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Solutions to Wsappx Takes High Disk and CPU Usage

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Computers have become an indispensable part of our life for the last few years. No matter what kind of job one does, there would certainly be a need for at least a personal computer to take care of things. But since the computer is a complex machine, there are chances for a variety of errors and issues to arise. As a user, you should be aware of the solutions to at least the most common of the issues. Wsappx taking high disk space and CPU usage is a very common issue, and this article deals with the solutions to this problem.

Part 1. Overview of Wsappx Takes High Disk and CPU Usage Issue

You might have had situations where your computer acted much slower than usual. This might be due to the Wsappx problem. If you open the task manager, you would be able to find the Wsappx taking almost the entire disk space and also the CPU usage.

Wsappx is a part of the windows 10 operating system package. Programs like the windows store and the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) rely on the Wsappx. In short, the process is responsible for installing and updating of the various application software on the windows store. In the task manager, if you expand the Wsappx process, you would be able to see two services. These are the AppX development service and the client license service. The first one is the service which ensures that all the applications on the windows store are deployed perfectly, and the latter one deals with the licenses of the various applications that are bought through the store.


Part 2. Methods to Fix Wsappx Takes High Disk and CPU Usage Issue

There are various solutions to a single problem, and that is the case with computer errors. But the problem is that you would not be able to identify which solution would be suitable for your particular computer. Some of the most effective and simple solutions for the problem of Wsappx have been discussed here in this article.

Method 1. Make sure that the device drivers are up to date.

There would be numerous device drivers on the computer, and if these are not up to date, there are chances for various errors to occur. So as a first step, updating the drivers would be very effective.

You can manually update the drivers. This can be done by visiting your computer manufacturer’s website and then by finding the drivers suitable to the particular model of your computer. Now download these drivers and then update the existing ones that are present on your computer. Once the installation is complete, you would have to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

There is much automatic software on the internet that allows you to automatically update the drivers on the computer. One such software is Driver Easy. This application would automatically recognize the drivers on the computer and would notify you if there are updates available for any drivers.
Step 1. Download and install the DrivereEasy software. Then run the program and click on the Scan Now option. Wait till the scan is over.


Step 2. Once the scan is over, click the Update option near each driver or click the Update All option. The update all option would be only available in the pro version.


Method 2. Disable the windows store

Here’s a step-by-step guide to disable the windows store. Step 1. Press the Windows button and the letter R together. In the run dialog box, enter gpedit.msc.


Step 2. Now click on local computer policy then computer configuration followed by administrative templates then windows components and then store.


Step 3. Right-click on the turn off the store application option. Now choose the Edit option.


Step 4. This would bring a dialog box. Toggle the Enabled option and then Apply the changes and click OK. Restart the computer, and the changes would be applied.


Method 3. Check for viruses

In many cases, the problem might be caused due to some kind of malware program on the computer. In other words, the issue might be due to a virus. Make sure that you have antivirus software that is reputed and effective. Then initiate a full computer scan by the antivirus program. After the scan is completed, the antivirus would prompt to remove suspicious programs. Follow the steps and then restart the computer.

Method 4. Performing a disk check

The problem might also get solved if you perform a complete disk check. Keep in mind that this procedure would take some time and hence initiate this accordingly.
Step 1. Enter cmd in the search box, select right-click on the Command prompt and choose Run as administrator.


Step 2. Click the Yes option at the user account control.


Step 3. Once the command prompt pops out, type in chkdsk.exe/f/r.


Step 4. Now press the Enter button and type in Y to confirm the scan. The scan would be done when you restart the computer next. Also, you can check the CPU performance.

Method 5. Extend Virtual Memory

Extending virtual memory is another effective solution that can help you fix Wsappx high disk or CPU usage. If you have no clue about virtual memory, it is a memory management practice implemented using software and hardware. Though Windows 10 and 8 automatically handle it, you can still extend it easily.

Extending or increasing the virtual memory of your system’s operating system, the background running processes will be easier.

Step 1. Enter Performance in the Search field as shown in the below figure and press Enter, then select Adjust Appearance and performance in Windows.

Step 2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and tap Change under the Virtual Memory section.


Step 3. Uncheck Automatically handle paging file size for all drives, then pick the OS drive and press Custom size.


Step 4. Define the Initial Size to the size of your RAM in MB, and then set the Maximum Size to double the Initial Size. To save all of your changes, click Set and OK.
Step 5. Don’t forget to reboot your computer.

Methods 6. Uninstall Recently Installed Apps

A recently installed app may often lead to high CPU usage. Uninstall the recently installed apps and restart your device if this is the case. If this resolves the high CPU consumption issue, reinstall the app and check to see if the problem continues.

Step 1. Open the Control Panel and move to Programs to uninstall an app.


Step 2. Next, click Uninstall a Program under the Programs and Features section.


Step 3. Spot the app you want to uninstall, right-click it, and then click Uninstall.


Method 7. Remove Bloatware and Stop Background Apps

Bloatware and background applications operate when you don't wish them and ultimately, leading to high CPU usage on the computer. Bloatware removal can help you prevent them from keeping updating in the system’s background and using resources.

Step 1. To get rid of bloatware, click Start > Settings > Applications > Apps & Features to view all the apps installed on your system. You can delete any app that you don't want, including pre-installed junk and other trash applications.


Step 2. To prohibit apps from running in the background, click Start > Settings > Privacy > Background apps Under App Permissions.


Step 3. When background applications are disabled, the app cannot search for new updates when it is not in use. You can disable background apps that you never use or simply toggle the slider to disable all background apps.

Method 8. Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

If nothing works for you, then it’s maybe time for you to troubleshoot in a Clean Boot State to fix Wsappx taking high disk or CPU usage. It will enable your Windows to operate only on a few most important drivers for settings and startup applications or programs.

Step 1. To launch the System Configuration utility, type MSConfig into the Search box and press Enter.


Step 2. Navigate to the General tab, then select Selective Startup, check Load system services, and then select Use original boot configuration.
Step 3. Tap OK to continue.


Step 4. Move to the Services tab, select Hide All Microsoft Services and then click Disable all.
Step 5. To keep all of the changes, tap Apply and OK.


Reboot your computer, and Windows will perform a Clean Boot. It will assist in resolving the issue. After that, repeat the steps mentioned above to uncheck Load System Services, apply the changes, and reboot the computer.


If you are a regular computer user, then make sure that you are familiar with common issues that might arise. Also, surf the internet to find suitable solutions. If the issue persists, then seeking the help of an expert would be ideal.

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