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On this page you can get the complete reviews of Disk Drill free data recovery software.

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Is Disk Drill a free data recovery program? What does Disk drill do? How to use disk drill recover deleted files? There are many question like these on the Google search results. Don't worry, on this page we will explain all the questions about Disk Drill free data recovery software.

disk drill free data recovery

Part 1. What Does Disk Drill Free Data Recovery Do

Disk Drill is a freeware for data recovery that possesses a clean and easy to understand user interface, coupled with an efficient data recovery algorithm. This provides an easy way for users to scan the PC for lost, damaged or corrupted files and preview them before undergoing the recovery process.

1. Overview of Disk Drill

The software is packed with features for data recovery that can compete with other recovery software in the market. It helps retrieve lost files from partitions that have been formatted or have failed to mount. Disk Drill is also able to pull out data from hard drives that have crashed.

Disk Drill is developed by 508 Software LLC., and hosts the CleverFiles site for its utilities. It provides recovery solution for different demographics, such as for Education, Corporation or Home use and Small Enterprise. There is a suitable version for all kinds of usage.

There are different scan options and scan capabilities that Disk Drill can do. For scan options, quick and deep scans can be made to look for lost, deleted, corrupted or damaged files. Sorting and scanning by file type are also possible with Disk Drill.

Disk Drill also has competent scan capabilities. It can scan hard drives, partitions that have been deleted or lost, bootable USB drives. External memory devices such as flash drives and SD cards can also be run through the Disk Drill for scanning and data recovery.

2. Is Disk Drill Safe?

So many features are listed to show what Disk Drill Data Recovery is. But the most important question should be "Is it a safe program to use?" Yes, Disk Drill can be used to recover deleted or lost files on computer safely. We tested the Disk Drill on 3 computers, respectively Windows 10, Windows 7 and MacBook Pro. When running the software on the computers, it works normally without causing any harm to them and hard drive data.

During the test, we also checked the computer condition, especially in the virus and malware infection. And the anti-virus software told that everything went normally.

Aside from this, the software has a Recovery Fault feature that protects partitions and consequently the files saved from within these parts. This feature makes it easier to recover data should they become corrupted or deleted.

3. Is Disk Drill Really Free

Disk Drill Free Data Recovery claims that it is free for all the users to get data back. However, is it really free? It seems not the truth. Both available for Mac and Windows, Disk Drill Data Recovery has 3 pricing plans, namely basic, pro and enterprise. Usually, its basic version is regarded as Disk Drill Free Data Recovery. It has different recovery limitations for Windows and Mac users.

Disk Drill Free Data Recovery only supports Mac users to scan and preview files for free. What if you want to recover data on a Mac computer? You have no other choice but to purchase Disk Drill Pro for Mac. How much does Disk Drill Pro for Mac cost? It is $89 for 1 user up to 3 Macs according to the Disk Drill website. You can also further upgrade it to the lifetime license by paying extra 29 dollars. However, Windows users can not only free scan and preview files, but recover up to 500 MB data for free on a Windows computer. Want to recover unlimited data? Upgrade it to Disk Drill Pro at the price of $89.

Part 2. Disk Drill Review After Test

After learning what Disk Drill is, let's have a snapshot of its advantages and disadvantages.

What We Like

  • Disk Drill has a concise user interface that allows even beginners to use the program without hassle.
  • It supports data recovery on multiple platforms — this means that Disk Drill is compatible for devices that run with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Support for multiple file types and file systems are available. Even obscure file types can be recognized by this file recovery software.
  • Disk Drill has an impressive scanning speed. A partition with 500 GB can be run for only an hour using the deep scan function.
  • Scans can be stopped, paused and resumed at your convenience. The use of this software is as flexible and easy because you take control of the scan time and schedule.
  • The Recovery Vault, a very useful feature of Disk Drill, helps protect your data from total loss, because it creates a metadata that acts as an extended Recycle Bin for your device.
  • It boasts more than file recovery — a full partition recovery is possible with Disk Drill.

What We Don't Like

  • The file details aren’t effectively shown, so you do not get information about a file’s quality before recovery.
  • Disk Drill only supports the preview and recovery of less than 400 types and formats of data, below the average.
  • There is no portable version for Disk Drill. An installation of the software is required before you can run it and recover files. This increases the risk of file overwriting, thereby losing the data permanently.
  • There is only a 500 MB of file limit for recovery in the free version. This means that you might not be able to retrieve all the files you need, especially if they come in a video format.
  • Some users find bugs like difficulty startup of the software, and some incidences report app crashing.
  • Some users also complained about the staff support because it takes quite a while for them to respond to queries.

Part 3. How to Use Disk Drill Data Recovery?

To use Disk Drill, you would need to install the software first on your computer and run it accordingly, since there is no portable version of this. Here are the steps in recovering lost data using Disk Drill.

Step 1 Download Disk Drill from their website, and install the program by following the instructions.

Step 2 Run Disk Drill once it finishes installing in your PC. This will show you all of the drives found in the computer’s system.

Step 3 Choose the specific driver that contains the lost files, and click the "Recover" button.

Step 4 After the scan is completed, the window will show all the recoverable files found in that drive.

Step 5 Sort through them and review the files that you need to retrieve. You can also opt to recover all files by checking boxes to ensure that no lost or deleted file is missed.

Step 6 Wait for the recovery task to finish!

There is no other way to see if Disk Drill works than to try it by yourself. To recover files and ensure that you don’t suffer from crippling data loss, avail of the services offered by Disk Drill. If you want another alternative software that does data recovery efficiently, you may also try Recoverit Free Data Recovery, also available as a freeware and power-packed unlike most other data recovery software out there. What we most like is that Recoverit supports to recover more than 1000 types and formats of data from all devices.

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