How to Recover Deleted Browsing History on Android Devices

How to Recover Deleted Browsing History on Android Devices?

Eyeing for the ways to recover deleted browsing history on android? Don’t know what to do? Follow our guide and learn to recover browsing data from your android device with Recoverit Data Recovery App.

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"How to recover deleted browsing history on an android smartphone? I accidentally erased all of the browsing records from my Android phone's Chrome browser and wished to recover them. Is it possible to perform such an operation?"

Our phone's browser history comes in extra handy when we intend to access a website that contains valuable information quickly. It should also be kept into account that Android phones have a universal issue with handling storage space, which tends to get annoying after a certain time. Sometimes for the sake of opening up storage space within the smartphone, we inadvertently erase all the data of our built-in apps such as the Chrome browser. Such an action leads to the direct deletion of browser history and account information that holds that history. And if you do now know how to recover deleted browsing history on android, then with this article, you will know the two simple methods to recover and extract browser history from the abyss.

Part 1: Can Android Browsing History be Recovered Once It is Deleted?

Through the convenience of modern technology, we can sync everything from personal files to browsing history across multiple devices. This technique of data synchronization within the Android phones allows you to save all the data on your Google account and other Google-based facilities such as Google Drive. It also plays a pivotal role in recovering such files or browsing data when you want to get them back in case of accidental deletion. So, it is very much possible to recover browsing history once you delete them from your Android smartphone, and we will show you how to perform such an operation via two methods.

Part 2: How to Find Deleted History on Google Chrome on Android:

In this part of the article, we will show you the two methods listed below to find deleted Google Chrome web files from an Android device:

Method 1. Recover Deleted Chrome History from Google account:

If you have turned the Google synchronization on your Android to "ON," then it will sync each of your web files in the Chrome browser across all the devices that you own. Through your Google account, you can quickly recover your data back to the Android device instantly. Here is the method to perform the recovery:

how to find deleted history on google chrome on android 1

Tip: Back up Browsing History on Android to Your Google Account:

Creating back up of data, no matter if they are your browser or media files, is much better than recovering them upon accidental deletion. You can back up your browsing history across multiple platforms/devices only by syncing them on to your Google Account from the Chrome Browser. Here the steps to perform the deleted browsing history back up on Android:


There are two conventional ways to recover deleted browsing history on android, and now you know the both of them. While it is essential to remain vigilant and continuously keep a backup of every file on your PC or Android phone, but if you somehow fail to save the data, then you can always consult to Dr.Fone and arrange for file recovery of more than 1000 file formats within minutes.

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