How to Fix External Drive File System Error 65535

How to Fix External Drive File System Error 65535

Are you having an error 65535 on your external drive file system? You certainly find it irritating and problematic. No worries, in this guide you will get to know all the possible solutions for this problem.

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Q: How to fix file system error 65535 fast and safe?
“Recently, I connected my external hard drive with the computer. I was able to access my hard drive but unfortunately wasn’t able to perform any operations such as copy/modify, creating a folder or deleting files and folders because a file system error pops up “unable to create the folder error 65535”. This problem is creating hurdles for me to properly continue my academic performance. The drive is really significant for me, as it stores all my professional and personal data. I want to know safe and quick steps to slide out of this problematic situation.”

Errors like these are bound to exist when you are using a computer. The good part is that you can easily get rid of them in no time. In this guide you will get to know the signs when you might know that this error is going to occur. Further, you will get to know all the possible reasons of this dilemma, so tackling it in the future is much easier. Lastly, you will have the quick methods to solve this file system error 65535 once it has occurred. You just need to stick to the guide properly.

Part 1: What are the signs of the 65535 error?

There are signs of everything that exists in the world, you just need to know them to handle your situation. As for the file system error 65535 there do exist some of the signs. So, if your computer has the following mentioned issues, you are dealing with file system error 65535.

Part 2: Why does the 65535-error code occur?

Like every other error, the file system 65535 error code also has some reasons behind it. Firstly, you need to know the actual causes of this dilemma, rather jumping straight to the solutions. Knowing the reasons of this error will help you out in the future to tackle this error. There are number of perpetrator’s behind this trouble, most common of them are mentioned below;

Part 3: How to protect your computer against file system error 65535?

Finally, once you have known the reasons and signs of the problem, you surely are familiar with the situation you are in which now. After you have gone through all the above guide, it is time for you to know the finest possible methods to get rid of this problematic situation. You just need to follow the methods mentioned below carefully;

1. Implement data recovery to backup/restore data

There might be situations where you have already tried any of the methods to solve your problem, which would have put you in a situation of complete data loss. This problem might be bigger than the actual problem you are facing. The good part is data you can easily back up or restore all the lost data in a very short time span. You just need to use the best software mentioned below;


Recoverit Data Recovery is remarkable enough to recover more than 1000+ types and formats of data. Recoverit can recover data from almost any of the storage devices used in 21st century. Recoverit for external hard drives is widely known software all around the world.

Step 1: Launch recoverit on the computer

The first task is to download and install the recoverit software on your computer or Mac.

run recoverit

Step 2: Select the device

Once you’ve opened the application, the steps are easy and simple after that. You need to select the drive under the “devices” option in front of you.

recoverit interface

Step 3: Scan the location

Once you have pressed the tab of “start” the software will start the deep scanning process for the hard drive you want to recover data from. It will take a few minutes to finish the scanning. Sometimes, a few hours are required if many large-sized files are present.

operations during scanning

Step 4: Preview and recover files

After the process has been completed, you will be able to preview all the data you on your hard drive and now found after the deep scanning process. Moreover, when you click on the file, some information about the file will display, including the file name, file size, file path and the modified date. Without thinking further, you need to select the button of “recover” to enable the final and the most important recovering process.

preview recovered photos

2. Get rid of your system trash

The first method that you can use is the simplest one. You just need to get rid of your system trash to overcome this 65535-error. Make sure that you have made a backup of your data, because a slight mistake can delete your data. Follow the steps;

Step 1: Firstly, go to the command line and type “cleanmgr” and enter.

Step 2: After that, the system will start checking the possible trash on the disk.

windows clean up

Step 3: In the new “disk cleanup” window, select the folders you want to delete.

Step 4: press “Ok” and wait for the system to delete the files, once they are deleted, check if the error occurs or not.

3. Use SFC to fix the error

This method can be used anytime as it is a window’s built in function. Follow the steps;

Step 1: open the command line, right click on the “command prompt (administrator)”

Step 2: In the new dialog window, use the flashing cursor and enter the command “sfc / scannow” and press enter.


Step 3: disk scanning will take place and it will check if any error is existing or not. Further, it will also fix the detected errors.

If the error still persists, jump to the next method.

4. Make all updates on your PC

Sometimes your drives are outdated, although the windows remind you of updates very frequently, ignoring this can lead to failure of drives. Follow the instruction to make updates on your PC.

Step 1: download updates on trusted sites.

windows pc updates

Step 2: install them by the instructions attached with the downloaded updates.

5. Use CHKDSK to fix file system error 65535

You can utilize the command prompt to get out of the dilemma in no time, as this is also an effective method to fix the error. Follow these steps;

Step 1: Press ‘Windows+S’ and type CMD

Step 2: further, Right-click on the ‘Command Prompt’ and choose ‘Run as administrator.’

check disk

Step 3: let’s assume the connected external hard drive letter is E, type the following command in the command prompt window chkdsk /f /r E:

Step 4: press enter on the computer

Step 5: wait for the scanning and repairing procedure. Once it is completed, restart the system to check if the issue still exists.


The hard drives are prone to many issues with the passage of time, as they store the important data of yours, make sure that you follow every method in a proper manner so that your data is safe and sound. If in some cases it is deleted, then data recovery is the first thing you should go for.

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