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One of our favorite facts about Android devices is its ability to customize everything on it. You can either install themes or modify the coding for your phone to look great. If you are not comfortable with messing a lot on your phone, the simplest way to beautify your Android phone is by adding a pretty wallpaper. There is an abundance of wallpaper apps available in the Play Store so that you do not need to find the right photo that will perfectly fit your screen. We have round up the best 20 Android wallpaper apps so that your phone will look stunning when compared to others.

android wallpaper apps 01

Technically, 500 Firepaper provides live wallpaper, but it will also give users regular wallpapers. The app will access the 500px website several times a day and download graphic images from it. The website is best known for amazing graphics that are great for wallpapers. The best news is that it is free to use with an option to go PRO with its in-app purchase.

android wallpaper apps 02

It is one of the longest-running apps in the Play Store and is one of the most popular apps for this purpose. There is a ton of wallpapers to choose from to make it easy for you, you will be able to sort and browse them in various categories. It updates its database daily in Material Design. It is also totally free.

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This all-in-one app not only gives wallpapers but ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones too. The range of available wallpapers is not as extensive, but everything is beautiful. It also has an easy-to-use interface and overall is not a bad app for its free-of-charge status.

android wallpaper apps 04

Cool Wallpapers HD is rather popular, but not as much as Backgrounds HD. There is a lot of options in a variety of categories. It also supports Android Wear. It is free with no need to purchase anything in-app.

android wallpaper apps 05

The live wallpaper app also provides regular wallpaper. It is great for art lovers as it features classic pieces of art. Users can apply a bokeh effect so that your app icons and the home screen will be clear. The app supports Android Wear, Dashclock, etc. It's also totally free.

android wallpaper apps 06

Instead of giving you a pre-made wallpaper, it will generate one for you this is what makes it gain increasing popularity. All you need to do is select a pattern and color for it to generate a wallpaper for you. You can even specify the wallpaper to the size of your screen. The database is slowly building up with each app update.

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Personally, I find this app great because it is not very well known. This means the chances of other people having the same wallpaper as myself. It uses Material Design which makes it super awesome. It can link to your Google account so that you can flag your favorite ones to download in the future.

android wallpaper apps 08

Zedge is probably the go-to app for users to download ringtones, notification tones, alarm tones, and best wallpaper for Android. Because of its popularity, it has a really large database. If you an avid user, you would probably find some obscure stuff by chance. However, the in-app ads are so obnoxious the price you need to pay for a free app.

android wallpaper apps 09

This is a new player in the app field, but even though it is a newcomer, it is doing a pretty good job. Its database is updated every day and it will auto-download and auto-set itself to upload and setup wallpapers on your Android phones. At the moment, it provides great landscape wallpapers.

android wallpaper apps 10

The app is credited for the first application to utilize Material Design. It has plenty of wallpapers that you can quickly and easily download. Each wallpaper is tagged so that you can search and sort.

android wallpaper apps 11

Be a hipster and add a filtered shape overlay to any simple image. The app sources its image database from Reddit, 500px, and Unsplash. It is great if you really get irked by having similar things as other people. Additional customization options are available at additional customization options.

android wallpaper apps 12

This is where you go to when you want a gallery of simple and clean wallpaper. Its selection is not extensive yet, but it should be enough to cater to your minimalistic needs. The quality of these images is also top-notch.

android wallpaper apps 13

We love the parallax feature on newer devices you will be able to move your wallpaper as you tilt your phone around. For some people, having a three-dimensional background is the best wallpaper for Android.

android wallpaper apps 14

For a wallpaper that is fun, download this app. You will be able to get tumbling Bugdroids and a physics engine that will react to gravity, shakes, touches, light, and sound. It is a great time killer when you are commuting during rush hour.

android wallpaper apps 15

Technically, this is not a wallpaper app, but it does make your screen transparent and project what your camera lens "see". It is a useful app, but it does drain your battery.

android wallpaper apps 16

If you are a big fan of Google Now's flat, modern background designs, nowPaper provides a whole range of wallpapers of similar look and feel. The cool thing about these wallpapers is that it will change throughout the day so your wallpaper would rotate each morning, noon, and night.

android wallpaper apps 17

It is one of the best wallpaper for Android app that I usually use to discover new content. It categorizes the images into 25 categories that are precisely separated and tagged for your easy browsing.

android wallpaper apps 18

This app does not have an extensive database, but it is really easy to use with its searchable content. If you do not like to spend endless time to look for the right image.

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The app is simply elegant its interface dissolves behind the vivid image. You are able to browse the sections by month or daily creation, as well as concepts and moods.

android wallpaper apps 20

PIXELS provides users with "traditional" wallpapers. While there are no special images, its simplicity and copyright-free images is a major win. You are able to browse images based on the pre-defined categories and tags.

Trust me, after downloading these apps, you will never be short of great images to set as your wallpaper. The best wallpaper for Android is just a few clicks away.

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