How to Recover Lost/Deleted Files from WD My Passport Hard Drive

Summary: Western Digital external hard drives, for example, WD My Passport, are preferred by many of us for data storage and backup due to the reliability and portability. Some WD My Passport problems might yet exist and cause data loss. In this post, we will walk you through how to retrieve files from WD Passport with the foremost WD data recovery software.

How Can I Recover My Data from My WD External Hard Drive?

"Hello, I have a WD My Passport hard drive and I had many photographs on it. Today I connected it with my computer, but I found nothing inside. The photos are really vital to me. I’m very eager to recover data from a WD My Passport hard drive. What can I do? Best Regards"

You can easily store a variety of files like documents and photos on a WD My Passport hard drive. However, they can be lost due to your mistaken deletion, formatted hard drive or even system errors and you would feel hard pressed to recover data from WD My Passport hard drive. Fortunately, you can still accomplish WD My Passport data recovery with qualified and secure hard drive recovery software.

Read on and get to know the best way of WD hard drive recovery. Some WD My Passport problems and simple solutions will also be listed to help you further protect the Western Digital external hard drive.

Part 1. The Best Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery Software

Recoverit Data Recovery is a reliable and effective WD hard drive recovery tool. It can help you retrieve different types of files from WD My Passport hard drive or any other device. It supports any data loss scenarios, like deleted files recovery, formatted disk recovery, deleted/lost partition recovery, and virus attack. Also, Recoverit for Windows supports to create WinPE bootable media to help you recover data from crashed computer. So when your data gets lost from WD My Passport, calm down and resort to Recoverit WD Data Recovery. No matter how the data disappears, Recoverit can make it possible and easy to retrieve files from WD Passport in no time.

hard drive recovery

Your Safe & Reliable WD Data Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from WD My Passport hard drive effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

Part 2. How to Recover Data from WD My Passport Hard Drive

1. Video Guide: How to Recover Data from Western Digital External Hard Drive

To learn about the steps on recovering files from WD Passport, click the play button and watch the one-minute video. You can also turn to the following text-based guide to get data back in simple steps.

2. Text Tutorial: How to Retrieve Files from WD Passport

Get download and install Recoverit WD Data Recovery on your computer, launch it and follow the next steps to retrieve your data back. This WD recovery tool features two versions - Windows and Mac. Here, we take Recoverit for Windows. For Mac users, please get through the post: How to Recover Files from External Hard Drive on Mac.

  1. Select a data recovery mode.
  2. To recover data from WD My Passport hard drive, you should select the "External Devices Recovery" mode.

    select external devices recovery mode

  3. Connect WD My Passport.
  4. You should make sure the WD My Passport hard drive has been properly connected to and detected by your computer.

    Connect WD My Passport

  5. Select the WD hard drive.
  6. Please select the WD My Passport HD where you deleted or lost your files, and click "Start" to scan and search your files.

    select wd my passport hard drive

  7. Scan Your WD My Passport hard drive.
  8. It will start a quick scan to search lost files from WD hard drive. You can simply preview some recoverable files after the scan.

    scan WD My passport hd

  9. Deep Scan the WD My Passport HD.
  10. If you cannot find your files after the first scan, you can try the "All-Around Recovery" mode which deeply scans and searches more files from your hard drive.

    deep scan WD My passport hd

  11. Recover files from WD hard drive
  12. Finally, you can preview some recoverable files, filter the ones you want, and click "Recover" button to get your data back.
    Notes: To make the recovery successful, please do not save the recovered files back to your WD My Passport again.

    preview and recover data

Part 3. WD My Passport Problems & Easy Solutions

Nowadays WD My Passport hard drives are more and more popular because of its portable feature. Nevertheless, it can't be denied that we might meet with some WD My Passport problems when we frequently use it to store and back up data. The problems may partly include:

Now that we have known some problems with WD My Passport hard drive, the next questions may be what causes the problems and how to fix them.

Common causes

  • A bad or inadaptable power cable.
  • A failed USB port
  • Hard drive failure on PC
  • No enough power
  • WD My Passport hard drive damage

Simple solutions

  • Change a new and suitable power cable.
  • Connect WD My Passport to another USB or FireWire port.
  • Connect the WD external hard drive to a healthy computer.
  • Do not connect the drive through a USB hub.
  • Check if the hard drive shows up on Disk Management.

When you can not access WD My Passport hard drive and the data on it, do not fall into despair or spare no effort to search for data recovery services. These simple solutions can help you solve the WD My Passport problems more effortlessly and efficiently. By the way, what if data stored on the WD My Passport hard drive gets lost? Recoverit Data Recovery is your reliable friend. No matter what causes the data loss, you can always resort to this WD data recovery software to get your lost or deleted files back.

More Solutions to WD My Passport Problems:

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If your computer hard drive is not detected, solve it by means of the post: How to Troubleshoot a Hard Disk is not Detected.
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It must be a great pain to lose important pictures and files from WD My Passport hard drive. But thanks to WD data recovery software like Recoverit Data Recovery, it is easy to recover data from any storage devices. Exactly follow the simple steps mentioned above and you are able to recover data from WD My Passport in less than no time.

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