How to Recover Photos from a SanDisk Memory Card

Here, you can get the easiest way to recover deleted photos from SanDisk SD card. Also, you can learn how to remove write protection from memory card before SanDisk recovery.

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How do I recover photos from my SanDisk?


"I accidentally deleted photos from the SanDisk SD card. What should I do to recover deleted photos?"
"Can I recover my photos and videos when my SanDisk memory card crashes, stops working or corrupts?"
"How do I recover photos from a SanDisk SD card that is written protected?"

If your photos stored on the SanDisk SD card got accidental deletion or became inaccessible due to crashed memory card, the data is not gone. You can easily get them back with a powerful memory card recovery, but make sure you did not save any new data and files on it. Otherwise, your lost data can be overwritten by new data.

Part 1. Recoverit Photo Recovery - The Best SanDisk SD Card Recovery Software

To recover deleted photos and videos from the SanDisk memory card, you indeed need a powerful and useful data retrieval tool. We recommend Recoverit Data Recovery. It is a trustworthy and mighty memory card recovery software to recover deleted, lost or formatted data from SanDisk SD card.

  • Recover deleted photos from the SanDisk SD memory card easily, effectively, safely, and completely.
  • Recover SanDisk Data due to accidental deletion, memory card formatting, virus attack, and device crash.
  • Recover all formats of photos from SanDisk SD Card with a 96% success rate and without any data damage.
  • Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.10 - macOS 13 (Ventura).

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Photos from SanDisk SD Card

With Recoverit SanDisk Recovery software, you're able to restore SD card photos promptly and professionally. Keep reading and instantly get the solution for SanDisk data recovery.

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2. How to Recover Deleted Pictures from SanDisk SD Card

Download and install Recoverit SanDisk Recovery software on your computer. The next solution will start recovering photos from the SanDisk SD card on a Windows computer.

If you are using Mac, you can follow the guide of how to recover data from formatted SD card on Mac.
If you find your data lost because of SD card corruption, you can also recover data from a damaged SD card with Recoverit.

Step 1. Select Your SanDisk Memory Card

  1. Firstly, please make sure your SanDisk memory card has been connected to and can be detected by the computer.
  2. Then, to recover deleted photo from SanDisk SD card, select the SD memory card and click "Start" button to start scanning data.

select sandisk memory card

Step 2. Scan Lost Photos on SanDisk SD Card

Recoverit SD Card Recovery software will start an all-around scan to search for lost photos from the SanDisk SD memory card.

scan sandisk memory card

Step 3. Preview and Recover Photos from SanDisk SD Card

After the scan, you can preview some recovered photos. Select your data and files and click "Recover" to save them all on your computer hard drive.

sandisk memory card recovery

Note: Don't save the recovered data on your original SanDisk memory card again. Find another place for it like your computer or another external disk to avoid data loss or overwriting.

Part 3. How to Remove Write Protection from Memory Card

There are so many causes that can result in your SanDisk SD card corruption or write protection. For example, bad sectors, file system crashes, and improper regular usage. Luckily, most of the time, you can do SanDisk SD card repair by yourself. Here are 2 ways that can help you fix a write-protected SD card easily.

To fix a corrupted SanDisk memory card, please turn to this page: SD Card Repair and Recovery, which provides you with many solutions for SanDisk SD card repair without third-party software or services.

Way 1. Unlock your SanDisk SD Card

To protect the SD card data against the virus attack, some memory cards come with a switch to lock the stored files. Once the switch is OFF, the SD card becomes write-protected on all connected devices.

The switch is usually made on the side of a SanDisk SD card. To remove the write protection and get data back, it is very easy. Just unlock it. If you don't find the switch on your SanDisk memory card, get another solution for SanDisk SD card repair.

Way 2. Use CMD to Remove Write Protection

  • Go to the Command Prompt by searching CMD on the Start Menu.
  • Type "diskpart", press Enter, input "list disk" and Enter.
  • Type "select disk 0" and hit Enter, while "0" refers to the drive letter of the SanDisk SD card.
  • Type "attributes disk clear readonly" and press Enter to remove the write protection.

In this way, you're able to disable the write protection of your SanDisk SD card on the computer. However, it might clear up all data stored on your SanDisk memory card, with the photos included. To get them back, you need a piece of memory card photo recovery software to help you. Recoverit Photo Recovery should be the first choice. It supports to recover different data types from any storage device in all situations. Download and try it for free now.

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