emulating the translator operation to access data, preventing data damage, accessing memory chips data, resetting S.M.A.R.T. parameters and logs, and more.
  • Internal/external HDD recovery – fix bad sectors, repair corrupt, damaged, and crashed read/write heads, retrieve deleted data, restore corrupted drives, etc.
  • Camera card recovery – recover photos from SD/SDHC cards with Monolithic and TSOP48 flash storage NAND chips.
  • Ransomware decryption – digital currency protection and decryption against ransomware using the latest cybersecurity techniques.
  • Monolithic and NAND chip off recovery – recover unresponsive or dead USB flash drives, fix format disk and other common USB-related error prompts, repair stem and damaged circuit boards, fix damaged controller chips, and more.
  • Mac data recovery – recover macOS data from crashed, corrupted, and damaged Mac devices.

Recovery Process of SERT Data Recovery

SERT's data recovery process requires completing six steps:

  1. Visit the official website to complete the online form and receive your instant recovery estimate. The company bases its flat rate quote on the information you provided. Once you complete the form, you will receive a series of emails with instructions on how to proceed.
  2. Ship a damaged, broken, or corrupted device or take it to their certified CLASS 100 ISO 5 clean work area in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  3. Drop off or send them your device via mail (US residents get access to complimentary return shipping);
    sert data recovery core services
  4. The company's data recovery experts will evaluate the device by performing mechanical, visual, and audible inspection;
  5. The experts will initiate the imaging process to clone your storage media and ensure 100% preservation of retrievable data;
  6. You will receive a full status report to verify and approve the retrieval of recoverable files and folders from devices with intact File/Folder Tree;
  7. Receive the recovered data on the preferred storage device.

Performance and Efficiency

With a 94% client satisfaction rate behind their backs, we can safely say that SERT Data Recovery is a trustworthy and quite effective data retrieval service provider.

In addition, SERT Data Recovery can guarantee 100% data recovery of recoverable data from the storage media clients send to them. That's why companies like Best Buy, Dell, Apple, Office Depot, and Staples trust SERT with their data.

Pricing Considerations

The price of SERT's recovery services depends on several factors:

  • The configuration of the drives (RAID arrays);
  • Hard drive quantity (some configurations, like RAIDs, include more than one hard drive);
  • Desired turn-around time;
  • Part requirements to rebuild the drive;
  • Drive data loss symptoms;
  • The storage capacity of the device;
  • Previous data recovery attempts.

These factors determine the final price for recovering data from the device you provided. The company determines its flat rate quote based on the information you provide. They will charge the evaluation fee upfront the moment they receive your device.

sert data recovery process

In addition, the company will require a full payment before they send you the recovered data. SERT Data Recovery won't charge you any fees if the data is unrecoverable.

User Comments and Rating

SERT Data Recovery has a high rating of 4.6 on customer review websites like Yelp. According to these sites, most customers gave the company 5/5 stars for the service, performance, pricing, and data recovery efficiency. Most reviews deal with successful data recovery cases across various corrupted and physically damaged storage devices.

"Look, data recovery is not cheap. Todd was up front that he may not be able to save everything, but asked what types of files we would like to prioritize. Our external hard drive with over a TB of data was 80% recovered and the turnaround time was less than 24 hours. The 20 years of videos, photos, and music was worth every single penny. Yes, there are cheaper places out there, BUT my IT friends all had the same recommendation, SERT. I did a Yelp quote with another business and even they recommended SERT. I would absolutely use Todd again. Again, yes it is super expensive, but this man has an amazing skill set and it is worth the price."---Laura A, Wellington, FL
"LIFE SAVERS! I broke the stem to my USB and it had all of my contract work data, 10 years worth of resumes, over 15 years of pictures of my daughter, my wedding, and vacations. Needless to say everything on that USB was not only priceless but also necessary for my business.
I'm technology challenged and the staff was patient, kind and made the whole process simple. The pricing was reasonable too. I hope I don't need them again, I've learned my lesson and bought an external hard-drive, but if I did need them again I know they're there!!!"---Lisa M, Buffalo Grove, IL

However, some reviews mention that the company didn't manage to recover data and took several months to return the media sent to them.

"I was very disappointed with experience with SERT. Things started off very well and communication was good, then I just stopped getting updates about my case. I called a couple of times and got the run around and I'm still waiting on the promised return call after several months. I have emailed and received the same run around. Every time I contact them they keep telling me they are looking into it and I never get a response back from them. It's been well over a year now that I sent my flash drive in to be repaired. Right now all I would like is to get my old flash drive and the new one I sent to place the recovered data. I'm not sure what happened with my case, but I just wish someone would have been more upfront about things."---Assistant F, Silver Spring, MD

And some customers considered the company's data service too expensive compared to other alternative solutions.

"Quoted me $899. flat rate (meaning that this was what I was going to have to pay no matter what!) for a USB flash drive recovery and tried to claim that the process was extremely difficult and that no one else could handle it as well as they."---Matt K, San Diego, CA

Final Verdict: Upsides and Downsides of SERT Data Recovery

  • HIPAA-compliant data recovery service provider;
  • 94% client satisfaction rate;
  • Quick and simple recovery of various file types, formats, and file systems;
  • 100% data recovery guarantee;
  • No hidden fees or additional charges.
  • No info on data recovery pricing packages;
  • Upfront payment is required to complete the recovery;
  • Evaluation fees can add up;
  • Third parties get access to your data.

Regarding positive things about SERT Data Recovery, there are many upsides to consider. First, the HIPAA-compliant company is well-equipped to mitigate all sorts of data recovery situations with a 94% client satisfaction rate.

Moreover, the recovery process is easy. It takes 2–5 business days and only requires completing a few simple steps. All communication with the company is mainly email-based, and you can get an automated online quote with a click of a button.

In addition, SERT offers a 100% data recovery guarantee and won't charge you any fees if the data is unrecoverable. They also offer multi-channel customer support via email, phone, and live chat.

There are also a few downsides to mention here. We don't like that the company doesn't offer any information on potential data recovery quotes. Though it's understandable due to the many factors involved, we feel more transparency is needed when it comes to pricing. The price of recovery could go sky-high, and you have no control over it whatsoever.

Finally, the company requires upfront payments for applicable evaluation fees and doesn't state how many they could incur. An alternative solution might be better if you're operating on a limited budget.

A More Convenient Alternative: Wondershare Recoverit

If you don't feel good about sending or taking your storage media to third-party experts, you might want to consider using a trusted and reputable data recovery software solution. Wondershare Recoverit is a top-grade data and file recovery system for Windows and Mac users.

Free Download
Free Download

Thanks to its 35 advanced patents for revolutionary data recovery techniques, the software can recover data across 500+ data loss scenarios, 2000+ storage devices, and 1000+ file formats with a 98% recovery rate.

Whether you've lost your data due to unintentional deletion, accidental formatting, virus/malware infection, data transfer interruption, disk corruption, computer crash, or partition loss, Wondershare Recoverit can help you get your files back safely.

Its key features include:

Wondershare Recoverit
  • Enhanced photo and video recovery;
  • Hard drive recovery;
  • Crashed computer recovery;
  • NAS data recovery;
  • Linux data recovery.
  • Memory card data recovery;
  • USB flash drive recovery.
recoverit boxrecoverit logo

Using this software is straightforward. Download and install it on your computer, then follow the steps below to recover your unsaved, deleted, or lost data:

  1. Launch the app on your computer and navigate to the main File Recover menu;
  2. Select Hard Disks and Locations;
  3. Select the hard drive and click Start to initiate the recovery process;
  4. select a location to start recovery

    You can also right-click the selected location and select Scan for deleted files with Recoverit to scan the drive for recoverable data;

    scan for deleted files with recoverit
  5. The app will scan the location to locate recoverable files;
    recoverit deep scan mode
  6. Use search filters to pinpoint specific files during the scanning process;
    pinpoint the files you want to recover
  7. Once Wondershare Recoverit locates recoverable files, preview the retrievable data and click Recover to get it back;
    preview and recover your files
  8. Click Save to save your files to a new location.
    choose a path to save the recovered files


SERT Data Recovery is a HIPAA-compliant and reliable nationwide service provider for recovering data from physically damaged, corrupted, and malfunctioning internal and external storage devices and media systems. It can successfully recover data in a clean room environment to guarantee 100% recovery efficiency and data security.

However, you'll have to send or take your device to them directly and let their experts take a peek at your files to attempt to recover your data.

If that doesn't sit well with you, consider using a professional and trustworthy data recovery solution like Wondershare Recoverit to get more control over your files.

Free Download
Free Download
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