We've all received our fair share of creative Happy New Year messages after the clock strikes midnight. These generic New Year wishes have become incredibly predictable, and although we love to send and receive them, they can quickly become overused.

However, there's a more clever way to greet your loved ones for New Year's Eve. Instead of wasting your time creating new, inventive, and heartfelt New Year letters, you can use free websites and download Happy New Year videos.

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Where to Download 2024 Happy New Year Videos

Let's immediately dive deeper into the best free platforms for downloading inspiring New Year videos. Below is a list of the top eight free websites where you can let your creativity loose and make a personalized New Year video in your style.

If you …… will be your option
want to modify stock imagesPixabay
prefer 4K or HD stock clipsPexels Videezy Coverr
totally free stock clipsVidevo
use clips made by professional talentsSplitShire


download pixabay happy new year videos

If you've ever used stock images, chances are, these photos are from Pixabay, one of the largest stock footage websites in the world. But did you know Pixabay also has a wide range of HD videos for various occasions? The website's content is free to use or modify, and you're not required to give credit, but specific videos might have different rules.

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download pexels happy new year videos

Another excellent stock image and video library can be found on Pexels. This free website has an extensive collection of HD and 4K stock clips, with more than 30,000 free Happy New Year videos you can quickly download. The website's license lets users use or edit the videos however they like without crediting the videographer.

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free videezy happy new year videos

Videezy is a platform with a massive collection of high-quality HD or 4K videos. You'll undoubtedly find the perfect New Year greeting here, but you'll likely have to credit the author. However, Videezy also lets you check the clip's licensing or purchase credits, which you can use to get the platform's Pro clips or use the free videos for personal and commercial purposes without crediting.

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happy new year videos on videvo

If you're after free stock videos or motion graphics for your Happy New Year greetings, then Videvo is the website you're looking for. The platform is a treasure trove of stock video footage with different license types. Some can be used for free by crediting the author, others allow remixing and adaptations, while the third group lets you do whatever you want.

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free coverr happy new year videos

Created by filmmakers who weren't happy with the internet's existing free stock videos, Coverr now provides a unique, stunning, and inspiring collection of MP4 videos for those in the same profession. The platform's cinematic HD clips, elegant touches, and extraordinary videos are free and have over five million downloads. You can even download them without registering on the website.

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Life of Vids

life of vids stock videos

You'll love Life of Vids' sleek interface and unconventional stock clips. The website includes free stock videos from Leeroy, a Canadian advertising agency from Montreal, and it'll let you make unforgettable holiday season greetings. In return, you can buy the creators a beer, but only if you want to. However, it's worth noting that redistributing more than ten videos to other websites is prohibited, even if the clips don't have copyright restrictions.

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download splitshire new year videos

Created by Daniel Nanescu, SplitShire is a unique video content platform where all of the clips come from one person, Daniel himself. With "only" two million downloads and six million visits, SplitShire seems like a baby compared to some of the names on this list. However, you'll undoubtedly find beautiful New Year video greetings among Daniel's footage.

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free clipstill new year videos

If you're after elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated cinemagraphs you can use for personalized New Year messages, look no further than Clipstill. The website makes a few cinemagraphs monthly, which you can download for free. However, there's also a one-time paid option of $49, which provides unlimited lifetime downloads.

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How to Use Happy New Year Video Downloads in 2024

You should have no issues finding the perfect New Year greeting video regardless of the platform you go for. While it might take a bit of browsing if you're not after anything specific, you're bound to find eye-catching, creative, and striking stock videos for New Year's Eve.

With these stock clips in your arsenal, your New Year greetings will effortlessly capture the receiver's attention, and you'll undoubtedly make your friends, family, and loved ones happier this holiday season.

How to Manage Happy New Year Videos

  • 👪Sort clips by recipients

    Once you've found the perfect one, you can quickly download free Happy New Year videos and save them to your computer or phone. From there, you can sort these stock clips into folders, specifying which video will go to what friend or family member.

  • 🎉Sort videos by situations

    You can also sort the videos by occasion since the abovementioned free websites offer thousands of clips for every type of greeting, from holidays to birthdays to graduations. As they're free, saving them to your device is an excellent idea, and you can use them when a situation arises.

What to Do in Case of Video Loss

While downloading and sorting favorite video greetings is a great idea, there's always a chance of data loss. Losing downloaded Happy New Year videos or other precious memories can be devastating. However, you're not powerless in these frustrating situations, as dedicated data recovery tools have gotten incredibly good at what they do and can quickly retrieve your vital videos.

Wondershare Recoverit is one such tool, and it's the perfect weapon for those situations where you've forgotten to back up your vital data. Whether you've accidentally deleted videos, exposed them to a virus or malware, or experienced a failing disk drive or a system crash, it has your back.

Free Download
Free Download

The app supports over 1,000 file types and more than 2,000 storage devices, so you can use it on Windows PCs, Macs, laptops, internal disk drives, external storage devices, USBs, NAS devices, and more. The powerful search and recovery algorithm makes this data recovery tool capable of retrieving files in more than 500 situations.

Free Download
Free Download

Here is a step-by-step guide for using the app:

  1. Launch the Wondershare Recoverit app, click Hard Drives and Locations, and select the disk drive where you downloaded Happy New Year videos.
    wondershare recoverit interface
  2. Wondershare Recoverit will automatically initiate a thorough scan for lost data.
    scan for lost new year videos
  3. You can use filters to adjust the scan and speed it up.
    adjust the file filters
  4. You can also add keywords to search for specific files or folders.
    use keywords for a faster scan
  5. Wondershare Recoverit lets you preview the found files before you recover them.
    preview found videos
  6. You can pause or stop the scan anytime and save the recovered files if Wondershare Recoverit has already found the videos you're looking for.
    save recovered videos to your computer

Having a dedicated data recovery tool at your disposal in case of data loss situations is vital. Your precious memories, whether pictures, videos, audio files, or documents, will be safe and sound with Wondershare Recoverit.


Although truly heartfelt, New Year messages can quickly become predictable. That's why more and more people are turning to personal and creative New Year greetings, with stock videos rapidly becoming one of the most popular methods of reaching your loved ones for the holiday season.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of the top eight stock footage websites where users can download free Happy New Year videos and save them on their devices to prepare for the holidays. However, since there's always a risk of data loss when saving files locally, we've also shown you Wondershare Recoverit, an excellent data recovery tool for retrieving lost videos.

Free Download
Free Download
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