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How to Recover All Lost or Deleted Videos from Digital Camera

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

While viewing the precious memories recorded in the digital camera, sometimes you accidentally press the delete button. This is the most irritating and nerve-wracking situation.

Are you also experiencing the same and reached this article while searching for ways for video data recovery to recover lost or deleted videos from digital cameras? You are at the right post, here, you will learn the different scenarios under which camera videos are lost, methods to recover them, and will also get some more knowledge about digital camera videos.

Part 1. Different Scenarios When You Lost Camera Videos

Recording videos with the camera is the easiest way of storing your precious moments. But these can get corrupted anytime. So before learning about the different methods that help you recover lost videos from digital camera, first take a look at the various scenarios under which camera videos get lost.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Videos/Photos from Digital Camera

You are now aware of the various scenarios under which your camera videos get corrupted. Now, learn the different ways for camera video recovery. Follow the step-by-step instructions to do all deleted video recovery appropriately.

Method 1. Best Video Data Recovery for Camera

Recoverit is the best data recovery software that helps you recover your lost video files in three quick and easy steps when you are thinking of recovering your lost digital camera videos. The software with a maximum recovery rate can recover a video of any file extension and size. It does not matter under which scenario the video is lost. You can access it successfully once Recoverit completes the recovery process:

Step 1: Select the location from where you have lost your videos

location selection

Download and install Recoverit data recovery software on your computer. Now connect the memory card of your camera with the computer. Launch the software and select the connected memory card. Then, click on it to begin the recovery process.

Step 2: Scan Location

scanning in progress

The software will begin the all-around scan in the memory card to look for your lost or deleted video files. The progress of the process is visible on the screen.

Step 3: Select Enhanced Recovery

If you cannot find your required videos with the all-around scan, proceed with the Enhanced Recovery section. This feature in Recoverit does in-depth research of the video files and recovers all the lost or deleted camera videos. You can find this option in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

start an advanced video recovery

Step 4: Preview and save your recovered camera videos

Recoverit has a preview feature that allows you to view all the recovered files. Click to see those that you think are your lost files. Select the files and tap on "Recover" to save them at the desired location if the recovery is successful.

preview and recover

After recovering, take the backup of the files to avoid losing them again. However, if somehow you lose them again, Recoverit is by your side to perform recovery.

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Method 2. Reinstall driver

You wish to save a copy of your camera files on your computer. But after connecting the memory card, you cannot view your files on it, or your computer fails to recognize the memory card. You might conclude that you have lost your stored videos or that your memory card is damaged or corrupted.

But before doing anything, try reinstalling drivers first. Chances may be there that your computer's drivers got corrupted or have become outdated. So try uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. It might fix the problem.

  1. Open "My Computer" and then right-click on it.
  2. Open "Device Manager" after clicking on "Manage".
  3. Double-click on the option "Disk Drives".

arrow pointing device manager

  1. Right-click on your SD card and then click on "OK".

Now restart your laptop or computer and connect the memory card again. You might be able to access the stored files now.

Method 3. Run CHKDSK

The other method that you can try to recover your lost videos from a digital camera is with the help of a command prompt. Proceed with the below steps:

  1. Connect the memory card to your computer.
  2. Hold Win + R keys together and type cmd in the run box. Now press "enter".

cmd window

  1. Type: chkdsk E: / f (E is the drive letter, type the letter that is assigned to your memory card) and hit Enter.
  2. Type: Y and press Enter.
  3. Now Type: E (drive letter) and press Enter.
  4. Type: E:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and press Enter (E is the drive letter here).

This command will create a folder in your memory card that has all the recovered videos when it runs. You can copy and save them at any of the other locations.

Part 3. What Should You Know About Camera Videos

Now you have learned the different methods that help you get back your deleted digital camera videos. Get some more knowledge about camera videos to avoid errors.

① How Videos Are Stored on Digital Camera

When you capture the videos with the digital camera, they get stored on your camera immediately after recording but have you ever wondered how these videos get recorded and saved.

Your digital camera is the same as any ordinary film camera, but its working is entirely different. When you press the button to record video, an aperture at the camera front opens up, and from the lens, light streams in. This process is the same as that of other ordinary film cameras.

The process is different from here. There is no film in the camera, but electronic equipment is present. It captures light rays and converts them to electrical signals, and records the scene to save it.

② How to Shoot and Save Your Camera Videos

Shooting is a crucial stage in the video-recording process. It's all about capturing the best video with the best settings. Only then can you enjoy watching these precious memories at any point in your life.

Before pressing the video record button on your digital camera, focus on your hands. The autofocus camera feature is good, but manual focusing is equally important. You might feel like recording everything at a single stretch, but it might overheat the camera, so try shooting in comparatively short sequences to make an interesting video.

Use different lenses to create great shots, and select the shutter speed to get a minimal blurry video for closely analyzing real life.

③ How to Transfer Your Videos from Camera to PC

Keeping a copy of your captured videos on your computer is the best way of keeping them safe. But you need to transfer videos to a computer to avoid any corruption or data loss.

When you connect the camera or memory card with your computer, it acts the same as any other external drive. The computer gives it the drive letter. After making the connection proceed with these steps:

  1. Click on "My computer" and open the drive indicating your connected camera or memory card.
  2. Click on the DCIM folder, and you will see all the videos that are stored on the camera.
  3. Copy and move the desired ones to the computer. If you want to copy all, then press ctrl + A and paste the files at the required location on the computer.

④ Tips to Make Videos Look Professional

Improve the capturing quality of your camera videos by shooting videos in plenty of light. Always focus on capturing videos in a clean background with clear audio and keep your camera still. Nobody likes to view shaky videos.

While shooting, keep your subject in the middle and try to shoot from different angles to capture the best shots.

Closing Words

Everyone loves to record their favorite moments to cherish for a lifetime. But when you lose these recorded moments suddenly just with one wrong click, that makes you frustrated. But now, you must have learned how to covert this frustrating time into a happy one with the data recovery methods.

We recommend using Recoverit data recovery software to recover your lost files. It is an excellent software with a maximum recovery rate. We have also discussed the various scenarios under which data gets lost. So, try to avoid getting into those situations.

We hope our guide proves helpful to you!

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