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How to Recover Memory Card Not Showing Pictures on Computer

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

"Hello, my pictures won't load from my SD card. I do not think it is because of a virus, because I formatted it once, and it is still doing the same thing. Now, I can't find and view my pictures on my SD card, camera, or computer."

This article will cover why many users can't view their pictures on their computers, what to do when you encounter the issue, and how to avoid other issues associated with the process.

To go about this efficiently, we will require that you strictly follow instructions while using our methods. The methods are effective and optimized for different devices.

Situation 1: I can't view pictures on Sd card, camera and PC

Imagine leaving an occasion with a high number of important pictures and getting to know that you can't view them on your SD Card, Camera, or PC. That is how annoying this issue can be.

There are many reasons why you can't view those beautiful pictures on any of your devices. Each one will be carefully explained in this article. Yes, the issue is annoying, but if you strictly follow our instructions, you will solve it.

Below are a few factors responsible for the error and their solutions.

1. Virus/Malware Infection

Malware infection is a major cause of SD card corruption. Infection by malware occurs when you use an SD card on multiple devices or accept files from an unsecured origin

Solution: Get an Antivirus

If the problem is as a result of malware infection, use an antivirus. There are many antiviruses on the market, and it is better to choose the one having the best security. You can check Cnet or Techradar for the best ones for your device.

2. Damaged Card Reader

Another reason why you might not be able to view pictures on an SD card, camera, or pc is a damaged card reader. This is not as hard as the other because it does not involve technical knowledge.

When the card reader becomes damaged, any device will not be able to read the SD card.

Solution: Change Your Card Reader

If the problem is due to a damaged card reader, there are two things you can do. The first thing is to check if the card reader is not working. You can check whether your card reader is working by using another PC.

Depending on the status of the card reader, you can then choose to change it or continue using it.

3. Write Protection

Write protection will not let you have access to your files on any device that you want to use. It occurs due to many reasons. It can occur due to a limitation set by the system admin, a damaged drive, or issues with the registry entry. Another way it can occur is due to full storage.

Solution 1: Deactivate the Switches

Write protection might occur due to the activation of switches found on the edge card reader

To remove the write protection, deactivate the switches.

To locate the position of the switches, check the manual that came with the SD card.

Solution 2: Use the Registry Editor

This method is ideal for Windows and Registry Editor is another way to disable write protection. Follow these steps to begin the process.

Type Regedit on the search interface and open the Registry Editor

deactivate write protection

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control

deactivate write protection

Navigate to StorageDevicePolicies

deactivate write protection

Create a new reg_dword and name it WriteProtect

Change the registry value to "0" and click on "OK."

deactivate write protection

Situation 2: Fix memory card not showing pictures on computer

The previous scenario was about why you can't view pictures on SD cards, cameras, and computers. However, this is not the only scenario that users experience.

The major scenario people experience is memory cards not showing pictures on computers, while it is showing on camera. Another one is that pictures are not loading from an SD card.

In this part, we will talk about several scenarios under this one and how to solve them.

Situation 3: I can view pictures on my SD card on the camera but not on the computer

There are many factors responsible for why you can't view pictures on my SD card on the camera but not on the computer. Each one will be carefully discussed based on the cause and the solutions

1. Write Protection

Write protection on your SD card will not allow you to view any files on your computer. It is evident in the warning sign it gives "the disk is write-protected."

You can check above on the solutions to write protection

2. Corrupted Drivers

If the driver responsible for managing storage on your computer is faulty, you won't have access to any of your files. This problem is to Windows, and when it happens, the Device Manager displays the card with a yellow mark.

The problem might seem much to handle, but if you follow instructions, you can easily solve the problem. Below are things you can try.

Method 1: Update the Driver

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall the faulty driver

Situation 4: My pictures won't load from my SD card

Another issue is when pictures won't load from an SD card. There are many reasons why this can also happen. For example, it can be due to the following:

1. Incompatible image format

The image might not load due to the difference in the format used in saving each picture. Though Windows or Mac can load images of different formats, when the format cannot be read, it won't load.

To solve the problem, simply crosscheck the file format by which the images were saved on the camera. Then reset them to a more widely accepted image file format so that you can view your pictures irrespective of the operating system.

2. Unreadable Card

One of the more common reasons why users find it hard to load images from an SD card is an unreadable card. Users experiencing this problem see a dialog box with the notification, "Do you want to format the card!". When this dialog box shows up, do not format the card, if you do, all the files on the SD card will be deleted.

To recover the files without formatting your SD card, use a powerful data recovery software A good software you can try is Recoverit Data Recovery Software. The software is ideal for recovering files on any storage device because of excellent results, and its compatibility with any type of file. You can download the software on both Mac and Windows before beginning the process.

Follow these steps to recover pictures on your SD card.

Step 1: Connect your SD card and Start the Process

To recover SD card data, you need to connect the device to your computer, launch the Recoverit tool and click "Start".

recover files from damaged sd cards

Step 2: Scan the SD Card and Search for Data

It will take a few minutes or a bit more to scan your device and display the data.

external drive scan

Step 3: Preview and Recover the File

After completing the process, a pop-up notification will show the files recovered. Preview each file and click on the "Recover" icon. Save the pictures on another location.

preview and recover files from damaged sd cards

Situation 5: How to use your SD card and camera for safe photo storage?

Having issues with your SD card and a camera can be frustrating, especially when you have to deal with files such as pictures not showing. Below are tips on how to use your SD card and camera for safe photo storage.

1. Check for Quality

Before you get your SD card, check the quality, and know about the file system it supports. There are many SD cards out there, with different specs and manufacturer. You can get a good one from Amazon, however, check their reviews before buying them.

2. Format SD Card before using on the system

Format the SD card on the camera of your choice before using it. This is done so that it is formatted in the file system supported by the camera. When the file system is compatible, the occurrence of errors becomes reduced.

3. Don't Use One SD card with Multiple Devices

Using one SD card with multiple devices is an efficient way of getting malware. Therefore, make sure you use only one SD card with a device.

3. Switch off your camera before removing SD cards

Before you remove your SD Cards from your camera and other devices, make sure you first switch off the device. Abrupt removal of the card during operation can result in a corrupted SD card.

4. Do not use every storage space

Manufacturers do advise computer owners not to use fill up their hard disks to the brim. The reason for this advice is its effect on performance. The same principle applies to your SD card.

You may also want to try remove partitions from SD card.


Not being able to view your pictures can be a little over the top. Although there are many questions over the internet, people still have problems with the issue. This article has done justice to the question by showing you the cause of the problem, the different scenarios it can occur, and how to solve each one.

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