How to Fix GoPro Errors and Recover Videos From It?

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If you use the GoPro camera, the article will help you learn about some common GoPro video error and their fixes.

GoPro is referred to as a small camera that has the best quality of camcorders and point-and-shoots that fold into a resilient frame. It has an image sensor, ultra-wide-angle lens, and processor along with microphones for recording the audio. The user interface consists of two or three buttons. Moreover, the HERO5 Black and HERO6 Black models have introduced touchscreen features as well.

The GoPro HERO10 Black is a powerful camera that captures all the adventures in 5.3K video while HERO09 clicks in a stunning 5K video. Like every other beneficial product, GoPro users also face minor errors. So, this article will explain how to remove GoPro video errors with easy fixing techniques.

Part 1: Some Common GoPro Errors and Their Fixes

There have been complaints regarding the camera freezing, footage not playing, and SD card errors. Here, we will discuss some common GoPro video errors usually faced by GoPro users and multiple ways to fix them.

Error 1: Broken, Jerky, Freezing, and Rough GoPro Videos

Video playback issues are common in GoPro cameras. Sometimes, the videos don’t play properly, freeze completely, or the black screen shows up. Some videos have no audio due to jerky and choppy playbacks. The issue can be the incompatible system support.

Some media players and computers don't support GoPro videos that have high-quality settings. Moreover, your GoPro video might be corrupted, causing jerkiness and cracking in videos.

Fix 1: Ways of Fixing Broken and Rough GoPro videos

Now, we will discuss the fixing ways to remove the irregularity and crack in the GoPro videos:

Way 1: Make sure that your computer possesses minimum system obligation, including processor speed and graphics card. So, it will be easy to play GoPro videos with 4K high resolution.

Way 2: Windows Media Player does not play videos with 1080p resolution or above that. Therefore, you should try playing GoPro videos in the VLC Media Player to fix jerky videos.

use vlc media player

Way 3: You can also try to compress the GoPro video files to avoid the problem. For the conversion and compression, Wondershare UniConverter would be helpful.

wondershare uniconverter interface

Error 2: Quick Drain of GoPro Battery

Many users complain about the battery time of the camera and say that the GoPro battery drains off quickly. The reason behind it can be the low temperature and wintry environment around the GoPro camera that causes the speedy drain of the battery.

Moreover, if the GoPro camera is very old and outdated, its battery would start causing you problems. Enabling many features, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and voice control at a time can cause the battery to drain quickly.

Fix 2: How to Fix the Battery Problem of GoPro Camera?

If many features are enabled at a time at your camera, turn off all the features when they are not in use. Also, try to keep the GoPro camera at a normal temperature, so the battery doesn't drain faster. Lastly, the old GoPro cameras start causing many problems along with the prompt battery drain. Therefore, you should exchange it for the new and updated one.

Error 3: Display Message of “No SD” or “SD ERR”

If messages like "SD ERR" or "No SD" appear on the GoPro camera LCD, it depicts that the HERO camera is not properly connected with the SD card. Therefore, it is displaying error messages. It might be because of the dirt accumulation that is causing the error in the SD card.

gopro sd err message

Fix 3: How to Fix the SD Card Error in GoPro Camera?

Here, we will observe the ways of fixing the SD card error in our GoPro camera.

Way 1: To clean the dirt on your SD card, wipe the metal pieces of the SD card. Use Isopropyl alcohol with the help of wet brushes to clean the metal contacts. Then, dry the card with a towel and insert it into the GoPro camera.

Way 2: You can remove and then reinsert the SD card to make sure that there is proper contact between the card and the GoPro camera.

Way 3: Turn off the camera and restart it to eliminate the temporary GoPro video error.

Error 4: GoPro Videos Unable to Play on Computer

Your computer might not have minimum system requirements to play GoPro videos. Moreover, the error can be with the video. Most videos display the pop-up message while playing like "File not found," "Error Code 0xc00d36c4", or "Can't play video."

Fix 4: How to Fix Unplayable GoPro Video Files on Computer?

If your computer is not supporting the GoPro video files, then the following ways can fix your problem right away:

Way 1: You need to make sure that your computer is eligible for minimum requirements that are required to play GoPro videos. Use a media player which supports so the 4K GoPro videos can easily be played on your computer.

Way 2: Try deleting unnecessary files on your computer to free up RAM, and play the video again.

Way 3: If none of the above-mentioned ways are fixing the unplayable video, then verify if your GoPro video file is problematic.

Error 5: Outdated Firmware of GoPro

The firmware on your GoPro needs to be up-to-date. Otherwise, the older firmware is not supported by the company, which causes issues to read and write to SD cards.

Video Tutorial on GoPro Latest Firmware Update Problem Fix

Fix 5: How to Update Firmware to Eliminate the Error?

If you are running an outdated version of firmware on your GoPro, you should update it to avoid issues. The firmware can be updated from the GoPro website. You need to follow the given steps for updating the firmware of the GoPro camera:

gopro camera update

Step 1: Select the type of Camera according to your choice. Then, download the update file on your computer.

Step 2: Now, insert the microSD card into the computer via a USB reader or microSD card adapter. Transmit the update file to the microSD card. After this, insert the microSD card into the camera while it's turned off. Then, power it on.

Bonus Tips: Tips and Tricks for GoPro Camera

We have discussed some of the common GoPro videos’ errors and their fixing methods. Now, we will discuss the ways to maintain the GoPro cameras to avoid errors and how to recover the deleted GoPro data.

1. How to Maintain Your GoPro Cameras

You can maintain your GoPro camera to eliminate the errors in the first place by following the below tips:

maintain gopro camera
  • Keep the Camera Away from Sand and Dirt

Your GoPro camera should not have any kind of contact with dirt and sand particles. Some budget-priced cameras don't have a shield which makes it easy for the sand to enter the case and damage it.

If this is the case, don’t use pressurized air or cloth to remove the sand or dirt, as it can damage the GoPro. Gently blow out the dirt. Moreover, be careful while shooting at the beach or any sandy area.

  • Avoid Liquids and Touching the Lens and LCD

If you don’t have a waterproof case, then it’s your responsibility to keep the liquids away from your GoPro camera. Moreover, touches of oily skin on the lens and LCD can cause permanent damage. If you notice smudges on any of them, clean the lens or LCD with a microfiber cloth gently.

  • Prevent the Camera from Shocks and Vibrations

It is strictly disallowed to subject your camera to shocks and drops. Take care and make sure that nothing trikes with the Camera lens. If you have to carry your GoPro for any shoot, use a strap to avoid dropping and hang it around your neck. Moreover, Cameras cannot easily cope with vibrations, which can also cause malfunctioning. So, prevent your GoPro from such vibrations.

  • Do Battery Care

You should give gentle care to your GoPro's batteries. Avoid overcharging them or exposing them to very high or low temperatures. A moderate temperature is always best for cameras. Place the battery in a cool and dry place. Moreover, keep recharging the camera, but don’t overcharge it. When not in use, remove the battery from the camera.

  • Appropriate Storage of Camera

Humidity and condensations are the worst enemies of your camera. Keep it away from such an environment. Don't place your Camera near any magnetic source as it can badly damage the battery, memory card, and LCD of the camera. The user manual of GoPro also informs the user about storage recommendations. Read it to know how to store your Camera.

2. How to Recover Accidentally Deleted GoPro Videos

This misfortune might occur to any of us where we lose our important and precious GoPro videos from the device. If this ever happens to you, just know that this problem has a good solution as well. Recoverit – Data Recovery tool has an enhanced feature that professionally recovers the lost or accidentally deleted data.

With the Advanced Data Recovery software, you can recover the deeply hidden videos and Ultra HD, 4K, 8K videos. It helps users to restore the video from various external devices, including Digital Cameras, Drones, and DSLRs. The nest characteristic of this recovery tool is that it allows the recovery of many formats, including photos, videos, music files, and documents.

Now, let’s dig deeper and learn the procedure of recovering lost GoPro videos with Recoverit – Advanced Recovery tool:

Step 1: Choose Enhanced Recovery Feature

Firstly, launch the Recoverit software and select the "Enhanced Recovery" option from the interface. Now, click the "Start" button and choose the video files from external devices, including cameras, etc.

access advanced video recovery

Step 2: Scan the Lost Videos

Now, choose the video formats you want to scan and press the "Start" button to initiate the recovery process. Now, the first scan will find the lost videos, which might be incomplete. However, the second scanning will merge the video parts.

initiate the scan process

Step 3: Preview to Recover the Video Files

The results will be shown that you can preview from the interface. Now, you can click on the videos you want to save and press the "Recover" button. Finally, you will be able to select the location of saving the video files on your device.

click on recover button


We know how irritating it is when our camera or any electronic device stops working or develops errors. For all the videography fanatics, the article has put forward the helpful fixes of some common GoPro video errors. We have also explained the ways of protecting your camera from uneven circumstances and how to restore the accidentally deleted data with Recoverit.