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Top 30 iPhone Wallpapers for iPhone 6s/6/5s/5

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Are you looking for some good wallpapers for your iPhone? Customizing your iPhone to suit your personality and mood is quite common nowadays. Changing your ringtone and wallpaper are some of the few days to customize your iPhone quickly. So if you are also looking for some good iPhone wallpapers, then here is a list of top 30 iPhone wallpapers that might interest you!

1. Think Positive Quote Wallpaper

If you are feeling low or if you just love reading positive quotes for inspiration, then this wallpaper is the perfect pick for you!


wallpaper iPhone 01

2. Vibrant Color Splash Wallpaper

Would you like to adorn your iPhone in some of the best vibrant colors? If yes, then try out this new vibrant color splash wallpaper which will soothe your eyes and make you feel more lively.


wallpaper iPhone 02

3. Harley Davidson Wallpaper

If you have a craze for bikes, then adorn your iPhone with this cool Harley Davidson wallpaper!


wallpaper iPhone 03

4. 3D Drops Wallpaper

If you want to stay close to nature, then this 3D drops wallpaper is a good choice for you!


wallpaper iPhone 04

5. Colorful Apple Wallpaper

This colorful apple wallpaper has a black background along with a colorful apple logo which makes it a classy choice for your iPhone.


wallpaper iPhone 05

6. Apple Eats Android Wallpaper

If you are a big Apple fan, then this wallpaper is quite suitable for you! This wallpaper depicts an Apple logo eating the Android logo.


wallpaper iPhone 06

7. Apple Logo on Fire Wallpaper

This Apple logo on fire wallpaper is quite realistic wallpaper which will add a new dimension to your iPhone.


wallpaper iPhone 07

8. Cool Dice Wallpaper

If you are looking for high-quality cool wallpaper, then this wallpaper might interest you! It depicts dices which have an Apple logo on one of them.


wallpaper iPhone 08

9. Cute iPhone Wallpaper

This is a very cute and girly wallpaper which is a perfect wallpaper for any casual occasion.


wallpaper iPhone 09

10. Butterfly on Coffee Wallpaper

If you have been searching for a beautiful casual wallpaper, then this wallpaper is an ideal choice for you!


wallpaper iPhone 10

11. Beautiful Painting Wallpaper

If you are an art lover, then you would probably understand the depth of this beautiful painting which has been digitized to form a perfect iPhone wallpaper!


wallpaper iPhone 11

12. Blurred Dotted Lights Wallpaper

This blurred dotted lights wallpaper is a perfect pick for all the beauty lovers who wish to adorn their iPhone in beautiful wallpapers.


wallpaper iPhone 12

13. Colored Wooden Plank Wallpaper

If you like colorful wallpapers, then this colored wooden plank wallpaper is a must-have for you!


wallpaper iPhone 13

14. 3D Bubble Wallpaper

This 3D bubble wallpaper is a perfect piece of art that portrays bubbles rising in the air. The color combination is vibrant yet soothing and beautiful to look at!


wallpaper iPhone14

15. Colorful Smoke Wallpaper

A yet another beautiful masterpiece for your iPhone, this colorful smoke wallpaper combines some of the best colors and is available for download for free!


wallpaper iPhone 15

16. Sweet Home Painting Wallpaper

A simple, common yet appealing piece of picture designed by a popular artist is now available for download for free!


wallpaper iPhone 16

17. Porche Wallpaper

If you are a Porche lover, then this Porche HD Wallpaper will be a perfect choice for your iPhone!


wallpaper iPhone17

18. Stitched Apple Logo Wallpaper

Apple logo is available as wallpaper in a number of variants and if you are looking for some dark background rugged-looking wallpaper, then this wallpaper might be a good choice.


wallpaper iPhone 18

19.  Colorful MJ Wallpaper

Love MJ? The answer would definitely be a yes! So if you are looking for some good MJ wallpapers, then this colorful MJ wallpaper is a good option to consider.


wallpaper iPhone 19

20. Have No Fear Quote Wallpaper

If you like having quotes as your wallpaper, then this Have No fear wallpaper is a must-try for you! The wallpaper combines mild and beautiful colors which are also soothing for eyes.


wallpaper iPhone 20

21. The Groovy Guitar Wallpaper

If you are a great music fan, then this wallpaper is definitely a good choice for your phone!


wallpaper iPhone 21

22. Colorful Mouth Wallpaper

This is a really cool wallpaper which is a combination of some of the most vibrant colors. It will enhance the overall look and feel of your iPhone.


wallpaper iPhone 22

23. Sober Background Wallpaper

If you are looking for a simple and sober wallpaper, then this background wallpaper is an ideal choice that will not only suit your needs but will also make your iPhone look decent.


wallpaper iPhone 23

24. 3D Boxes Wallpaper

This is yet another cool 3D wallpaper which is absolutely free to download. The wallpaper depicts 3D boxes floating in the air.


wallpaper iPhone 24

25. Light Background Wallpaper

For people who are looking for something very simple and sober for their iPhone, this wallpaper is definitely a good choice. With light colors and simple pattern, this wallpaper attracts users who are looking for a simple casual wallpaper.


wallpaper iPhone 25

26. Natural Autumn Wallpaper

If you want to keep nature beside you, then this beautiful autumn wallpaper is a suitable choice for you!


wallpaper iPhone 26

27. Color Splash Wallpaper

Everyone loves beautiful colors on their iPhone and when you download this wallpaper, it makes sure to bring out the best soothing and vibrant colors.


wallpaper iPhone 27

28. Mystery Man in Suit Wallpaper

This mystery man in suit wallpaper is a dark wallpaper which depicts a man standing in a suit whose face is not visible. You can easily download this wallpaper for free!


wallpaper iPhone 28

29. Captain America Wallpaper

If you are a Captain America fan, then this wallpaper will instantly become your favorite choice.


wallpaper iPhone 29

30. Clear Tropical Wallpaper

Do you love beaches and want your iPhone to depict the same love? Well, if so, then download this cool tropical wallpaper to enjoy the tropical feeling.


wallpaper iPhone 30

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