What is 1080p Resolution - All You Need to Know

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Many of today's gaming computers, Televisions, and monitors come in 1080p Resolution. Also referred to as Full HD, 1080p is the lowest acceptable Resolution for computer gaming.

While gaming at higher resolutions like 4K offers a more fantastic experience, 1080p requires a less powerful graphics card, making it very popular for mob gamers.

Though F.H.D isn't considered sharp compared to the latest standards, 4K and 1440p; it still gives higher quality images when compared to standard definition  (S.D.) resolutions. Have you been longing to know more about 1080? When was it invented, and how do you recover lost 1080p files? Then this article is for you!

Part 1: What is 1080p Resolution?

what is 1080p resolution

1080p, also known as Full HD or F.H.D., is a set of high-definition television modes characterized by 1080 pixels displayed vertically, and 1920 pixels displayed horizontally.

The P in 1080p stands for a progressive scan, meaning the Resolution isn't interlaced. F.H.D. has a widescreen ratio aspect of 16:9, implying a resolution of 2.1 megapixels.

In some contexts, 1080p is referred to as 2K resolution, though both terms have different formal meanings and differences in resolution and aspect ratio.

Generally, Resolution explains how many pixels a display has in width multiplied by the height. And the more the pixels, the sharper the images they produce. This shows that 1080p produces sharper images than S.D. and 720p, while 4k and 1440p produce higher quality images than 1080p.

When Did 1080p Come Out?

The first display of 1080p was on April 19, 2006, in Tokyo, Japan, by the Pioneer Corporation. On that day, the world's first 50-inch 1920 X 1080 HD Plasma monitor employed the new "H.D. P.U.R.E. *2 Black Panel", which uses the 1080p Resolution.

However, High-Definition Television (HDTV) was introduced in the United States and has since become popular in the television world.

On the other hand, smartphones with Full HD Displays became available in the market in 2012. By the end of 2014, 1080p has started becoming the standard Resolution of mid-range smartphones, while luxury smartphones of 2014 have already started using higher resolutions like 1440p or 4k.

Different 1080p Resolutions and their Aspect Ratio

Full HD typically refers to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. However, there are other resolutions with a height of 1080, and they're regarded as types of 1080p resolutions. They're:

Aspect Ratio
Full HD+ 2160×1080 2:1 / 18:9
Ultra Side HD 2560×1080 21:9
1080p 4:3 1440×1080 4:3 / 8:6
1080p H.D. widescreen 1920×1080 16:9
FHD+ 2400×1080 2.2:1 (40:18)

Part 2: 1080p vs 4K - The Difference Between 4k and 1080p

This part will discuss the differences between 1080p and 4K resolutions in terms of pixels, usage in gaming, and everyday usage.

1080p is labeled as High Definition (H.D.) because it has only 1920 x 1080 pixels. 4K is considered Ultra High Definition (UHD) because it features 3840 x 2160, which is considerably higher than F.H.D.
1080p has just 2 million pixels with 1080 vertical lines that make up a high definition resolution. 4K contains almost 4 times the number of pixels compared to those in 1080p. It has more than 8 million pixels, which adds to the quality of the image.
1080p has less diversity in colors and less number of pixels, and televisions have the F.H.D. resolution are becoming out of trend. 4K has more color diversity and pixels, and most televisions feature the 4k Resolution.
They're cheaper than 4k monitors since they produce less image quality. 4K television/monitors cost almost 2 times more than 1080p ones, as they provide a more fantastic television and gaming experience.
It is mostly used in cameras, projectors, televisions, Blu-ray players, and gaming P.C. It is commonly found in the latest television models, projectors, cameras, and games.

Which is better, 1080p or 4k?

1080p vs 4k

1080p was once the most popular type of Resolution selling in the commercial market and remains the best in some devices. In addition, many internet streaming platforms like Netflix are still using 1080p, though not as widely as before due to the advent of 4K resolution.

1080p is a high resolution found primarily on physical devices like P.C. gaming and Blu-ray. However, 4K produces higher-quality images. 4K started taking the wheel from 1080p in 2015 after 4K devices had become more affordable.

When we talk about pixels, 4K has quadruple 1080p in several pixels; therefore, it gives higher image quality and clearer and crispy texts. In short, 4K resolution is better than 1080p in giving you clearer images and text and superior gaming and television experience.

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Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

This part will discuss consumers' most commonly asked questions about the 1080p Resolution.

1920 x 1080 resolution is the standard Full HD 1080p resolution which indicates a screen will have an impressive width of 1920 and a height of 1080, making a total of 2,073,600 pixels.

4K is better than 1080p as it has over 8 million pixels compared to 1080p, 2 million+. Therefore, 4K is regarded as an Ultra High Definition (UHD), while 1080p is simply High Definition (H.D.).

Yeah. 1080p Resolution is good, as it offers up to 5 times more image quality than 720p Resolution. F.H.D. is a perfect option for console gaming and P.C. gaming. It offers a good resolution and a fantastic viewing experience.

1080p has 2.07 megapixels, and it is a popular resolution common among Blu-ray players and P.C. gamers.

1920 X 1080p has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Most of today's smartphones, P.C. games, and Camcorders are 1080p

The Bottom Line

1080p might not be the way of the future, but it's still an excellent resolution that delivers deeper and more vivid colors with sharper details and enhanced clarity.

An added advantage of 1080p resolutions is they're good for your eye health, as they allow you to view H.D. size images from any position without straining your eye muscles.

Full HD resolutions don't only fit nicely at home, but also fit in any working environment.