How to Recover Files from a Damaged USB Stick - All Scenarios Included

This is a complete guide on how to recover files from a damaged USB stick. It contains methods ideal for all error notification and tips to help avoid issues during the process.

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USB flash drives have aided the storage and transfer of data since they were first introduced. Today it is hard to imagine life without them as they have become indispensable. As effective as USB drives have become, we often encounter difficulties with their use. Problems like ejecting mass storage devices rare their heads from time to time. Does this mean that you should stop using USB drives altogether? You don't have to stop its use for any reason. There are ways to address the issue and we will show you how in this article.

Overview of the Error

An ejecting flash drive issue may occur if you click the remove media button or the Eject option. Many frequent users of USB devices encounter this type of problem and for the most part, many of them don't know what to do about it. This  problem reveals itself in multiple ways such as

What these errors mean is that the device is currently in use and your PC cannot remove it safely. When you receive such a message, your system is prompting you to stop all actions before removing the storage device. This is a common problem that occurs because your files located in the USB storage are still open and in use by other programs. It may also because it is being accessed by your operating system software. To protect the device from damage, your system will stop eject actions and reveal to you a "Problem ejecting USB mass Storage Device" Error.

problem ejecting usb mass storage device

However, if you brutally unplug the USB drive without safely eject it, it is very possible that your data or even the flash drive would be damaged. Therefore, it is important to learn how to fix an ejecting USB drive error, and how to recover data from your flash drive.

How Easy to fix the problem of an ejecting USB storage Device error

Here we provide you with 9 solutions:

Solution 1 - Close All Opened Files and Programs on Computer

The first step you should take to fix this " can t eject usb device currently in use" is to check if all files and programs on Windows 10 computer are closed, if not, close all of them, and try again to see if the USB can be safely removed. You can also right-click a blank area on desktop screen and select Refresh, and then try to eject the USB drive again.

Solution 2 - Safely unplug a removable device

If you forcefully eject your USB drive without the safe mode you may just kiss your data goodbye because your data may get corrupted or go missing. If the Remove hardware icon is giving a warning that loss may occur, follow these steps to safely unplug it.

pick the Device you wish to eject

Solution 3 - Eject USB Mass Storage Device through This PC

You can change to another way to eject the USB device, namely, through This PC.

You can click This PC and find the target external USB device, right-click it and select Eject option.

If this doesn’t work and it still pops up the Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device error message, then you should try other ways in this post to fix this issue.

Solution 4 - Eject USB device in Device Manager

Your Device Driver lets you manage USB drives that are connected to your computer. You can also use it to eject a USB drive. See how to do this below

remove the flash drive from your pc

Solution 5 - Removable Storage in Disk Management

Management is also helpful in Windows computers. It manages the external drives and disks inserted into the system. If you are a Windows 10,8 or 7, you can use it to eject a USB flash drive. This is practical to solve unable to eject external hard drive.

locate the drive you wish to eject and right-click to eject

Solution 6 - How to Safely eject your device

Here are three simple steps to remove your device safely. You can use any of the steps that work well for you.

Solution 7 - Check the unclosed files or programs

Once you encounter a "problem ejecting mass storage device" error, the first thing you should is to check to see if there are any files or programs still running. Be certain that you have closed the files or programs on your storage device, for that makes windows won t eject usb drive.

Check the Taskbar to see if there are any programs running or open files. Pay close attention to combined task buttons as they may be hiding an open file that you may not be aware of.

If there are no active files or programs, check the processes running in the background with the Task Manager.

Some processes play very crucial roles in your PC and closing them causes problems. If you are not sure about this step, please skip it to avoid causing another problem.

click an empty space and select task manager

right-click on the process and select end task to close it

Solution 8 - Sign out and log on your system

Applications and processes accessing your USB drive may cause can't eject external drive and if you do not know how to close them the problem will persist. Signing out of your system is a clever way to shut them down. There are different ways to sign out of different Windows

click your start button and then the shutdown button

select account and click sign out

After you have signed out, sign onto the account again and attempt to eject the storage device. You will most likely not see this error again.

Solution 9 - Restart your computer

If all other steps fail, restarting your computer maybe your best option. A comprehensive Restart will automatically close all running programs so you can eject your USB device once the system comes back on.

As can be seen from this article, there are so many ways to fix an ejecting USB mass storage device error. All the methods and steps listed are effective but you can stick to anyone that works well for you.

Recover Data from Damaged USB Flash Drive

Like we said in the beginning, if you have unplugged the USB drive brutally without safely ejecting it, it is possible that your data could be corrupted. In this section we are introducing the solution to recover your data and files from the corrupted USB flash drive.

1. Recover Files from USB Drive

Before formatting the USB drive, we strongly recommend you to get data off the broken USB drive, as recovering data after formatting is significantly harder. To do so, you can try data recovery software such as Recoverit, which is ideal for recovering lost data on any storage device, and useful in repairing corrupted files. Below are the steps on how to recover files from a damaged USB stick using the software.

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Step 1 – Connect Your USB Drive and Start the Process

Step 2 - Preview and Recover the Files
After completing the process, a pop-up notification will show the files recovered.

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