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How to Fix USB Error Code 43 Easily

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Have you ever come across a Code 43 error before when using your Desktop or Laptop computer? A code 43 error happens when your Device Manager halts your hardware to report an unspecified problem. You may receive a message like this

"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported a code 43 problem"

This code appears in recent Windows applications but there are solutions to reverse the error.

Overview of the error

So, what's a code 43 for driver error? Code 43 is one of the several error codes transmitted by the Device Manager. The message is largely a generic one and could mean that there is an unresolved hardware issue plaguing the smooth performance of Windows. This error is noticeable in the Device Manager status under the Properties section. Furthermore, error codes can affect all Windows types from Windows 7 to 10 including on devices like video cards, USB drives, printers, and mobile phones.

How to Fix USB Code 43 easily

There are quite a few ways to fix a code 43 error and in this segment, you will be shown five ways to work around the problem and bring your system back to speed.

Method 1 - Restart the PC

A simple restart can fix the error. Removing the plug is not advisable as this may lead to file or system corruption. To restart your PC, do this

If the problem persists, move to the next solution.

Method 2 - Update the Driver

To update the driver and install the latest version available, these are the steps you must follow


To be safe, it is wise to uninstall current drivers first before installing a newer version.

Method 3 - Diagnose in the Device Manager

You can diagnose errors in the device manager. Make sure you follow the steps below carefully


Method 4 - Update BIOS

A CODE 43 may also be caused by an outdated BIOS. To rectify just update the BIOS to fix error code.

Method 5 - Undo Recent Changes

A recent change may precipitate a code 43 error as well. If you noticed this error soon after you made some changes in the form of program installations or updates consider restoring your system to it's an earlier version in your device manager.


Code 43 errors are resolvable using any of the above-listed methods. Although the emergence of the error may have slowed down your work great you can address it using any method that works best for you. A quick restart, driver update, or a system restoration can fix it.

In some cases, you may find that your USB drive files corrupted and fail to open, you should consider recovering your precious data with a data recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit.

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