Solved: USB Flash Drives Showing 0 Bytes in Windows

Solved: USB Flash Drives Showing 0 Bytes in Windows

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Pen drive or USB flash drive; a chip size hardware device that helps us with various functionalities including saving, copying, and many more with our documents and other media files with a natural and secure connection. Along with the smart features of this drive, there comes a problematic state in which the user's pen drive showing 0 bytes size. 

Why Do USB Drives Showing 0 Bytes?

As we know USB flash drives undergo several connections with windows or other drives. You need to find out the reason first before going to fix that issue. While encounters usage, if your flash drive showing the wrong capacity, maybe it's due to numerous reasons but you don't need to go anywhere else as here we have already explained all these causes:

There may be an incursion of a virus to your USB drive:

USB drives are writable if your computer infected with a virus previously that results in virus intrusion to your USB flash drive.

For this purpose, repair your drive with an anti-malware software which detects and remove virus from your drive

Master Boot Record (MBR) may get damaged:

MBR is a record table that contains the piece of code required to boot start the drive. When a USB flash drive contracted virus effected computer, it causes MBR spoiled.

For this solution, you need to install MBR toolkit to fix the Master Boot Record problem of your flash drive showing 0 bytes

Your USB drive formatting process might have failed before:

The format procedure of the USB flash drive remained incomplete if you have canceled or terminated the process before. Hence resulting in USB 0 bytes cannot format

If you encountered this cause, simply go to the disk management system and format your USB flash drive from there.

Some bad sectors might present on the flash drive:

The recurring and often use of USB flash drive causes the drive to develop bad sectors which are neither readable nor writable portion on USB flash drive.

If your USB encounters bad sector problem, you need to fix it via command prompt by typing "chkdsk usb_drive: /r" here r indicates the letter of your USB flash drive assigned by the computer itself.

There might be physical damage to your USB flash drive:

This physical damage is also a bad sector on your drive which might be caused due to improper care of the USB flash drive or broken circuit of the inner flash drive.

If your drive gets broken or collaterally damaged then, unfortunately, you've to change that drive circuit board.

Power surge might cause USB flash drive showing 0 bytes:

A power abrupt of even a few nanoseconds could cause your USB flash drive irresponsive utterly. This is due to the critical circuit board of this tiny device which is designed for a specific power range. If that power range faces a drastic electrical spike while on running state, the circuit board gets short and becomes abnormal.

To avoid the power failure problem, use a power surge protector for your USB flash drive which avoids power spike to the drive.

Unplugging your device could also cause this problem:

After the USB drive usage completion, if you eject it without safely removing or following instructions of removing the drive from the computer, this can result in your usb flash drive showing 0 bytes

To avoid this problem while using a USB drive, you just need to follow protocols to eject the drive from your machine.

How to Fix USB Drives Showing 0 Bytes?

The solution of usb flash drive showing 0 bytes dilemma is solved and fixed here with full steps and pictorial representations. Hold On! before we forward you into the guaranteed solutions, you should recover your pen drive showing 0 bytes size lost data with a recommended and absolutely free Recoverit software available for Windows as well as for MacBook. Following are the proven solutions to fix your USB flash drive.

Solution 1. Format the USB Drive

The first solution to deal with this problem is formatting the USB drive which involves the following steps:

select usb

format usb

format uefi ntfs

select file system

select ntfs

select unit size

select volume label

check quick format

start formatting

After the successful completion of these steps. The problems might have fixed now. But if it's not, then head to the next step of this article.

Solution 2. Repair USB Drive

This solution gives you another way to fix the detectable USB flash drive to your PC. The steps involved in this solution are below:

select right usb

open the properties

open tool tab

error checking

eject usb

This solution should fix the problem with the USB flash drive. You can also try another method of repairing the USB drive as below steps:

Repair USB Drive Using Command Prompt Method

You can also fix your USB drive problem with the windows command prompt method which involves the following steps:

  1. Connect your USB flash drive with your computer and go to the Start menu icon in the taskbar.
  1. On the right side of the start menu icon, there is a search box. Click on it to type "cmd" in the box.

open cmd

  1. After pressing the Enter button, it should show up command prompt app options, from where you've to select Run as administrator

run cmd as administrator


  1. It should open up command prompt application with C:\Users\(your PC name)>

enter file path

  1. From there, you've to type chkdsk/X /f (Your USB flash drive letter):

This shall begin the windows default check on the USB flash drive and fix the file system of your drive with the message in command prompt application as: Windows has made corrections to the file system.

Solution 3. Use Command Prompt to Restore Data

If both of the above solutions don't provide you concerned solution to flash drive showing 0 bytes problem, here we provide you another solution to fix this dilemma.

Command prompt (CMD) of windows is applicable to providing you the recovered files from external devices after the Recycle Bin of windows clear the deleted files from the computer. The steps involved in this solution are briefed below:

Step 1 Connect your USB flash drive to the computer and go to the start menu.

Step 2 Near the start menu, click on the search box to type cmd and hit Enter from the keyboard.

Step 3 Under the program Command Prompt, select the option "Run as administrator".

Step 4 It requires your permission to open cmd.exe, allow administrator access.

Step 5 Continuing the typing sequence of command prompt window, type the following:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d (USB Drive letter):\*.*

Step 6 Hit the Enter button to start recovering your USB drive files automatically.

After completing all these steps, the Windows process will get completed after a while with lost files restored on your USB drive.

Solution 4. Use Recoverit to Recover Data

As by come about. all of the above solutions didn't provide you with the solution of this fix, do not get panic as we brought you the best solution of data recovery from USB flash drive using this considerable and user-friendly software Recoverit.  

Recoverit is the best available data recovery software available to be download for absolutely free.

For Windows PC, download it from here:

For MacBook OS, Download this software from here:


By using Recoverit, you can recover numerous types of files from your USB flash drive. By following these steps which we have made easy for you to go after. These steps are below:

1. Installing Recoverit:

Download and Install Recoverit Software using the link above. The installation process is explained hereby:

2. Storage Drive Selection:

  For this step, all you have to do is:

external drive recovery


3. Search or Navigate

This step involves selecting the files to be recovered using Recoverit.

scan external drive completed

select files to recover


The above article assists you in a situation like above where you encounter a difficult problem which is so irritating while using the tiny but useful USB drive. This article brings you different scenario solutions to master with this problematic scenario. It also encourages you with the best data recovery software Recoverit aspects.

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