How to Fix Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed) Issue?

Unknown USB device error is a common phenomenon that needs an immediate fix. Let's learn its possible causes and how to solve the underlying problems.

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"I have realized that my computer hubs have an error as it keeps returning the message 'unknown USB device port reset failed. The computer works very fine but only gives an error when I plug a USB into any of the ports. Please guide to do unknown USB device fix."

Many users have experienced such a downfall in the quest to fully utilize their computers. It happens that sometimes, you plug a USB device but instead of functioning well, you are greeted with device request descriptor failed - pop up message. So devastating! Worry no more because that is exactly what this post is going to help you overcome.

flash drive

Part 1. Overview of the Error

USB devices are important storage hubs that are used from time to time. Apart from storage, they are also a good forum for transporting files from one device to another. Talk of being small in size, easy to handle, and larger in storage capacity with numerous categories such as memory card, USB flash drive, pen drive, among others. So, you can imagine the magnitude of frustration when you encounter the device request descriptor failed at the eleventh hour into accessing a much-awaited file.

The USB device descriptor is the part that stores information for any of your USB gadgets. And when it fails, it means it is not able to recognize a USB device. The result is error messages such as "one of the USB devices attached to your computer has malfunctioned, unknown USB device or tries reconnecting the device" among other baring messages.

So, what's the warning sign?

As soon as you open the 'Device Manager', you should see the USB device that's displayed under Universal Bus Controllers marked with an exclamation mark, yellow in color. An additional 'device request descriptor failed' message may also be displayed. This should be the starting point of you identifying the real problem. Check the portrayed message properties to identify the error at a point. And a plethora of causes throws you into such disarray. Check them out on our next topic!

Part 2. What Causes the "Unknown USB Device" Error?

Several causes lead to this problem. Identifying the exact cause is the first step into helping you determine the right method to solve the issue on your Windows or other devices. Let's see how to pinpoint the root cause of unknown USB device error.

Part 3. 6 Ways to Fix an Unknown USB Device

1 Quick Fix:

Method 1. Try the USB device with a different USB port

In some cases, it could be that the device request descriptor failed because the USB port is malfunctioning. In such a case, you need to check each of the available USB ports individually. By this, you will be able to determine whether the problem is due to the port or not.

Plug your USB device in one port at a time. Repeat the procedure until you have tried all the USB ports. It will be easy to pinpoint which particular port has a mishap.

Method 2. Connect the USB device to another PC

Your PC may also be the root cause of the USB descriptor failure. Possible causes may be a bad sector in the Windows OS, outdated drivers on your computer, or non-functional USB ports. Trying out another PC may help arrest the situation.

Unplug your USB device from the computer in question and connect it to another PC. If it is recognizable, then you know that the problem lies with the earlier used computer and not the USB drive.

2 Advanced Fix:

The first two quick fixes may not have yielded any fruit and you could be compelled to look into other solutions with in-depth performance.

Method 1. Uninstall the USB Driver in Device Manager

This is when your computer needs a revamp probably from corrupted or outdated files. Follow these steps to uninstall the USB drive from the Device Manager.

uninstall usb drive

Method 2. Update the USB Driver

Method 3. Disable Fast Startup

This is another way to fix device descriptor request failed that will also prevent your USB device from powering down.

Method 4. Update Generic USB Hub

update generic hub device

select driver to update


In a nutshell, it is possible to outrightly perform a USB unknown device fix for your windows 7 or any other higher version. The above quick-fix options are simple and do not need any high-tech know-how. However, there are further advanced fixes that will dig deeper into your system and solve the unknown USB device almost instantly. So, you can try these methods according to your own need.

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