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28 HD Wallpapers for iPhone 6s/6/5s/5 Devices

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

HD wallpapers are some of the most highly sought-after wallpapers for iPhone users. Finding the best ones can however not be easy if you don't know where to look for. Below you will find some of the best HD wallpapers for iPhone 6s/6/5s/5. There is something here for you no matter what your taste in images may be.

1. Winter Hay Wallpaper

This one is for you if you are into nature. It captures an image of winter in the most beautiful way imaginable. It may be ideal for this time of year.

hd iphone wallpaper 01

2. Gorgeous Colourful Wallpaper

If you would rather not have an image, abstract wallpaper might be the right way to go. Some are colorful and brilliant such as this gorgeous one that can turn your phone into a work of art.

hd iphone wallpaper 02

3. Wing Leaves

This is another abstract work of art as the wallpaper of your iPhone. It is beautifully bold and likely to elicit reactions from anyone who sees it.

hd iphone wallpaper 03

4. Black and White Music

If you don't like colors and you want to keep your iPhone as simple as possible, this wallpaper is a good choice. Its simplicity is its beauty.

hd iphone wallpaper 04

5. Mac Factor

This HD wallpaper is simple in its design yet it invokes feelings of elegance and beauty. It is also great for those who don't want too much color.

hd iphone wallpaper 05

6. Flying Eagle

This wallpaper is not only beautiful but also spells power. It is a great image for your phone if you like animals particularly the power displayed by birds of prey.

hd iphone wallpaper 06

7. Cats and Dogs photos

This is a good choice if you prefer cute and cuddly over tough and powerful animals. Above all this image can be a good source of joy every time you turn on your iPhone.

hd iphone wallpaper 07

8. Water Tiger

The only way to describe this image is simply powerful. Choose this wallpaper if you admire animals that signify strength and power. No animal is quite like the tiger in that respect.

hd iphone wallpaper 08

9. Beautiful Building

This image invokes a feeling of romance and beauty. If you are into great architecture it is a good choice to have as a wallpaper.

hd iphone wallpaper 09

10. Rolls-Royce Phantom

This beautiful car is a great choice if you want to have a car as your wallpaper. It is the right choice for the obvious reasons not to mention that the image is beautiful

hd iphone wallpaper 10

11. The Little Girl and a Cute Little Bunny

This image will put a smile on your face. It is simply cute, to say the least, and the ideal choice for a pick-me-up type of wallpaper.

hd iphone wallpaper 11

12. White and Red

If you are into art but you also like simplicity. The White and Red is a great choice. It will make your phone pretty without too much clutter.

hd iphone wallpaper 12

13. Fireworks

Light up your iPhone with this impressive display of fireworks. It is a good choice for those looking to express their eccentricity.

hd iphone wallpaper 13

14. Red Rosebud

If you love flowers, this single rose creates a perfect way to include your love for flowers into everyday life. It is beautiful and expressive.

hd iphone wallpaper 14

15. Starbucks Coffee

Can't function without your morning brew? This wallpaper will keep your loved cup right in front of you at all times.

hd iphone wallpaper 15

16. Strawberry

Here's a great wallpaper that is beautiful and great for nature as well as food lovers. The single strawberry invokes a feeling of nature's produce.

hd iphone wallpaper 16

17. Funny Simpsons Wallpaper

This is a fun wallpaper to have. It could be the source of many laughs considering it represents the Simpsons'.

hd iphone wallpaper 17

18. Warcraft Game

This is the ideal wallpaper if you are an avid gamer and particularly a fan of this particular game. It is also quite an artistic image that would look great on your phone.

hd iphone wallpaper 18

19. Green Forest Road

This is ideal wallpaper for the nature lover. Its beauty is second to no other image we have seen so far.

hd iphone wallpaper 19

20. Snow Christmas

This might be a good choice in the holiday season. It captures the essence of Christmas in a breathtaking image.

hd iphone wallpaper 20

21. Hi-Tech Google

This great image is not only beautiful but thought-provoking. It is ideal if you like the futurism and high tech.


hd iphone wallpaper 21

22. Processor Hi-Tech

Here's the wallpaper that is also for the futuristic and hi-tech individuals. The details make the image beautiful.


hd iphone wallpaper 22

23. The Lion King

This wallpaper will come in handy for fans of this timeless classic. The image captures the story beautifully giving you a way to remember this amazing story.


hd iphone wallpaper 23

24. Maleficent

Wallpaper that will come in handy for lovers of this hugely popular film. The image is in itself beauty even if you don't like the movie.


hd iphone wallpaper 24

25. Wu-Tang

Hip Hop music lovers will no doubt appreciate this wallpaper. It is a great word-image of one of the best hip hop groups ever.


hd iphone wallpaper 25

26. Jimi Hendrix

An image of the legendary Jimi Hendrix may be the ideal wallpaper for those who consider themselves fans of his music.


hd iphone wallpaper 26

27. Microphone

This image of one of the most important aspects of the music world is a great wallpaper for music lovers. It is a representation of where the music comes from.


hd iphone wallpaper 27

28. The Galaxy Stars

If the heavens are intriguing to you, this wallpaper will look very beautiful on your phone while allowing you to remain in tune with the stars.


hd iphone wallpaper 28

29. Planet Earth

This wallpaper is an ideal image of the beauty that is the planet earth. It will look good on your phone as well as remind you of where you are.


hd iphone wallpaper 29

30. Snow Flake

This Macro image of a snowflake will be ideal during the holiday season. It is a reminder of the uniqueness found in nature.


hd iphone wallpaper 30

HD iPhone Wallpaper’s Size Guidelines

For iPhone 6/ 6s- get 1334 x 750 pixels wallpaper images

For iPhone 6 Plus- get 1920 x 1080 pixels wallpaper images

For iPhone 5/ 5S- get 1136 x 640 Pixels wallpaper images

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