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How to Recover Deleted Applications from Mac Hard Disk Drive

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

There are many types of applications for all kinds of needs and they are very easy to install thanks to the dynamic and intuitive design of macOS. With just a couple of clicks, the application will be ready to use, however, the applications are not very different from the rest of the programs/software since these work in a very similar way, and for this reason, they can also fail, fortunately, These problems have a solution, the information that the application's host is recoverable in case your application has failed or even if you have accidentally deleted it.

In this article

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Apps?

Q: I deleted an application by mistake. Is there a way to recover it from my Mac Hard Disk Drive?

Daily Mac users depend on applications to perform their daily tasks. Applications can be deleted when they are no longer considered useful, but also by mistake or even by errors in the system (sometimes generated by automatic updates) and this can cause the information stored within the installation folder to be deleted, but neglect, the information deleted from your applications is recoverable and you can also prevent this type of problem from arising in the future by taking some precautionary measures.

Part 2: How Apps Get Deleted from Mac Hard Drive?

Generally, applications on Mac computers are removed using Launchpad or the Finder application, however, applications can also be removed unexpectedly due to some reasons. These are

Part 3: The Common Methods to Restore Deleted Apps on Your Mac

When you delete an application, it is always sent to the 'Trash' app, from this, you can restore your application and this is the easiest way to do it.

Step 1: Click on the 'Trash' icon, which is at the lower right corner of the Dock

restore from trash image 1

This will let you open the "Trash" application, which is the one that keeps the files and applications that you have deleted.

Step 2: Search for the application you want to restore

restore from trash image 2

You can search it manually in the list of the 'Trash' application or you can type its name in the search bar.

Step 3: Right-click on its icon and select "Put back" in the drop-down list

restore from trash image 3

After that, a pop-up window will be shown.

Step 4: Sign in to your Apple ID account

restore from trash image 4

If you haven't signed into your account, you will be asked to do it. Just write your username and password of your Apple ID account and then click on "OK" to sign in. After you finish, the deleted app will get back to its original location.

If you have deleted an application but you previously purchase it, you can download it again from App Store.

Step 1: Open "App Store"

restore from app store image 1

Open this application to access all the applications that you have installed.

Step 2: Click on your name in the lower-left corner of the window

restore from app store image 2

Now you can see all the applications you have installed, including the ones that you have deleted. You can realize which you have uninstalled because under their names they have a blue cloud icon.

Step 3: Click on the blue cloud icon to download your deleted application

restore from app store image 3

The installation will start immediately and once the process has finished you will be able to use the application.

You can reinstall an application if you have a CD or DVD.

Step 1: Insert the CD and install

restore from Installation cd image 1

Insert the CD into the CD drive. An installation menu will be shown, depending on the application, some options can be displayed. Just select the options that fit your needs and then install them.

Although iTunes is principally used to download and manage music files, there is a way to retrieve deleted apps in a specific section.

Step 1: Open "iTunes"

restore from itunes or icloud image 1

Open "iTunes" to access all of your personal information.

Step 2: Click on the "iTunes Store" tag

restore from itunes or icloud image 2

This will let you enter the store section of "iTunes".

Step 3: Open the "Purchased" apps menu

restore from itunes or icloud image 3

Click on "Purchased" to open the section of your purchased files and applications.

Step 4: Open the "Apps" section

restore from itunes or icloud image 4

Click on the "Apps" and "Not in My Library" tags.

Step 5: Search for the application you want to restore

restore from itunes or icloud image 5

Choose the application you want to reinstall and click on the white cloud icon which is at the upper right corner of the icon. The installation will start automatically and then you will be able to open it again.

Part 4: Sure Shot Solution: Restore Deleted Apps

Although the four ways to recover deleted apps are useful and can indeed restore your applications, it is not certain that you will get back all of the saved files, this means that you can use again the application with all of its features, but sometimes the deleted files not necessarily will be put back. This depends exclusively on the software, so sometimes it can be a coin toss if you will recover your data.

There is a way where you can retrieve deleted apps and all of the information linked to them through simple, fast, and trustworthy software which is Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac. You can download it at this link.

Next, I will show you how to recover your deleted apps' information.

Step 1: Select the Drive

mac data recovery

To recover any lost or deleted file from a drive, you should choose it as the target location for data scanning and searching.

Step 2: Scan the Drive

mac scanning lost files

An all-around scan starts once you make the choice. It usually takes a few minutes.

During the process, you can filter and locate files of your choice.

Step 3: Preview and recover files

mac photo recovery

After it, Recoverit provides the preview function for you before recovery. A variety of files can be previewed, such as pictures, videos, movies, audio, music, documents, and so forth. Then, select one or more files you want to restore and click "Recover" to get all of them back.


Delete apps in macOS is one of the most practical and efficient ways to free space and keep information organized. Users usually uninstall applications that are not required at the time and it is understandable. However, when it is needed to retrieve data from those apps, the process can be complex because not always the files are restored and this can be big trouble if you don't have any backup of your information. Fortunately, Recoverit will let you access all the files you lost after deleting any application in just a couple of minutes. Recoverit will restore the deleted information and also will repair any damaged file.

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