How to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working/Recognized

Are you failing to view your Toshiba external hard drive? Learn how to fix Toshiba external hard drive not working here. Also, learn the ways to recover data with Recoverit.

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Last night while working on my computer, it suddenly got shut down because of power off. Since then, it does not recognize the hard drive. Can anyone help how to fix Toshiba external hard drive not working?

Sounds like you? Don’t worry! Whether you are working with your old external hard drive or plugging a new one, there is a possibility that the drive fails to show up. Many of us experience it one time or another. It can be due to upgraded Window, corrupted drive, unsuccessful connection, etc. the reason can be any. This article will help you to fix Toshiba external hard drive, not working. We will also introduce you to the reasons that cause Toshiba hard disk not detected/recognized, data recovery with Recoverit and how to use the Toshiba hard drive.

Part 1- Can You Fix an External Hard Drive?

Yes! The external hard drive that becomes unrecognizable by your computer can surely be fixed. But before learning the troubleshooting methods, let’s first understand what non-working hard drive means and the reasons that make it non-working.

What does Toshiba external hard drive, not working or recognized mean?

You connect the external hard drive to your computer or laptop, and you get a message “USB device not recognized.” When you come across such messages, you are not able to view your external hard drive on your computer. Sometimes you even hear the connection sound, but when you look it up in your computer, nothing show’s up because the AutoPlay doesn’t run.

Why Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working/Recognized?

The possible reasons for Toshiba hard drive not working can be:

Closing Words

Working on the external hard drives is very beneficial as the portables drive allows you to work at your comfort at any place. However, the disk can become inaccessible on Windows or Mac computers because of various reasons. So, the next time whenever your Toshiba external hard drive becomes non-working or unrecognizable by your computer, try fixing it with the methods discussed above.

It is necessary to always take a backup before trying any repair steps. Somehow if you are unable to have a backup and your files got lost during the disk repair, recover your lost information with three easy steps of Recoverit.

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