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How to Recover Data from Xbox One Hard Drive

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

"Hey guys, you know what? I can't find my saved games on Xbox One. They are deleted and lost after updating to the latest version. I need to know how to recover the lost games saved on Xbox One. I don't want to start over. Help!"

If you have lost the saved data from your Xbox One hard drive and now looking for the answer regarding how to recover your Xbox One account or how to replace your Xbox One hard drive, then this article is going to help you get all your answers along with specific solutions for recovering and saving the lost data from Xbox one hard drive.

Most of the time, the main issue behind the lost data from Xbox One hard drive is the hard drive itself. Due to one or another reason Xbox One external hard drive problems you can lose your saved games and other related data. Now how to recover Xbox One account when Xbox One external hard drive stopped working, the only way out is to stop using the hard drive until you retrieve all the lost data. Overwriting of data will make it impossible to recover the data lost recently. Appropriate usage of consoles will assure about no adverse mechanical damage and it will help to get back the data. Once you recover the data, avoid overwriting i.e. save it to a new location, and create a backup to avoid any issue in the future. This article is going to explain the cases in which you lose data from Xbox One hard drive, hard drive failures, and appropriate solutions for recovering the data. Here are the topics:

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Part 1: Cases: Lost Saves on Xbox One Hard Drive

If you are dealing with Xbox One external hard drive problems just because the Xbox One external hard drive stopped working, then you might also face data loss on the go. Now the point is if you can save the lost data from a hard drive, yes! of course! Lost data recovery from Xbox One hard drive is possible. So if you planning to play a game that was previously lost, you can recover it and enjoy it. Here are some of the cases in which you can lose your data from the Xbox One hard drive.

Case 1: Accidentally deleted saved game:

While playing a game, sometimes due to personal error, one deletes the saved game on a hard drive. This is purely a human error in which accidentally you click on the delete option rather than pressing the save option.

Case 2: Saved file deleted from Xbox One:

In case of a faulty hard drive, any technical error, or a virus, the data can be deleted from the Xbox One which is a point of concern. Look for the actual reason behind data deletion, fix it, and recover the lost data that can work.

Case 3: Formatted external hard drive via Xbox One:

Accidental formatting of the external hard drive or intentional formatting to wipe off the virus can lead to data loss from Xbox One hard drive.

All these cases lead to data loss which is then retrieved either by using a third-party solution or a manual technique of reinstallation.

Part 2: What Are Signs of Xbox One Hard Drive Failure?

After the data loss scenarios related to Xbox One hard drive, it’s time to discuss the signs of Xbox One hard drive failure that leads to the data loss. Here are some of those signs that warn about data loss:

1- Hard drive not detected

The hard drive is not detected as the common cause behind the data loss from Xbox One hard drive. It may be due to a faulty connection with the device in case of an external hard drive. For the local hard drive, it may be due to bad data lines or a lack of drive letters. All these factors result in the hard drive not responding. In case your device shows up as ‘hard drive not responding’, it’s time to replace it with a new functional one.

2- Abnormal sound

If you hear strange noises from Xbox connected to the external hard drive, it is a clear warning that your hard drive is facing a failure to function normally. Any sound liking beeping, and clicking are the symptoms. If you hear such noises, you should immediately create a backup for your data to save it from any loss.

3- Constant freeze

Another common sign is the hard drive freezing while performing any commanded task. While playing the game on Xbox One, when the device freezes frequently or gets slow in progress, the reason is a bad hard drive. Replacing the hard drive is the only option to keep things going smoothly. Before replacing do create a backup to avoid any data loss.

4- Corrupted/missing files

File corruption often leads to faults in the hard drive. Any file or folder saved on the hard drive if gets corrupted due to a virus or malware attack will affect the hard drive which in turn may lead to data loss. Apart from viruses or malware corrupting the files, the name of the file and folder can also get corrupted/scrambled which can aggravate the problem.

5- A longer time to open files/folders

As soon as you click on a particular file, it is immediately opened. In case of a faulty hard drive, the files or folders saved on the Xbox One will take a little longer time to open which is a warning that the faulty drive can lead you to data loss.

6- bad sectors

Bad sectors on the hard drive are also one of the top issues making the hard drive faulty. It can make Xbox One hard drive slow. Running a manual scan for checking the errors may help to expose the cause.

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted/Lost Xbox One Saved Game Files?

By any means, if you happen to lose your data from your Xbox One hard drive, you need to retrieve the data. You must be wondering about how to recover your Xbox One account and get back your data, then here are two of the quick solutions serving your pursuit to the utmost.

1. Recover Deleted/Lost Xbox One Game Files with Recoverit

Using third-party backup and recovery software is a good option. Recoverit data backup and recovery software is one of the best third-party application solutions that can help you to retrieve the saved data on an Xbox One hard drive that is lost or deleted due to a faulty hard drive. The following are the steps by which you can restore the deleted/lost data. Download and launch the software on your device and make sure the Xbox One hard drive is connected to the device and is recognized properly as a hard drive.

Step 1: Recovering data from the hard drive, select the option of External Device Recover.

external device recovery

Step 2: Now select the connected Xbox One hard drive from the list of drives and click start to continue.

Step 3: Select the option of All-round recovery for deep scanning.

operations during scanning

Step 4: Preview the recovered files and click recovery to restore them on the device.

preview recovered photos

2. Re-Download Deleted Xbox One Games Manually

Another way to deal with the recovery of deleted/lost data from an Xbox One hard drive is to re-download deleted Xbox One games manually. Reinstalling them back on the hard drive is a simple solution. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the Xbox app and in the main menu select the option of Settings.

Step 2: In settings, click on the account and then on download history. This will show the list of downloaded games.

Step 3: Select the games you want to re-install and click the option of download again.

Once the process of downloading is completed, all the games will be available for playing on Xbox One.

Due to a faulty hard drive or hard drive not responding issue of Xbox One, you can face data loss. The faulty Xbox One hard drive will show particular signs before ending up in data loss. All you have to do is keenly check the signs and create a backup for avoiding data loss. Replacing the hard drive is the only option. In case you happen to lose your data from your Xbox One hard drive, third-party application software can restore the deleted or lost data saved on your Xbox One or you can simply reinstall the deleted games.

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