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How to Recover Files from a Dead SD Card

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

When your small SD card stops working or starts showing some error messages then you can simply assume that your SD card has been damaged or dead. And when this happened with you, then you certainly realize that your data has been lost which was stored in your Dead SD card. As far as one knows, it's not easy to recover your lost data from a dead SD card but it is not impossible either. The recovery of data majorly depends upon the reason for which the data has been lost. Here you can read the complete details about the reasons of data loss as well as about the recovery options from dead SD cards.

recovering data from dead sd card

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Part 1: Signs of a Dead SD Card

There are basically two categories by which you can say that your SD card is destroyed or corrupted. The first category falls under external damage and the other one is internal. So on the basis of these two categories; one can decide the exact reason for your data loss because this is exactly what we need to recover data from dead SD cards. Read the content below to find out your reason.

Physically damaged SD cards:

You can categorize this easily by reading the name. When a SD card is materially damaged or or you can say little crashed from outside then you can observe that your SD card is physically damaged. This damage will complicate or sometimes stop its working.

Further, there could be many visible signs by which you can recognize that your SD card has been physically damaged like when the pins of your SD card are worn out or the flash memory chip has been crashed or sometimes even the plastic body has been damaged due to some reason. And if it has happened with you then sadly I have to say that a physically damaged SD card is typically not possible. That is why it has always been suggested to place your SD cards in a careful manner.

physically damaged sd card

Logically Damaged SD Cards:

When your SD card is internally damaged and stops working due to this reason then you can say your card is logically damaged. This damage particularly relates with your system files which are stored in your SD card. So when this damage takes place in your SD card, then you often lose your saved files in it. Here if you want to confirm whether your SD card is logically damaged then you can check if there is any error message showing on your device about your SD card. If yes, then your card is surely damaged. Further, is there any missing files from your SD card then there are chances that your card has been damaged.

But the good news is these lost files can be further recovered which have been lost due to SD card corruption. Here if you are not able to detect your files in your device then you still don’t need to worry because the logically lost data can be restored in your device with the help of recovery software. These kinds of software will typically analyze your SD card in every detailed manner and will dig out the lost files from your almost dead SD card.

logically damaged sd card

Part 2: Recover files from a dead SD card with Data Recovery Software

As we have mentioned above, your SD card data can be restored only if it has been logically destroyed but the files lost in a physically damaged card cannot be recovered. Now for recovering your SD card data, you can smartly choose software which can support all types of file formats which you need to recover. Here you can choose ‘Recoverit’ software for your damaged sd card which will help you in recovering all your files in three easy steps.

Use Wondershare Recoverit:

The Wondershare ‘Recoverit’ software will support you in recovering all your lost files in any kind of device which you are using currently. Further, whatever be your logically data lost scenario, you still can recover your files using “Recoverit''.

Let’s discuss how to install ‘Recoverit’ software in different devices and how you can recover your files using Wondershare Recoverit:

Recoverit for Windows:

When you are using Windows, you can easily recover your damaged SD card within three quick steps. But before that you need to launch ‘Recoverit’ software in your system and for that you can follow given steps:

Steps to Recover SD card files on Windows PC:

If you have already downloaded the ‘Recoverit’ software on your pc, then you are ready to follow the given steps for recovering your files from damaged SD card:

Step 1. Select your Card:

Firstly, connect your SD card with your computer. Now open the ‘Recoverit’ software and choose your card.

selecting your sd card in recoverit in windows pc

Step 2. Scan and Search:

In this step, your data will be scanned by ‘Recoverit’ software which has been lost.

scanning lost files using recoverit

Step 3. Preview and Recover:

When the scanning procedure is being finished, then you can simply preview your files which are recovered by ‘Recoverit’ software. Now you can choose the ‘Recover’ button in blue for getting back all your files.

previewing and recovering files using Recoverit

Part 4: Things You Need to Pay Attention to Recover Data off dead SD Card

The Wondershare Recoverit software is very easy to install and smooth to recover all kinds of lost files in any device. But here you need to keep few things in your mind while while recovering your dead SD cards which are given below:

1. Stop performing any operation on the dead SD card:

When you realize your SD card is almost dead, you will start seeing some fixing recommendations on your screen where you have inserted your card. Don’t ever try to click on these messages for fixing your card until and unless you recover your lost files otherwise you may lose your data permanently.

2. Do not let the SD card suffer physical damage:

People often remove their SD cards from their devices when they find that the card has been corrupted. Removing your card from your device is not wrong, but here you need to keep this card in a very safe place so that it couldn't be damaged further externally.

3. Do not save the recovered files to dead SD card:

If you have recovered all your files from the dead SD card then never copy again all those recovered files on the same card as you may lose your data again.

Part 5: Tips to Fix Dead SD Card

If your SD card is physically damaged then you cannot fix this at all. But if you believe that your card is crashed internally then you can fix it by following ways:

#Situation 1. If your SD Card is being detected:

When you are able to locate your SD card after connecting it with your personal computer, this means your card is not much damaged so it can be easily fixed.

Your operating system will then start scanning your card completely and fix the errors on it’s own.

fixing dead sd card on computer

#Situation 2. If your SD Card is not being detected:

If you are not able to detect your SD card while it’s connected to your computer then you can analyze that the damage is more. Here you need to try the other way. For this:

Here you can see the list of external drives connected or installed in your system. Now if you find your damaged SD card here, it means you still have the chance to fix your card. Here you can follow the same above given steps for fixing your damaged SD card.

But if you didn’t find your card in Disk Management, then it means your card is completely dead and cannot be fixed at all.

detecting damaged sd card in disk management in computer

The Bottom Line (Conclusion)

The SD cards are considered as the best external memory device for saving your data as these are very small in size so they can be carried very easily. But great comfort also comes with great responsibility. As the SD cards come in very small sizes, they carry the highest risk of missing out. Further, they can be physically damaged very easily if not placed safely. Apart from this, an SD card can also be damaged internally by which you may lose all your files and folders which have been saved on this card. The files lost in internal damage can be recovered but could not be recovered in external damage.

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