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There is no denying the convenience to portable, plug and play USB flash drive that comes in various storage sizes, and offers us to store any type of data(videos, audios, and documents) we want. It doesn't have any moving parts, unlike a standard hard disk drive. If you're going to use the USB flash drive, then all you need is connect it in any computer system. Once you connect the USB, the PC or Mac computer will instantly detect the hardware and allow you to access its storage space.

Part 1: Why You Need USB Data Recovery

Imagine that if you have some important documents or files which you kept in USB Flash Drive, and you keep that USB Flash Drive somewhere. One day when you need those files and you take out that USB Flash Drive, you suddenly find that USB Flash Drive is corrupted or someone just formatted that USB Flash Drive. What a tragedy, right? Luckily, you still got  USB Data Recovery software to help you recover lost data from USB flash drive.

What USB Data Recovery does is that it scans and recovers all the files which were on your USB Flash Drive. And the best part is some software even recover files from the corrupted USB flash drives. There are many USB Data Recovery Software out there in the market. And many USB Data Recovery or USB Files Recovery software just recover the deleted or formatted files from the USB stick. Here we will discuss recovering files from the formatted, deleted files USB Flash Drive or even from a corrupted USB Stick.

Part 2: The Best USB Data Recovery Software

There may occur an instance in your life when, due to some damage or human error, you will find no traces of data inside your USB flash drive. There may be various other factors behind this accidental or inevitable deletion of data. Still, the critical question after such an ordeal is whether one can recover the deleted from the USB disk or not?

The answer is yes! You can easily retrieve your files if you use the Recoverit USB Data Recovery Software and perform a scan through it on your USB. Recoverit can restore each file with complete accuracy, given you perform the recovery scan immediately and do not overwrite the previously erased data. Here are some of the standout attributes of the Recoverit USB Data Recovery tool:

The Best USB Data Recovery Software

Recoverit - The Best USB Data Recovery Software

  • Recovers and reads files in 1000+ file formats and restore them with 95% efficiency;
  • Supports each external storage source including a USB flash drive, external hard disk, an SD card, camera, camcorder, drone, and many others;
  • Available for both if your macOS & Windows devices;
  • Recovers data from situations like virus-infected and crashed computer, and formatted deletion;

Part 3: How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive with USB Data Recovery

You just to download the Recoverit application and install it on your computer and connect the USB with the PC to perform the data recovery operation on the USB flash drive. The whole process requires only three steps to complete. Here are the instructions to successfully conduct data recovery:

Step 1. Select a Location:

After connecting the USB with the PC, launch the Recoverit app. Select the USB's icon and hit the "Start" tab for the scan to begin and proceed to the next step.

recoverit interface

Step 2. Scan the Location:

Let the app scan the USB, and it will continue to show you the recovered files along the recovery process. Recoverit provides the option to pause/stop the search whenever you like.

operations during scanning

Step 3. Recover the Files:

Once Recoverit concludes the scan and recovers each of the deleted files, the next step is to verify the data through the preview feature. After that, just select the items and click on the "Recover" tab to restore the files to the location of your choice.

preview recovered photos

Part 4: A few Tips for USB Data Recovery

After learning how to reocver files from formatted or deleted usb drive, you should also learn how to maintain your data without any issues.

The first tip we will give you is to take a backup of your important data somewhere.

In case you lost the current data. You can use a backup tool to backup data at any place. And later you can even restore the back-up of the USB Flash Drive using this tool. After safely remove your flash drive. Many people just use to plug out the flash drive and move on. But we would recommend to safely remove the flash drive for the safety of your data.

One more thing you must do to protect your data in the USB Flash drive is to safeguard your USB stick from viruses.

These days many viruses are being created. So just be safe from them. Always use a good quality USB flash drive. Store your USB flash drives in a safe place. That is keep away from dust places or wet places where water exists. If there is water around your USB flash drive then it might cause some damage to your flash drive resulting in loss of important data. So we would request you to keep your USB Flash Drive to keep in a safe place where there is less dust or a dry place. So that both your USB flash drive and your important data will be safe.

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