How to fix Disable USB Selective Suspend on Windows 10?

How to Fix Disable USB Selective Suspend on Windows 10

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If an error message keeps popping up on your screen signifying that your USB is not recognized you will not be able to use it to retrieve or to access data. This error may also drain power from your computer faster than normal. If you are one of the numerous users who have had to deal with this problem it will interest you to know that it is a problem caused by the USB Suspend feature. Take our carefully curated solutions to heart to address the problem whenever it occurs again.

What is USB Selective Suspend?

This is a feature that only works on USB devices that are connected to a computer. Since devices are not active round the clock,  Windows will place a port that is not in use on low power to save battery life. The feature also prevents data loss and driver corruption. What it does is to make more power available to you as you perform other tasks for a much longer period. Suspend features are activated by enabling Keyboard/Mouse Wake option in the BIOS setting so to correct an error related to USB Selective Suspend on Windows 10 you will have to tweak a few options under this category.

Why Disable USB Selective Suspend or enable it?

Many users of USB drives often argue as to the importance of enabling a Selective Suspend feature. When faced with this error you will be tempted to disable it entirely but is it the right thing to do? There are arguments for and against it.

Should I enable it?

Enabling the Suspend feature helps you save a lot of battery power. If you have had issues with external drives in the past it is advisable to leave the feature on.

Should I disable it?

Disabling it has its risk such as a quick drain of your PC's battery life but for safety reasons make sure you have your PC plugged to a power source when it is on to preserve your battery life.

On a personal note, the Selective Suspend has little to offer Desktop users because this computer type is always plugged to a power source when in use. So the question of whether to switch off or keep the feature on should not even arise.

How to Disable Windows 10 USB selective Suspend setting?

To Disable Windows 10 Selective Suspend Setting follow these simple steps

If disabling the feature doesn't help you resolve your unrecognizable USB device consider updating your driver either manually or automatically.

To manually update your drivers go to your Device Manager or visit the website of your PC manufacturer to search for compatible drivers for your system. When you find it, install it manually.

For an automatic update, download a driver update program online and launch it. The program will scan for faulty, missing, or outdated drivers on your system then install an updated one in its place. These actions can make your USB drive recognizable again.

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