How to Fix Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed) issue

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If you notice a USB Device reset error from  Manager your device will most likely not be recognized by your computer. In this article you will be shown how to fix this error so as to make your USB recognizable again.

Overview of the error

This type error may have been as a result of different technical complications triggered by hardware issues.  Here are some simple instructions to follow to perform a quick troubleshoot

If none of these options work, follow these solutions to fix the error.

How to fix it

Solution 1: To Uninstall USB Driver

Solution 2: To Update the Generic Hub Drivers

How to Change System power Management Setting

The Power Setting could be another reason for the USB Port reset failure. Windows is programmed to close down the USB controller in order to conserve power. The default setting may sometimes be unable to bring the power back up. If this is the case, try these steps to change the power management setting

If you follow these steps just as instructed, your USB Port reset will be successful. Also note that you may need to try more than one solution to get it right so do not be dismayed should the first solution fail to yield desired results.

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