How to Recover Data from Floppy Disk Without Formatting

Floppy disk data recovery can be done in 3 simple steps. Read on and get some floppy disk information and the solution to recover data from floppy disk.

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Can I Retrieve Data from Floppy Disk?

Here is my problem: Today when I was about to open my floppy disk and get some data from it, I got a message that the disk needed to be formatted. I have tried this floppy disk with other computers. The same. I wonder how to read a floppy disk without formatting it.

Though floppy disk is an old storage device with small memory, it is still used by some users nowadays. The floppy data loss issue is also a common problem that floppy disk users might encounter. So, what’s your idea to recover data from a floppy disk when data is lost? Read a little further to know some floppy disk information and get floppy drive data retrieval software.

Part 1. What Is Floppy Drive?

Floppy disk is no longer familiar data storage for many people since it has less storage capacity compared with other file storage devices like USB flash drive. But due to its portability and low cost, it is still used by some of us to save small-sized files.

What does a floppy disk do? You might ask this question? A floppy disk, also called diskette or a floppy, is the primary hardware to store a small amount of data, transfer files between different computers and back up the most important data. It is portable because you can remove the diskette from a disk drive. According to Wikipedia, you can read and write a floppy disk by a floppy disk drive (FDD).

Like other disk drives, a floppy disk can fall into corruption which results in the loss of files stored on it. The most frequent error message is that your floppy disk is not formatted. When the message appears, you should not follow the message and format the floppy disk. Instead, to read a floppy disk or recover files inside it, what you only need is lost data recovery software.

different sizes of floppy disks

Part 2. How to Recover Data from Floppy Disk?

The best solution for you to retrieve data from the floppy disk is to look for a floppy disk data recovery program to help you, instead of formatting the diskette. Here is what we would like to recommend for you: BadCopy Pro. It aims to retrieve data from inassessible floppy disk. Once the floppy disk is identified as "not formatted", "not accessible" or prompts you to format. You can download the software and recover your floppy disk.

Undelete Software to Fix Floppy Disk Data Loss Issues

The name of floppy disk results from one of its features. When you jolt it slightly, it can flop. So it is much more susceptible to diskette corruption and data loss than you imagine. And the floppy disk data loss scenarios can vary. However, what you can be sure is that Recoverit can recover files from floppy disk, no matter how the files get lost, deleted or formatted. Now, let's look at some data loss scenarios you might encounter.

  • The disk in Drive X is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?
  • X:\ is not accessible. The device is not ready.
  • Floppy disk is corrupted due to bad sectors or virus attacks.
  • Floppy diskette is not detected or recognized by your computer.
  • Format floppy drives or deletes files by accident.
  • Floppy disk becomes a RAW drive.

Regardless of any floppy drive data loss scenario you meet, seek help from BadCopy Pro and you can get the desired results - recover files from floppy disk smoothly.

How Can I Recover Deleted Files from Floppy Disk?

Step 1 Download and install BadCopy Pro to perform floppy disk data recovery on Windows computer.

launch badcopy

Step 2 Right click on the "Floppy Disk".

Step 3 Choose the "Recovery Mode". In the drop menu, you can kindly choose to repair the corrupted floppy disk first. Or go directly to recover files from the floppy diskette.

choose recovery mode

Step 4 Click on "Next" to continue the process. Step by step, you are able to repair the corrupted files from the floppy disk and recover the files.

What If You Need A Hard Drive Data Recovery?

In situation when your hard drive is asking for a format, you can save your data using Wondershare Recoverit. Here is a post for your reference to recover hard drive without formatting.

launch recoverit

Video Instructions: How to Recover Data from Damaged/Failed/Crashed Hard Drive?

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Part 3. What People Also Ask on Floppy Diskette

Besides the floppy drive data recovery issue, you might

1. Does formatting a floppy disk erase data?

Yes, absolutely. Formatting a disk or a USB deletes everything completely. So before you format it, file backup is a very important point for each of you. Thus, after the formatting, you can restore the files from your Cloud or local backup. Or unfortunately, you do not have backups and format your disk, stop any further operation and use a hard drive recovery program to restore data.

2. Can you convert the floppy disk to CD?

Yes, you can do it. Here are the steps.

  • Insert your floppy disk to the floppy drive on your computer.
  • Double click "This PC" to open the disk and view the floppy drive data.
  • Copy and paste the files and folders to another computer drive.
  • Insert a blank CD to the CD-Rewriteable drive and transfer the pasted files from a floppy disk.

3. How do I copy a floppy disk to a flash drive?

The steps are very similar to the process of converting the floppy disk to a CD. Insert the floppy and the flash drive on a healthy computer. And drag the files and folders from the floppy to the USB drive.


With BadCopy and Recoverit software, floppy disk and hard drive recovery can be simple, smooth, and swift. But if you format a floppy disk with the not formatted error, things will be different. What happens when you format a floppy disk? All the data stored on the floppy disk will be lost for good if you select YES to format the floppy disk. So on receiving the error message, the first step should be using BadCopy disk data recovery software to access and retrieve data from the floppy disk.

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