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Learning the Top 5 Best Solid State Hard Drive

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Solid State Hard Drive is slowly becoming just as prevalent as hard drives in the market today. You're probably wondering what is a Solid State Hard Drive and which SSD is right for you. Solid State Disk is also a common term for SSD used by consumers; it is a drive that uses a memory that is non-volatile as means of accessing and storing data. It uses microchips in storing data, similar to those ones in portable USB flash drives and they don't have moving parts unlike HDDs making them more durable, faster, and quieter than the regular drives in the market.

Our technology today evolves at a very rapid pace. If you are thinking about switching to Solid State Hard Drive to manage and store your important files, we've listed the top five SSDs you can find.


Company: Samsung

solid state hard drive

Review: Samsung SSD 850 is the little brother of the indisputable performance champion, Samsung Pro. It provides a good value to consumers since it comes with a cheaper price and has the same features as Samsung Pro. The compact comes from a 7mm form factor that easily fits into any notebook cases as an upgrade. Just like any other Samsung external Solid State Hard Drive innovations, the company has employed a 3D configuration on Samsung SSD 850 which makes it an easy recommendation especially to home users who wish to add a huge performance boost to their personal computers or notebooks. Samsung SSD 850 gains increasing popularity from its consumer as its 3D NAND continues to deliver very high endurance which quantifies the total amount of your data which can be written into the external Solid State Hard Drive. With its 75TB feature, users can write as much as 40 GB per day into their drive every day which can last for at least 5 years. This Solid State Hard Drive comes in a very wide range of capacities where endurance is typically doubled and takes longer to run out. Another incredible feature that's worth noting is its 3D V-NAND drive which can significantly improve user's laptop battery life than any other Solid State Hard Drives in the market. The technology does not compromise the quality, and even it features a very impressive 550 MB sequential read speed and 520 MB sequential write speed. The random read speed of Samsung SSD 850 is about 100, 000 in or outs per second through its RAPID mode. It also uses unused PC memory for improved performance. The TurboWrite features make a remarkable boost which makes it an incredible bargain for top performance.

Media Site which recommends it: CNET and PCMag

Price: $65 for 120GB, $100 for 250GB, $165 for 500GB, $374 for 1TB and $800 for 2TB

2. Transcend SSD370

Company: Transcend

solid state hard drive

Review: Transcend SSD370 is a smart choice for those who are looking for fast performance and affordability. With its notable specifications, this SSD spectrum continues to prove that it can compete with other top impressive drives. Its 2.5-inch body makes it very easy to be used as an upgrade. More so, it has a 3.5-inch mounting kit that users can use to upgrade a desktop. Transcend SSD370 is a good fit into any laptops because its 7mm thickness which already includes a cloning application on its SSD scope utility. One reason why consumers love using this SSD spectrum is its matching performance with 570 MB max sequential read and 470 MB sequential write speed.

Media Site which recommends it: CNET

Price:$57.99 (128 GB) up to $359.99 (1 TB)

3. Crucial MX200

Company: Crucial

solid state hard drive

Review: Crucial MX200 is a 2.5 inch SSD spectrum that is designed and built to last long. It is packed with helpful enterprise-class features and other features that will protect your data in case of any sudden power loss. It also supports SATA 3 for up to 6 GBPS and can work well with earlier revisions of the SATA standard. RAIN is one remarkable feature incorporated into the SSD that allows a portion of its flash memory to be dedicated as parity. With this, the data will be dispersed to multiple various storage components, so whenever one storage component fails, users can still be able to retrieve data from other components. Every storage component has 4 layers of Exclusive Data Defense to reduce any chance of data corruption. Indeed, Crucial MX200 is built with impressive durability!

Media Site which recommends it: CNET

Price: $140 for 250 GB, $250 for 500 GB and $470 for 1TB

4. Samsung SSD 850 Pro

Company: Samsung

solid state hard drive

Review: Samsung SSD 850 Pro is for people who do not mind paying the premium for external Solid State Hard Drive that delivers the highest capacity, reliable performance, and longest warranty time. This is very ideal for those who need to regularly write a huge amount of data on a daily basis. Aside from its remarkable performance of 550 MB sequential read and 470 sequential write its Rapid feature can further boost the SSD's performance. Rapid stands for Real-time Accelerated Processing of I/O Data that uses the available memory of the system host as input/output cache in order to boost its performance. This standard internal drive supports the latest SATA 3 but still works on a regular SATA hard drive. Similar to many SSDs available in the market today, Samsung SSD 850 Pro is 7mm thick and 2.5 inches diagonally. The company says users can write at least 150 TB on 256 capacities or 300 TB on the 512 GB capacity.

Media Site which recommends it: PCMag and CNET

Price: $98 for 128 GB, $152 for 256 GB, $255 for 512 GB, $489 for 1TB and $1,000 for 2TB

5. SanDisk Extreme Pro

Company: SanDisk

solid state hard drive

Review: SanDisk Extreme Pro is popular for its top performance and friendly pricing. More so, its 10 years of warranty period continues to entice consumers for those looking a considerable upgrade. More so, it has erased cycles or widely known as endurance where you can only write data to it until the drive becomes unreliable, just like any other SSDs in the market. Users can write data into the internal drive much less than 20GB in a day. SanDisk Extreme Pro claims high endurance that will surely give anyone peace of mind that his SSD will last longer than any of his computer parts.

Media Site which recommends it: CNET

Price: $189 for 240GB, $369 for 480GB, and $599 for 960GB.

Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) VS Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

In general, HDDs and SSDs do the same work they can boot your system and store your personal files and important information. But, it's important to note that every type of storage has its own incredible unique feature set. SSD offers faster speed, boosting your system in seconds while HDD will require time to speed up. Moreover, the external solid-state hard drive provides better durability in keeping your data safe because of its advanced features while HDD technically parks read/write when the system is off. Lastly, SSDs are available on 2.5-inch solid-state hard drive laptops while HDDs still rely on spinning platters and there's a limitation on how small they can be manufactured.

If you lose data on your Solid State Hard Drive, unfortunately, don't worry! You still have the chance to get lost data back. To recover files from Solid State Hard Drive, you can have tried the following tool.

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