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Free Micro SD Card Data Recovery Made Easy

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

Micro SD card is one of the most used storage for mobiles and even other devices such as mp4 players. Some options provide you with the option of micro SD card recovery online for free. This will also make sure that the data that has been lost is recovered without any issue and trouble. This article will lead you through the processes and tips that will make the data recovery from SD quite handy.

Part 1: What is a Micro SD Card?

A secure digital or SD card or Micro SD card is removable storage. It can easily be used to extend the main storage of devices such as mobile phones or portable devices such as mp3 players. It is one of the most used storage devices in the world and therefore much used as well. Before the SD cards, multimedia cards were used as storage devices. This particular storage was introduced in 1999 as a joint venture. Three of the top companies in the world at that time joined hands to make sure that the best is provided to the customers. As a result, another company was also founded in 2000. This was a nonprofit organization that was aimed at promoting the SD card.

Features of the storage

Micro SD cards have come a long way to make sure that the best and the most advanced storage is provided to the users. The features of the SD card are included.

Write-protect notch

This notch or button is used to make sure that the users get the authority to protect the card from being filled altogether. This notch is also used to make sure that unauthorized use does not take place.

Password protection

SanDisk and Toshiba have launched cards that are password protected. It also means that the best cards cannot be used without the permission of the users. It is easy to get password protection as many software programs can easily do it.

Integrated Wi-Fi

It is another feature that has been added to the SD cards recently. It is a vendor addition and can be found in high-end smart SD cards to make sure that they work and update their firmware once the card is connected to the internet or Wi-Fi.

Part 2: Common Data Loss Scenarios for Micro SD Card

Some most common scenarios can happen to anyone to make sure that the data loss occurs. Though these scenarios can be overcome with perfection one should know these to make sure that at least the issue is known.

Card failure

There are copies of the original SD cards which can be found on any market. These cards are substandard and do not save the data as per the protocols. If these cards are used then you are sure to get into issues as the data loss is imminent. Always use the original card so you never get into any sort of issue. Card failure is something that happens abruptly and therefore cannot be predicted at all.

Virus and malware

If you search for micro SD recovery free online then this is another common scenario that comes up. It means that you can easily get the data loss if the card is connected to a machine infected with a virus or malware. This malware can cause issues and you will eventually get into trouble. Always use up-to-date anti-virus to overcome this problem.

Human Error

Humans are prone to error and this can also lead to issues. It is another common reason for which you can encounter data loss from SD card. It could anything from accidental formatting or at least the power surge. Human error is something that cannot be overcome at all.

Contacting the forbidden substance

It can be contacted with coffee, tea, or water and can damage the card completely. If this is the case there is only one way to make sure i.e. the hardware recovery. It is more expensive and consumes a lot of time.

Part 3: Is Micro SD Card Data Recovery Possible?

Yes, it is indeed possible to make sure that the SD card contents are recovered with perfection. To make this happen you can apply the fixtures that are mentioned in this section.

Using another device

If the SD card has been corrupted you need to make sure that it is connected to another device. It is another way to make sure that the data is recovered with perfection. This has happened to work with many users and hence a proposed solution.

Chkdsk Command

It is another important fixture that will make sure that you get the best outcome. It will also make sure that you get to find out whether or not the fixture is possible. The chkdsk command will make a detailed analysis to check the disk and let you know the fixture that can be applied.

Assigning a new letter

It is another important aspect that will make sure that the card starts to work once again. You just need to make sure that a new letter is assigned to the SD card. If the letter that has already been assigned is G: then just change to anything you like to resolve the issue.

Using the built-in solutions

Every card has a built-in solution to restore the files. Using this built-in solution will also make sure that you get the files back and the data is restored. The card can also be restored to a previous state and this will get you out of the issue.

Part 4: The Best Micro SD Card Data Recovery Software Free Download

The Recoverit Data Recovery is the best Micro SD card recovery software that will do the work of recovering without any delays. This software is highly advanced and kudos to the developers it also receives updates regularly. The best part of the software is the efficiency with which it gets the data recovered as well as the interface. The GUI of the software is highly advanced and easy to understand. Even a novice user can understand the interface and get the data recovered.

  • The program has been designed to recover 1000+ file types and formats and therefore it is the best micro SD recovery software.
  • The free online micro SD card data recovery is also possible with this program as it has an easy to understand interface.
  • You can also make sure that a deep scan is performed so that the videos and data are recovered which is otherwise not possible.
  • No matter what the cause of data loss is this software will make sure that you get it back for sure.

Step by Step Process

Step 1: Fire up the program

Once you have downloaded the program you need to make sure that it is launched to start.

run recoverit

Step 2: Select the SD card

Once started to select the SD card i.e. the location from which you want to recover the data.

recoverit interface

Step 3: Launch the process

Hit the scan button to make sure that the process of data recovery is launched.

operations during scanning

Step 4: Preview the data and save it

You need to preview the data that has been recovered. It will make sure that you get to keep the data that you want and discard others.

operations during scanning

Note: The free Recoverit Data Recovery software allows you to recover up to 100MB data for free. If you wish to recover more, get the license key, and recover unlimited files.

Part 5: Tips to Prevent Micro SD Card from Losing Data

To avoid this kind of loss you need to follow the tips that are mentioned as under. These tips will make sure that you get the best outcome and the data always remain protected no matter what.

Safely remove the SD card

If you are saving the photos from the SD card to the computer then you need to make sure that the hardware is always safely removed so that the card never gets corrupted. A micro SD card data recovery software free download is also handy in this regard and must always be there on your system.

Only write when there is power

You must always write the data to the card when the device has ample power. If the power finishes then you will have no choice but to format the card to get the work done. Again micro SD recovery software free download is recommended to make sure that such a situation is handled effectively.

Never use the substandard card

The data must be always saved to the SD card that is 100% workable. If this is not the case then the card must be never used at all. You need to purchase a new card so that the issue is resolved. The micro SD card recovery software full version free download is recommended to get the work done.

Keep the card safe

The card must be kept safe and secure all the time. You should never place the card in a place that is humid or has moisture. It will damage the card completely and the contents will become unreadable.

What if the microSD card is under write-protected? Then how to fix it and recover data back? Read on to go for the workable tips. - 4 minutes to read it.


Though there are many options to recover the data Recoverit Data Recovery is the best of all. It will make sure that you get the best results and the data is recovered successfully. It can also be used for micro SD card files recovery for free which makes this program as one of the best. It is regarded as one of the best ways to make sure that you never get into trouble and the data is never lost for no reason.

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