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Different Types of Flash Drives

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Each flash drive is differentiated based on the service it provides. The types of flash drives available in the market are offering people a lot to choose from. While some flash drives may be classified according to the services they offer, there is also an underlying need to understand the functionality of each of them. The utility is not the only factor that must be evaluated while choosing a flash drive. Below, we list the different types of flash drives that users can procure from the market.

Part 1: Different Types of Flash Drives

Firstly, we take a look at the types of flash drives that are different due to their functionality.

    1. Standard Drives: For the ones who are looking for maximum capacity at a minimum price, standard flash drives are the best option to choose. Offering a wide range of variants, they offer users a lot of storage options to choose from. They come along plastic cases and use the least expensive control circuitry. This makes them slow without offering much durability. However, not many users care for speed and therefore have no problem buying this flash drive type. The storage capacity can be as much as 256GB.

Flash Drives 1

    1. Higher Performance Drives: This type of drive appeals to the users who want enhanced performance from their USB Flash drive. High-Performance Drives usually cost more and cater to the professional sector. The data transfer speed is enhanced with USB 3.0 connectivity. They also use stronger shock-resistant materials and other accessories which helps them to withstand extreme weather conditions. This also leads to increased read and write cycles, sometimes as many as 100,000. When it comes to critical data storage and more reliability, these higher performance drives are preferred.

Flash Drives 2

    1. Secure Pen Drives: The digital age has opened room for hacking and unrestricted access to private data which leaves many users worried about their data. This is why the market has been flooded with secure pen drives. There is additional on-board hardware to restrict access to the data stored on the drive. Corporations and governments tend to employ these pen drives for their internal transfers. Conforming to Federal Information Processing Standards, they require necessary login for data access along with encryption of the data stored which prevents stealing or unrestricted access

Flash Drives 3

    1. Windows to Go Pen Drives: For the ones who like to carry their Operating Systems alongside, these Windows to Go Pen Drives are made for the use with an advanced feature of the Enterprise Edition of Microsoft Windows 8, which is also known as Windows to Go. Allowing a system administrator in the corporate sector to create a bootable system flash drive which allows a remote machine to resemble the look and feel of a personal computer. Flash drives that work with "˜Windows to Go" come with the ideal tech specifications.

Flash Drives 4

    1. Music Flash Drive: Specially designed for the professionals in the music industry, these pen drives cater to the ones who like to carry their music on-the-go. These pen drives come along with pre-installed software applications that help run the music. Therefore, the next time you wish to have a plug-n-play option with your flash drive, go for these music flash drives that offer great space, better data transfer speed, and most importantly, sufficient durability.

Flash Drives 5

Now we look at the types of flash drives that are different due to their appearance.

6. Novelty Flash Drives: Many flash drives look different as their production is based upon a certain theme. For instance, the market is flooded with flash drives that look like a superhero from the comics, your favorite alien from the TV show, an animal, or is even customized. These pen drives appeal to people of different age groups, particularly children. Visit the annual Comic-Con and you shall come across numerous Novelty Flash Drives. While these carry the functionalities of the standard pen drives, they lack the specs that are within the secured and high-performance flash drives.

Flash Drives 6

7. Credit Card Flash Drives: For the ones who like to make a statement with their work samples, Credit Card Flash drive types are recommended. While they are very basic in functionality and operations, they are available in numerous variants, ranging from 128MB to 32GB. These types of flash drives are employed by businesses across the world, which carry their work samples along with their business credentials. People like to get innovative with the customization of a Credit Card Flash drive, often using their photos, their work trademarks, and images of their favorite TV characters on the Credit Card Flash Drive

Flash Drives 7

8. Keychain USB Flash Drives: Are you wary of who uses your data but cannot afford a secured pen drive? Keychain USB Flash Drives are flooding the market as they offer the users the freedom to have their keys and USB flash drive together. This type of flash drive comes with the functionality of a standard pen drive and allows users to carry out the basic functions. These flash drives must be taken care of as they are at risk of being exposed to harsh conditions. People who invest in Keychain USB Flash Drives don't have to spend a fortune to get their storage option going!

Flash Drives 8

Here we have listed the types of Flash Drives. While the USB Flash drive continues to expand each day with more and more customizations entering the market, people do have the option to customize their pen drive. Customization of pen drive doesn't cost much, but alongside, one should also grow cautious of the firms that make false promises on pen drive customizations.

Every time you buy a customized pen drive, make sure you buy it from an authorized or trusted retailer and verify the storage space.

Part-2: How to Recover Lost Data from Flash Drive

Sometime, the data from the flash drive will be deleted by mistake. With wrong protection of flash drive will be damaged and inaccessible data. Under these circumstances, you will need a flash drive data recovery to retrieve you lost data from a flash drive.

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