How to Recover Deleted Files From Thumb Drive?

How to perform thumb drive recovery? Go through this post and learn how to recover your deleted or lost files from a thumb drive using the most powerful data recovery software.

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Most of us use portable devices as these are convenient devices to store everything, from sensitive important documents to precious photos and videos. No one anticipates to lost data from their thumb drives and thus, taking the drives for granted. But, believe it or not…accidents can happen anytime, usually without warning. Whenever it happens, you certainly need a reliable USB thumb drive recovery solution. Isn't, it right? Well, the good news is that you have landed in the right place as here we're going to help you perform thumb drive recovery using the professional data recovery software.

Part 1. What is Thumb Drive?

A thumb drive is a portable device and also known as a flash drive or USB drive. It is a solid-state drive that you can connect to a particular device using a USB port. It is named as thumb drive because of its small shape and size in comparison to a standard storage drive. It has specifications of just a few inches in both length and width. These small and portable drives hold at least 256 MB of data.

As USB technology has eventually become a common protocol, users can transfer data to and from a computer easily and quickly with these portable drives. Unlike the hard drives commonly used in the computers, the solid-state thumb drive is extremely small in size with no moving parts. It features an integrated circuit design, providing the data storage & rewriting functionality.

Needless to say, a thumb drive can be used like any drive on your system. These days, people use thumb drives mostly to backup their important files.

Part 2. Thumb Driver Data Loss Scenarios:

Most of us believe that thumb drives are more dependable in comparison to hard drives. Although thumb drives don't have any moving parts, they are still vulnerable to data loss and damage under certain scenarios. One of the most common data loss scenarios with thumb drives is unplugging a drive while it is still in use. Other common reasons to lose data from thumb drives include -

These are major causes of losing data from thumb drives or flash drives. But, it's important to determine the cause before you try thumb drive repair or recovery. For whatever reason you end up losing important files from your thumb drive, stop using your drive immediately, and use data recovery software as soon as possible for successful data recovery.

Part 3. Recover Deleted Files from USB Thumb Drive with Recoverit Data Recovery:

Recoverit Data Recovery software is not like other data recovery tools. This software can get you through all data loss scenarios without any hassle. From thumb drive recovery to formatted drives, Recoverit will take only a few seconds to restore your important files. One of the best things about this software is that it works well with a wide variety of external storage devices, including thumb drive, memory cards, digital cameras, and hard drives. So, whether you accidentally lost your files or deleted them intentionally, there is an easy way to get everything back with just one click.

The key highlights of the software are:

deleted data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

  • Deleted files recovery from recycle bin, formatted disk, lost partition, and external devices.
  • Makes an original copy of the data accessible to data even after system crash, virus attack, or corruption.
  • Support for more than 1000 types of format for data types, including images, documents, email, archives, and multimedia files.

Start by downloading the software on your system and finish the installation. The user guide will explain what you need to do for thumb drive data recovery.

Step 1: Connect Drive & Launch Recoverit:

Run the Recoverit data recovery program and connect your thumb drive with the system. The software will recognize the drive, and it will be listed inside the software interface.

Step 2: Specify Location:

Before starting the scan, you can narrow down the search by specifying the location for the data scan. Select the external device and hit the "Start" button.

external device recovery

Step 3: Get Scan Results:

As the scan is finished, you will see the results on the screen. The files can be filtered according to a file path or file type. The software allows you to pause or stop the scan if you have already found the file that you wish to recover.

scan external device

Step 4: Start Recovery:

Select as many files as you want, but make sure that you take a preview. Finally, press the "Recover" button at the bottom, and within a while, you will have all your files back.

preview recovered photos

If you think that some files are missing from the results, then you can also run a deep scan to find the lost or deleted files.

Part 4. Tips on How to Prevent Data Loss on Thumb Drives:

Even if you have a professional tool to recover deleted files from thumb drive at your fingertips, it is still essential that you know a few tips. Here are some tips mentioned that will prevent data loss on the thumb drives in the first place.

Thumb drives are undoubtedly made to be portable, but that doesn't mean they are unsusceptible to damage. Keeping them safe is the best way to prevent data loss. Anyway, Recoverit is still here to recover files from a thumb drive and other storage devices as well.


As you can see that performing thumb drive data recovery isn't difficult as it seems. All you need is a powerful and reliable data recovery solution like Recoverit Data Recovery. Even though this software can help you recover your lost data from a thumb drive, make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in your mind to prevent facing the data loss problem in the future.

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