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26 Cool Wallpapers for Android Phone

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Changing your Android phone's wallpaper is the most basic customization you can do for yourself. While some people change their wallpapers once occasionally, some people change it every other day. No matter what your habits are, having a cool wallpaper for Android is always a good thing. We took the challenge to find the 26 cool wallpapers for Android phones that are out there on the net. Also, with an Android phone, you can crop a larger image to fit your Android phone's screen.

How to Transfer Downloaded Free Android Wallpapers from PC to Android Devices?

TunesGo Android Transfer could help you transfer downloaded 3d wallpapers on PC to Android easily.

Steps to transfer wallpapers downloaded from PC to Android devices

Step 1 Download and install TunesGo Android Transfer and connect your Android to PC or Mac via USB cable.

Step 2 Transfer wallpapers downloaded from PC to Android.

Find and click the "Photos" tab, then click Add and then select Add File or Add Folder to add 3D wallpapers downloaded from your computer to Android.

Step 3 Change your Android wallpaper.


26 Cool Wallpapers for Android Phones

Ride into The Sunset

Instead of trusty stead, riding a motorcycle into the setting sun is a modern take of a classic. Plus, how cool is it to look at the never-ending dirt road?

android wallpaper

640 x 960

Source: Mobiles Wall

Raving Crowd

There is nothing cooler than wild raves. Here is a cool wallpaper to take you to that moment where your adrenaline is pumping.

android wallpaper 02

640 x 960

Source: Mobiles Wall

Catch "˜Em All

Pokemon fans would love this cool wallpaper for Android all you need to do is just center the image on your phone screen.

android wallpaper 03

2560 x 1600

Source: Wallpaper Cave

Pokeball Death Star

Tell me this is there anything cooler than a Death Star designed like a Pokeball? Perfect mashup, no?

android wallpaper 04

1680 x 1080

Source: Wallpaper Cave

Batman Profile

Batman's silhouette is probably one of the most recognized in the world, fiction or otherwise. It's simple and angular profile brings up the notion that justice and compassion are cool.

android wallpaper 05

1440 x 2560

Source: AdaptiveMicro

King of Pop

Are you still upset about the demise of the King of Pop? Revive his memory with this cool wallpaper for Android.

android wallpaper 06

1080 x 1920

Source: Android Walls

From Up Here

Do you have a wanderlust for space travel? It is super expensive, but this wallpaper is free for you to stare at.

android wallpaper 07

1080 x 1920

Source: Google Nexus Wallpaper

Splash of Colours

How cool is this wallpaper? You can see droplets of colored water caused by the splash it is oddly mesmerizing.

android wallpaper 08

1080 x 1920

Source: Android Walls

Mario x Yoshi

Nostalgia is very powerful. Having a cool spin on childhood memory is awesome.

android wallpaper 09

1080 x 1920

Source: Fans Share

Mad Cat

Having a cool quote will instantly perk up your phone's screen. It instantly tells people who you are as an individual and what you stand for.

android wallpaper 10

1080 x 960

Source: Wallpaper Mobile

Suit Up!

Like Barney Stinson says "Suit Up!" is cool and awesome. What better way to spruce up your phone screen other than a suit for a wallpaper.

android wallpaper 11

1080 x 1920

Source: Hapehatelo


How cool is Merida's fiery red curls against the cool color scheme of the rest of the image?

android wallpaper 12

1080 x 1920

Source: Wallpaper Awesome

Amber Horizon

Any part of this wide wallpaper is great to make a cool wallpaper for Android yourself. The amber sky in the background casts an awesome glow across the city.

android wallpaper 13

1600 x 1000

Source: Wallpaper HD Base

Touched by Aurora

Not many of us are lucky to see the aurora borealis let alone, the chance to gaze upon it more than once. Having it on your Android phone's screen is not only cool but reminds you of the awe that you experienced.

android wallpaper 14

1600 x 900

Source: HD Wallpapers Lovely

Ethereal Forest

Step into a dreamlike world by just looking at this wallpaper. Even though it is not specifically made for an Android phone, the resolution will allow most Android phone models to use it.

android wallpaper 15

640 x 960

Source: HD iPhone Wallpaper

Adventure Time

Is there anything cooler than "˜Adventure Time'? If it is not, no adults would covet merchandise from this successful animated series. The good news is that this wallpaper is free.

android wallpaper 16

533 x 800

Source: DozTech

Deciduous Animals

This graphic designer created this cool artwork by using flora to recreate fauna. There is a whole series that you can pick from.

android wallpaper 17

750 x 977

Source: Sergey Kovalenko


It looks like stylized facial hair will stay cool for the next couple of years. If you cannot grow your own, have a digital one on your phone.

android wallpaper 18

750 x 1334

Source: DarkRose-chan

Get Your Eyes Checked

This is probably not only cool but useful. You can just use it as an impromptu tool to quickly check your eyes before deciding to go to the optometrist.

android wallpaper 19

640 x 960

Source: HD iPhone Wallpapers

Walking Bones

We do not recommend a dynamic wallpaper because even though it is a cool wallpaper for Android, it does drain your battery. Regardless, how cool is this walking skeleton?

android wallpaper 20

480 x 800

Source: Tech Age Site

Cool Dragon

Dragons are cool. Dragons wearing sick armors are beyond cool.

android wallpaper 21

640 x 960

Source: Mobiles Wall

Sad Icon

Nothing cements your reputation as a cool cat as a current reference to popular culture.

android wallpaper 22

480 x 640

Source: Brothersoft

Cool Chill

Here is why this wallpaper is cool: 1) it shows your interest, and 2) it tell other people a lot about you without being too "˜loud' with a statement.

android wallpaper 23

640 x 960

Source: Mobiles Wall

Yellow Posse

The coolest dudes in the animation world seem to have yellowish complexion!

android wallpaper 24

640 x 960

Source: Mobiles Wall

Dead or Alive

The semi-realistic artwork of this character from the game "˜Dead or Alive' is very impressive. My brother's first reaction was "cool!"

android wallpaper 25

640 x 960

Source: Mobiles Wall


Fireworks are cool by themselves. That is why it is featured in every major celebration holiday. It is not too late to start your new year with beautiful fireworks even if it is just on your phone's screen.

android wallpaper 26

640 x 960

Source: Mobiles Wall

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