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Guide for Beginners - How to Backup Photos to Amazon Prime Photos?

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Today there are millions of subscribers for Amazon Prime. Most people use it to watch videos and shopping, but many do not know that you can store photos in Amazon too.

Yes, you read it right! Amazon offers unlimited photo storage to its subscribers. Even if you have a backup system on pc, it is always better to use an extra backup service for your photos.


If you are paid member of Amazon Prime, then you can use the photo storage feature for free. In this article, we will discuss in detail the Amazon photo backup and its features.

Overview of Amazon Prime Photos

In the age of Dropbox, Google Drive, and other storage options, it’s easy to overlook Amazon Photos. The online retailer offers an amazing online image storage solution in addition to buying and selling options.

Amazon Photos for mobile device

Amazon Prime Photos feature comes with Amazon Prime membership. It offers web, system, and phone access to all of your photos. Further, prime members can get unlimited photo storage and 5GB of video storage in Amazon Photos.

Let’s know about the Amazon Prime Photos plan. There are three main plans that you can select for image storage.

Aside from backup photos non-Amazon photos, you can also use it to search for things within your images like food, dogs, etc. it is an amazing feature of Amazon, prime members must try.

Backup Photos through Amazon Prime Photos Web App

Our photos are our life memories, and everyone want to secure them for life. Uploading images on the cloud or back up photos to amazon prime is a great way to save a large number of photos.

Those who upload photos on Google photos need to compress the size of the original image for free space. If you want to keep the original photo in Google photos, then space is limited to about 15 GB. 

Do you choose to compress your beloved memories? If not, then you should backup Google Photos to Amazon Photos.

Below are the steps to follow to backup Google photos to Amazon Prime Photos:

Sign in to Google account

open photos in Google Photos

Select photos in Google Photos

Download selected photos from Google Photos

Steps to Upload selected Images to Prime Photos

Use Amazon Photos app for backup

Upload photos to Amazon Photos

Migrate Photos with Amazon Desktop Software

If your memories are in a computer drive, you can also move them to Amazon Photos drive for safety. They will remain safe on this platform, and size will not get compressed as well.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to back photo on Amazon Photos with the desktop app:

Download Amazon Photos Desktop app

Drag and drop the photos on Amazon Photos

This is how you can easily use amazon prime photo backup.

Backup Photos Using Amazon Prime Mobile App

When you lost all pictures from your mobile device, you would be too upset. This is why backing up your photos to a safe cloud location is must.

With Amazon Prime, images can be backed up automatically. The best part is that the storage is unlimited for amazon photo backup iphone.

You can download the iOS/iPad/Android app on your device to store photos in Amazon prime. The Amazon Prime Photos app offers features like auto-backups, photo editing, and album sharing.

Here are the steps to move android images and to backup Apple photos to Amazon Prime:

Install Amazon Prime Photos app

Add backups to Amazon Prime Photos

How to download photos from Amazon Photos to your iPhone or iPad

Downloading photos from Amazon Prime photos is very easy. Follow the below steps to download images to your Android device or iPhone:

If you do not want to pay for the Amazon Prime, then you can backup your unlimited images as well as videos with Wondershare UBackit.

It is an amazing tool with which you can backup photos from any source to any destination. It is a completely safe and secure platform for backup your device’s data. Try it once!

Final Thoughts

Like other cloud-based services, Amazon Photos makes backing up your images easy and convenient. Further, with features like unlimited storage and full-resolution photos, Amazon Photos is a great option.

So, if you are a prime member of amazon, then try amazon photo backup to store your images and videos. With this, you can easily backup iPhone photos to Amazon. Also, for more safe and secure storage, you can try Wondershare UBackit.

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