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4 Solutions to Fix Total Identified Windows Installations: 0 Error

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

With every operating system comes problems out of hindering the performance of our systems. Sometimes out of the blue and sometimes in the most unexpected times. Most of the time the problem is recurring through the startup process and It leaves us helpless not knowing what to do and if doing something will help or cause more damage sometimes. So naturally, whenever the total identified windows installations 0 error pops up on the screen most of us are transfixed and unsure of what our next move is going to be. This article will help with different ways to help you fix that problem.

Part 1. Causes of Total Identified Windows Installations: 0Error

There are mostly two common reasons for this error to occur on your computer and knowing these might help you avoid the error in the first place as well.

1st Cause: File system integrity is compromised

This occurs when we unknowingly switch our pc off while it is writing vital data to the boot zone. This causes our file systems to be corrupted or damaged leading to the error.

2nd Cause: Corrupted or missing Binary-Coded Decimal (BCD)

This is one of the most commonly occurring causes of error as it is mostly out of our control. This includes power outages, booting sector viruses affecting the PC, disk writing issues, or errors made while configuring the BCM manually.

Part 2. Solutions to fix "Total identified windows installations 0"

Solution 1: Perform System Restore

This is the easiest way to deal with the error as this simply involves rolling the pc back to a point (manually saved earlier) when the error didn't exist on the PC.

Step 1 - Right-click on 'My Computer" or "Mp Pc" Icon on your desktop and click on "Properties". Now click on "System Protection" which opens a system to restore the window.

system restore window

In case you want to create a restore point manually, you can use the "Create" option to set one up to use later on.

system restore point

This is the most effective way of dealing with the error. However, it is only effective if there is a restore point created to a time before the error occurred.

Solution 2: Repair BCD with Windows installation Disc or the third-party tool

1. With Windows Installation Disc (complex)

For this, you will need your Windows installation DVD disc and a reliable method of handling the error.

Step 1 - First put the DVD in the drive and restart the system. Now you will have to start the boot to get to the install option on the PC. Once on the install page, you will have to click on the "Repair your computer"

repair your computer

Step 2 – Choose "Troubleshoot" followed by "Command Prompt".

command prompt

Step 3 - Once in the command prompt, we will need to use the following commands to help us with the repair.

Once these steps are completed, the following message will pop up on the screen

successfully scanned windows installations.
total identified windows installations: 1
[1] c:\windows
add installation to boot list? Y/N/A

Type "Y" (Yes) to answer that question and click on "Enter" now to complete the operation and repair the BCD. All you have to do now is to restart your system and continue with windows normally.

2. Using the Third-party partition tool (simple)

There is a much simpler way to restore/ repair your BCD to fix the total identified windows installations 0 error. Just use 3rd party software to make things easier. The AOMEI Partitions Assistant comes in very handy in this situation by making the process so easy that anyone who can repair their BCD.

Step 1: Install and launch the AOMEI software.

You can search on Google for "AOMEI Partition Assistant" and install the software. Once installed, launch the software by double-clicking on it.

Step 2: Using the AOMEI software to repair BCD

Once you launch the software, just click on the System drive partition out of the list available on the screen and select the disk operation "Rebuild MBR" (Master Boot Record).

rebuild mbr

This will open a window that lets you select which MBR type you need for the current operating system and then click on apply on the top right corner of the screen.

selecting mbr os

applying for the recovery

Once this is done, just click on "Proceed" to start the operation. This reinstalls the missing files in your BCD meaning it runs a business as usual.

Solution 3: Repair Registry Entries

This method also uses the boot disk to repair the necessary files on the PC.

Step 1 - Once again use the following steps to open the command prompt on once you restart the system

"Repair your computer" > "Troubleshoot" > "Command Prompt"

command prompt

Step 2 - First we need to find our which partition holds the system registries. For that, we need to use the following commands.

diskpart > list vol

repair registries

In the above image, the partition is "Volume 2". Once it is done, type the command "exit" and then click on "Enter".

1. Now use the below command to copy the necessary registry files from the boot.

xcopy c:\windows\system32\config\regback c:\windows\system32\config

This will prompt an overwrite question if it is to all the folders (Default, Sam, Security, Software, and system) or not with an "(Yes/No/All) question. Now type the command "A "for All and click on "Enter". This will copy all the necessary files and you just need to restart your system now to resume as normal.

Solution 4: Reinstall Windows 10

This is a sure-shot way to deal with the problem but should be considered the last option as it completely wipes your system operating drive.

Step 1 - Use the Windows 10 bootable USB drive or a DVD and change the BIOS boot order accordingly and restart the PC. Once on the windows set up a page, select the required language from options, and click on "Next" to take you to the installation page.

windows install

Step 2 - Now enter the activation key in the window available and click on "Next". Now select the operating system from the list available and click on "Next" to complete the installation process.

windows activation key

The Bottom Line

With the above available options to save us from the dreaded five letter error "total identified windows installations 0" that prevents us from using our PCs, it is relaxing to know that a few people are working to make the tasks of repairing our devices a lot easier than it usually is and for that, we think the AOMEI partition assistant is the most simple and easiest way to seek assistance from. Not only is it easy to use but it is built keeping in mind that not every person using electronic devices is tech-savvy' so anyone can use it.

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