How to Recover Data from Toshiba USB Flash Drive

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Please Help Me Retrieve Data from a Toshiba USB flash drive

My 64GB Toshiba USB 3.0 stopped working this morning. I tried to reboot my computer and inserted the USB into it again. I felt so happy because I could access the USB again, but when I opened it I found nothing inside, all my data was gone. I need to get my photos and some office documents back. So is there any way to solve my problem?

I fully understand your feeling of losing your valuable data and I guarantee you that you can retrieve data from your Toshiba USB flash drive. The first step is to stop using Toshiba USB flash drive to avoid new data overwriting the data you are trying to retrieve.

Free Download Toshiba USB Flash Drive Recovery

Recoverit data recovery is the best choices to perform Toshiba USB flash drive recovery. No matter what files were lost because of system error, or formatting or deletion, you can effortlessly find them and get them back safely with the easy data recovery utility. One of the greatest advantages of Recoverit is the support of various files types, including photos, videos, audio files, document files, etc. The other advantage is that you can get a trial version of this program to detect your Toshiba USB flash drive before you decide to purchase for recovery. You will be very much assured about the capability of this program with the trial version.

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3 Steps to Recover Data from Toshiba usb flash drive

  1. Select file type to Recover Lost Data from Your Toshiba USB flash drive
  2. Launch the Toshiba USB Flash Drive Recovery tool, select the "External Devices Recovery" you want to recover from flash drive.

    toshiba flash drive recovery

  3. Scan Your Toshiba Flash Drive for Lost Files
  4. Select the location where you lost file, the program will automatically detect and show hard disks on your computer, including the one for your Toshiba USB flash drive.

    You just need to select the drive letter of it and hit the “Start” button to search for lost files.

    Note: Go to "All Around Recovery" to have a deeply search for Toshiba USB flash drive if you can't find any file after the quick scan. It will search more files and take more time.

    toshiba usb data recovery

  5. Retrieve Data from Toshiba USB flash drive
  6. Soon the lost files on your Toshiba USB flash drive will be detected and showed in categories in the program window. You can view file names to check whether your lost files have been found or not.

    Then click on those files you are going to reclaim and click “recover” to save them on your computer.

    recover data from toshiba usb flash drive

Note: To avoid the issue of data being overwritten, I strongly suggest you do not recover the data to Toshiba USB flash drive.

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