The 10 Best Hard Drive Recovery Service

You can get insights into a few top-notch options to pick the best hard drive recovery service.

hard drive recovery services

Data loss is one of the most unpleasant situations you may face in your digital regime. Therefore, you can take lab recovery services to retrieve your lost data. In-lab hard Drive recovery services refer to the technical expertise firm or a professional who helps you trace back your important data.

This guide will cover the following aspects of hard drive data recovery service.

Part 1. What Is Hard Drive Recovery Service and When to Use It?

Hard Drive Recovery Services is an exhaustive recovery service offered by some qualified data recovery agencies to assist users in recovering lost, deleted, and corrupted hard drive data. You might lose the data through accidental deletion, virus attacks, physical or mechanical damage, or natural disasters. Thus, this solution helps recover deleted drive data from servers, laptops, and PCs.

Part 2. Top 10 Hard Drive Recovery Service

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Here is the list of top-notch hard drive recovery services.

CBL Data Recovery

CBL Data Recovery boasts more than 24 years of experience in file recovery and customer service. They can recover valuable data from every form of storage device damaged by water, fire, mechanical damage, common drive failures, virus, and other issues.

cbl data recovery services
Salient Feature
Digital Forensics They can recover lost Data for crime's digital evidence.

Seagate In-Lab Recovery

Seagate is an excellent pick for hard drive recovery near me. They provide Data Rescue strategies, Recovery Software, and In-lab recovery. It may take two days to three weeks to retrieve lost data. Online progress monitoring is available. Although they are beneficial for private users, but businesses must exercise caution.

seagate in-lab recovery servicework
Salient Feature
Best for laptops and PCs Seagate recovery service is ideal for users having laptops or PCs.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery software is an advanced option for companies to restore & convert email, and recover all sorts of deleted data. It offers in-lab services that can restore data in difficult situations, like recovering information from a physically damaged hard drive, a RAID that failed due to file system or firmware corruption, etc.

stellar data recovery services
Salient Feature
Free Shipping They provide free shipping to the Stellar Data Recovery Labs using DHL Express.


With more than 569K recoveries under their belt, more than 35 years of expertise, and 100% effectiveness, Ontrack can be the best answer for "Hard Drive Data Recovery Near Me." They offer Standard, Priority, and emergency services with different turnaround times. Moreover, Ontrack can recover data from a range of electronic devices.

ontrack in-lab recovery services
Salient Feature
Free online consultations They provide free phone sessions and free diagnosis within 24 hours of receipt.


Gillware, a cutting-edge data recovery solutions specialist, maintains an ISO-5 Class 100 recovery facility. Their skilled data recovery specialists can recover data from hard drives, RAIDS, USB flash drives, SD cards, and much more. For safe recovery facilities, Gillware complies with SOC II Type 2 standards.

gillware in-lab services
Salient Feature
Versatility They offer data recovery services for almost all devices, OS, and file systems.


DriveSavers boasts more than 34 years of expertise and is a dominant player in hard drive recovery service and customer support. They can recover vital data from any storage device that is damaged for a variety of causes. Drivesavers have a skilled group of trained engineers, a cleanroom certified to ISO Class 5, and cutting-edge technology & tools.

drivesavers recovery service
Salient Feature
Burnishing Technology Because of their burnishing technology, they handle the majority of magnetic media loss.

Secure Data

Achieving SSAE 16 Type II accreditation first, Secure Data was the first hard drive recovery service company. All of the recovery techniques have a 96 percent success rate and SSAE 18 Type II certified security. They can retrieve deleted files from action cameras, drones, and other recording devices, including images, videos, and audio recordings.

securedata recovery
Salient Feature
Digital Forensics SecureData provides data recovery services for conflicting evidence.

SalvageData Recovery LLC

With more than 19 years of experience, SalvageData provides one of the most secure hard drive recovery services for people and organizations across the US. Their trained engineers and complete cleanroom promptly restore data, whether it was deleted mistakenly, subjected to ransomware assaults, or even lost due to a calamity.

salvage data recovery llc
Salient Feature
Affordable Their cost is less than their market rivals.

Want to know more recovery features of SalvageData Recovery, a Comparison Review of SalvageData Recovery and Wondershare Recoverit is all you need.


WeRecoverData is a privately held company with its corporate headquarters in New York City. The business operates a data forensics laboratory and cleanroom. Thanks to its cutting-edge methodologies and high competence, it provides a data recovery solution that works with different storage media. They have representatives in Europe, the Middle East, and North America; therefore, WeRecoverData is an excellent option for hard drive data recovery near me.

Salient Feature
100% success rate No client has yet complained of returning unsuccessful.

Disk Doctors

Disk Doctors has been offering recovery services worldwide for a long. They provide quick turnaround times and free shipping across the country. For recovery, you can choose between Standard Service, Expedite Service, Emergency Service, or Rush Service, according to your needs. Their cost depends on several variables, including complexity, duration, and components.

disk doctors in-lab services
Salient Feature
Affordability Their services are excellent and reasonable.

Part 3. How Much Does a Hard Drive Recovery Service Cost?

You can choose a more affordable option by comparing the costs of various data recovery services with your budget and anticipated expenses. The prices of the top ten data recovery services are listed below:

Data Recovery Service
Proh6lem Diagnosis and Evaluation
HDD Repair and Data Recovery
CBL Data Recovery Free, Rush Evaluation costs $500 $200-$900
Seagate In-Lab Recovery / $499-$2,000
Stellar Data Recovery Free $79.99 (Starting Price)
Ontrack Free evaluation in 4 hours Quotations depending on services
Gillware Free $500- $1200
Drivesavers Free $995(Starting Price)
Secure Data Free Starting from $1000
SalvageData Recovery LLC Free $200-$1400
WeRecoverData Free $1000 (Basic Plan),
$2,000 (Advanced Service)
Disk Doctors Free, Urgent Evaluation for $150 $240-$1200

The cost of services mentioned above depends on the data recovery process and evaluation you need. However, switching to a data recovery software that offers a free trial to manage your recovery expenses is a good idea.

Part 4. The Best Alternative to Hard Drive Recovery Service

You can't neglect the quality assurance & reliability associated with hard drive data recovery services, but the charges defined by such recovery service providers often seem a burden. Given such a high recovery cost, we suggest going for Recoverit software that works impressively even in its free version.

Key Features
Drive Recovery Recoverit helps you conveniently recover all the lost data of corrupted or damaged hard drives.
Enhanced Recovery The Enhanced Recovery feature is specially introduced to fix all the issues related to Video files and recover the videos.
Smart Scan The Smart Scan is an exclusive feature that performs a thorough scan and allows you to recover corrupted or reformatted partitions even.
Quick Repair The Recoverit makes it possible to repair corrupted videos within a few moments with its Quick Repair feature.

Operational steps:

Step 1: Initially, open the Recoverit application on your computer system.

wondershare recoverit application
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For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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For macOS X 10.10 or later

Step 2: Then Select a particular location or drive for Scanning.

select a location to start recovery

Step 3: Recoverit will dig out your lost files in the Scanning process.

scanning of hard drive

Step 4: Preview the recoverable files once the Scanning gets completed.

preview file in recoverit

Step 5: Now, you can select the particular files you need to recover and instantly click on the Recover button.


Easy-to-navigate interface

Multiple backup options

Efficient scanning process

Available in free version

Supports Windows & macOS


Larger files consume more time

The free version imposes data limitations in recovery

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10/8/7 Easily?


Due to the distinct nature of each data loss scenario, recovering data from a damaged, corrupted, or inaccessible drive can be challenging. However, professional recovery service providers know how to do that effectively. You can employ these data recovery services for desirable outcomes. They are adequately equipped and have a technologically advanced Cleanroom environment.

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For macOS X 10.10 or later