Damaged NTFS Partition | How to Recover NTFS Partition Table?

Perplexed by damaged NTFS partition? This freeware is helpful. Over 5 million users are benefiting from it. Don't miss it!

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Nowadays, NTFS (New Technology File System) is universally adopted in Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Therefore, when dealing with our documents in work and life, NTFS takes a significant part.

When comes to damaged or corrupted NTFS disk partition, it may badly affect the read/write function. What is worse, if your system is stored in the damaged hard drive partition, a computer crash is bound to get you puzzled.

And I will not keep my readers in suspense, I will announce the freeware directly in the following part.

Wondersahre Recoverit | Free NTFS Partition Recovery Software

In the market, you might get different kinds of software to recover your damaged or corrupted NTFS partition. But with a sense of uncertainty, you wonder about which one is the most cost-effective and efficient one.

Don't spend too much time thinking about which should you choose. Just free download Wondershare Recoverit to start your NTFS partition recovery.

You will like Recoverit, because of its following features:

After free downloading Recoverit to your Windows 7, Windows 10, or any other system, here come some notes when using Recoverit.

Only 100MB files is free of charge! For an advanced function like "Recover Cash Computer", "Video Repair" or "Advanced Video Recovery", please subscribe to the advanced version.

3 Steps on How to Recover Your Damaged NTFS Partition Table

Yes, you have already known the Benefits that Wondershare Recoverit can bring to you. Then follow the three steps to fix your NTFS partition immediately.

1. Select a damaged or corrupted NTFS partition

Select your corrupted NTFS hard drive. Also, "Deleted NTFS Files Recovery" can be an option.

select a ntfs damaged partition

2. Scan the NTFS partition

A quick "Strat" to scan your NTFS partition immediately. In the "File Path", you can clearly see your NTFS partition. Click on "Stop"pause the data recovery or "Pause"stop data recovery to change the scanning condition as you like.

scan the ntfs partition

3. Recover your NTFS hard drive

You can "Preview" NTFS files for only the most important one. While you can also choose to "Recover" the whole NTFS disk.

scan the ntfs partition

About NTFS Partition

NTFS, which stands for New Technology File System, was developed by Microsoft in 1993. It took place of FAT. NTFS had several technical improvements including support for metadata and advanced data structure.

When you format or partition a volume in your NTFS drive, you are able to choose a file system for the new volume. If you confirm the NTFS file system, the read-and-write speed and security of the new volume will be improved.

Then are the advantages of NTFS:

  • NTFS came with better performance, reliability, and better disk space utilization.
  • It included additional extensions like file system journaling and a security access control list.
  • It included new features like sparse file support, reparse points, disk usage quotas, distributed link tracking, and Encrypting File System.

A Comparison between NTFS and FAT 16/ FAT 32 and exFAT

NTFS is fairly new compared to FAT or Ex FAT however still all three are in use today because all of them have their advantages and disadvantage. Here we have compared NTFS, FAT16/FAT32, and exFAT to help you understand the difference between all.





Volume Size

232 clusters minus 1 cluster

32 GB for all OS. For some OS 2TB


Max files on Volume



Nearly unlimited

Built-In security



Yes but minimal ACL only


If the volume is small, performance is degraded and goes vice versa.

Very high on small volumes and vice versa


Disk space economy




Fault tolerance



Yes if TFAT is activated

To conclude, NTFS has a higher capacity and performance compared with FAT16/FAT32, exFAT from many aspects. If you want to convert your FAT32 to NTFS, here are five methods.

Whenever you lost data from a corrupted or damaged NTFS hard drive, Wondersahre Recoverit is always ready to help. Trust and try it now! And if you are interested in the advanced version, the following is access.

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