How to Erase Mac Hard Drive

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There are plenty of reasons to erase Mac hard drive. From getting rid of sensitive information to troubleshooting a problem, Mac users prefer to wipe their hard drives on numerous occasions. Since the native data eraser tool of Mac erases Macintosh HD temporarily, it is important to take the assistance of a third-party tool. In this post, we will teach you how to erase Mac hard drive permanently with no recovery scope. Read on and erase Mac hard drive without any trouble.

Part 1: Back up Your Data Before Erasing Mac Hard Drive

Needless to say, since your data would be deleted after wiping your hard drive, it is important to take its backup beforehand. In this way, you can troubleshoot the problem regarding your Mac and that too without losing your important files. Additionally, even if you are reselling your Mac, you would be able to retain your information while resetting Mac.

If your hard drive has been infected by malware, then you can also get rid of any malicious presence by wiping it entirely. Beforehand, make a second copy of your data to take its backup. There are plenty of third-party backup tools that can also help you do the same.

Part 2: How to Erase Mac Hard Drive

To erase Macintosh HD, you can take the assistance of its native interface. Just like Windows, Mac also has a disk utility tool that can help you perform a wide range of tasks related to your hard drive. Its data eraser can erase Mac hard drive and reset it entirely. Furthermore, you can also select the degree of a security level that you wish to imply on the hard drive. To learn how to erase Mac hard drive, simply follow these easy instructions.

    1. Firstly turn on your Mac and go to its Applications > Utilities. This will launch the Disk Utility tool.
    2. On the left panel, you can view all the internal and external hard drives that are connected to your system. Simply click on the hard drive partition you wish to erase.

erase mac hard drive

    1. This will launch the following pop-up window. From here, you can simply provide the name for your hard drive and select the formatting scheme.
    2. Additionally, you can click on the "Security Options" to set the degree of security you wish to attain as you erase Macintosh HD.

erase hard drive on windows

    1. The "Fastest" option will erase Mac hard drive in the least secure but the fastest manner. As you would move to the "Most Secure" side, the time needed to erase Macintosh HD will increase with the level of security.

erase mac hard drive on windows

    1. Simply make your selection and click on the "Ok" button.
    2. In the end, just click on the "Erase" button and wait for a while as the utility tool will wipe your Mac hard drive entirely.

erase mac hard drive on windows

By following these steps you would be able to learn how to erase Mac hard drive entirely. We recommend that you should go with the most secure option. Even though this would be a more time-consuming option, it will provide a secure result. Nevertheless, by taking the assistance of a third-party data recovery tool, your deleted content can be restored. Therefore, if you wish to permanently erase Macintosh HD, then you should use a dedicated data eraser.

Part 3: How to Erase Hard Drive on Windows Computer

If you are looking for an easy way to wipe your Mac hard drive with no recovery option, then you should give Stellar BitRaser for file a try. Since this data eraser tool is available for Windows, you would be needed to attach your Mac hard drive to your Windows system. To let your Windows system detect your Mac hard drive, you need to format it. Choose the file system as "exFAT" so that your Windows system can read the hard drive. Needless to say, it will format your hard drive.

format mac hard drive

Even after formatting it, data can be recovered. Therefore, you can now take the assistance of Stellar BitRaser for File to erase Mac hard drive permanently. The tool can erase selective content or wipe an entire drive. Additionally, it can be used to remove system traces, applications, log files, Internet activities, and more. BitRaser for File has provided several algorithms for its users to pick from. It also generates an erase certificate, in the end, giving an added guarantee to its users.

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    1. Download Stellar BitRaser for file on Windows computer, take your mac hard drive and connect to PC.
    2. Launch BitRaser for file, click the section "Erase Now" and select Mac hard drive to process.

erase mac hard drive

  1. Click the "Erase Now" button to start to erase Mac hard drive.
  2. You can reboot your system after the erasure completes.

In this way, you would be able to learn how to erase Mac hard drive entirely without any recovery scope. To get an added assurance, you can always apply for multiple passes and erase Macintosh HD permanently while attaining an extra layer of security.

By following this tutorial, you would be able to learn how to erase Mac hard drive entirely and that too with zero recovery scope. Even though Mac provides a native solution to it, you should take the assistance of a third-party tool like Stellar BitRaser for File to erase Mac hard drive securely. Feel free to give it a try and always keep your crucial information protected.

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