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How to Recover Corrupted Sony Video Files from An SD Card?

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

The world is transforming fastly and the micro and nano are taking the world by storm. You don't have to carry large floppy disks or save everything into your hard disks. SD cards are one of the handiest, convenient, and perfect mini-storage miracles that one can own.

But have you come across this problem where the SD card won't play your video files? Sometimes, you don't even find them on the card even though you've saved them? And then again there is this issue where the videos show an error code when you open them. This can be because the video files are corrupted. However, that's not an issue that should bother you if you know how to recover corrupted sony video files from an sd card. Here's a complete guide.

Common Reasons Why Videos Corrupt in SD Card?

Before you learn how to recover corrupted sony video files from an sd card, you should have an idea about the common reasons why the videos end up corrupted. If you can see to it that these files are not corrupted, then it becomes easier for you to access files. But sometimes, they end up getting corrupted anyway and that's when our tricks will save your day.

corrupted video file

Reason 1: Abrupt Removal of SD Card

SD card needs to be mounted and unmounted properly. We need to understand that the micro-SD cards are extremely sensitive and if we handle them roughly, the data it is storing can get corrupted or even deleted. An abrupt removal can disturb the files within and the video files can get easily corrupted.

Reason 2: Malware or Viral Attacks

Virus gets its name because of its ability to latch on to everything. Now, apply that to the technology scenario. If there is malware or virus on your computer, it will affect your sd card when you mount it. Also, the same applies to cameras and other devices. The malware corrupts the video files, alters the frames or format and in some cases, entirely deletes the files. Always run an antivirus check to detect anomalies.

Reason 3: Premature Shut-downs

Premature shutdowns are going to disrupt the functions of your sd card. For instance, if you are transferring videos to your sd card and midway someone pulls the card out, the video will not be completely transferred to the card and will show corruption errors. That is why, make sure you are shutting down the card properly before pulling it out - in other words, let the process complete before you retire it from work.

Reason 4: Alteration of the Files Structures

Some people change the format of the video files abruptly without following the right process. Simply changing the name of the file with a new extension will not change their format type. Instead, they will get corrupted because the readers will not be able to understand the format change. You can use proper format-changing software or go with some renowned tools to get that job done without experimenting.

Reason 5: Accidental File Deletion

When you accidentally delete a file, what do you try to do? Mission abort! You end up interrupting the deletion process and even then, sometimes it is too late. However, if you've interrupted the process, half of the file is already gone and fractions remain. These files cannot be opened and end up being corrupted.

That being said, there is a solution ( more than one, in fact!) to deal with all these issues and repair the files that were damaged in the process. We will see how to recover corrupted sony video files from an sd card in the next sections.

How to Restore Corrupted Sony Video Files from an SD Card?

You don't need to worry about video lost in Sony cameras, because in this section you will learn 3 most effective ways to help you solve this problem. Let's get started!

Method 1: Reinstalling/Updating Drivers

You will find the Sony camera's drive on the computer. With a little help, you can navigate your way to the existing drivers and then - either reinstall or update them. Our best suggestion would be to reinstall them because you'll get an updated version and any problem that might be the reason behind the corruption will be sure to disappear. 

Step 1: You need to find the Device Manager on your computer. If you have windows 10, go to the start option and search for Device Manager.

device manager on windows 10

Step 2: Search through and find your Sony Camera device. Right-click on it and go with the "Uninstall' option.

uninstall sony camera device

Step 3: Now, restart the computer and reconnect your camera. Your PC will detect your camera again and the new drivers will appear on the screen. The reinstallation will happen.

quick restart

Once that is done, you will get some prompts on the screen. Follow the process and you will have your PC easily detecting your sd card and the content in it.

Method 2: Recover from a Backup

This is fairly a simple method and something everyone should be doing if you are not already on it. Have a backup of your video files on other devices. Most of us have an SD card as our first backup option but it's always good to have a PLAN B and PLAN C as well. 

You can format your sd card or delete the existing content and copy the backed up files from the storage devices to the sd card. If you have them in the cloud storage, download to the computer and transfer them into the SD card. If you have recently formatted your sd card and that is the reason for the data corruption, make sure you don't overwrite your sd card to get the files back.

Method 3: Using Recovery Software

Recovery softwares is responsible for getting your lost files back, recovering them back to a condition where they were completely functional. There are several options in the market but we'd suggest that you go with Wondershare Recoverit. It has some of the best features, supports 1000+ formats including the video formats. Also, the advanced recovery option lets you get back any file that you want.


It is very easy to use. Just follow the tutorial steps below:

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Recoverit on your PC after you download it from the official website. Select the device you want to scan and go with the "Advanced Recovery option".

launch the program

launch the program

Step 2: Wait till the software scans everything and all your videos will appear on screen once it is done.

wondershare scan complete

Step 3: Preview the files that are displayed and select the ones that you want to recover. Click on "Recover'.

recover complete

Extra Tips: How to Avoid Video Corrupt in Cameras?

Here are some of the tips that will help you avoid the entire video corruption fiasco. These simple practices will keep your Sony Camera video files safe.

  1. Install an antivirus software that will keep the malware away from your sd card and computer devices. This will help to prevent any future video corruptions and your devices won't lag either.
  2. Mounting and unmounting has to be done systematically while handling sd card on your computer or the camera. Be gentle and have some patience.
  3. Keep more than two copies of your video files. These backup files will be of great help if you end up losing your video files from sd card.
  4. Don't change the formats carelessly. SImply changing the file name with a new extension is not enough, Trust reliable software to get this job done.
  5. Keep your camera fully charged while you are saving videos to sd card or transferring them to another device. If there is no charge, the camera or PC will shut down and that can cause abrupt interruption.


These are some of the easiest ways that will help you recover your video files from the SD card Sony Video files. These steps will teach you how to recover corrupted Sony Video files from an sd card without making hefty investments or relying on manual support from engineers. But if none of these work, try not to experiment with the card and go with professional support. That way, you won't lose your data. The best among the options above is to go with a Recovering software like Wondershare Recoverit. It is a sure shot option to get your video files back in a recovered condition. Sometimes, you don't even have to do anything wrong to come across corrupted files. Even old sd cards, overwriting and simple transfers can pop these problems. So, always be a step ahead and avoid the things mentioned above to avoid corrupted videos.

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