Eleanor Reed

Eleanor Reed

  • Photography freak with Wondershare for 3 years;
  • Specialized in picture, video, camera and SD card fixes;
  • Sharing thoughts and insights in plain English;
  • Avid lover for shooting, travelling and music songs.

Experience & Education


Eleanor Reed has been working along with our Wondershare team since the graduation from her college. The enthusiasm for shooting and recording grew her role within Recoverit to become an experienced content sharer about photo, video and music solutions. She deeply grasps how to deal with lost media files, damaged camera and corrupt memory card. She is good at translating complicated solutions into easy-to-understand ones.


Eleanor spent her college life in Ann Arbor, Michig an, where she was born and raised. There, she completed all the required courses successfully and excellently as a Computer and Information Sciences major. Besides, she took some optional courses related to photography principle and techniques. She’s fond of delving into something behind so-called great works, especially the camera, technique, and storage media. Hence, Eleanor built a solid foundation about how data becomes an image.


In 2016, Eleanor dabbled in writing tech solutions as a member of Wondershare, but then lost track of time. She’s ready for sharing her insights, experiences and troubleshooting with our users. Just as she said, "I enjoy helping people find out the solutions if need be. It’s a challenging and inspiring job to explore out the tech ways of keeping memories well-protected and remained forever. Even better if I can bring them the wonderful world of photography technology." Her special focus covers the recovery and repair of photographs, videos, audios, cameras and memory/SD cards.


Did you guess Eleanor’s also an avid music lover and traveler? Outside of work, you’ll find Eleanor spending time in hiking, travelling and photo taking. She enjoys collecting the landscapes and footprints around the world with her eyes and cameras. She loves Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE very much. Adele’s songs are her travelling companion.