How to Split Partitions without Data Loss

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The term "partition" is both a verb and a noun. When you partition a hard drive, you physically split several sections on the hard drive; each of these sections is called a partition. A partition defines a specific area of a hard drive. Sometimes people may want to split partition windows 7/XP due to different reasons.

Why Need to Split Partition?

Splitting partition is very convenient so you would like to have more partitions to store various kinds of data, including photos, videos or personal working files etc. Some users have Windows 7 installed in their computer with only two partitions, and the second partition is very large. Now they want to have three partitions.

It also might be a common problem for most users because when they purchase the new computer and there is only one partition. It is not safe to have system programs and personal data in one partition, because you may possibly need to reinstall the system when your computer is under virus attack, and lose those personal data after installing the system again. If you have two or more partitions, you won't have such kind of problem.

How to Split Partition without Data Loss?

"I want to split the partition but the problem is that I have some data in that partition?"

Is it possible to split the partition without losing data? The Disk Management in Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is safe and reliable to split partitions. What's more, it also has functions like creating, deleting, hiding, formatting, merging, resizing and converting partitions etc.

Running the Disk Management to split partitions, here choose the "Partition Genius" in the main interface of "Disk Management".

split partition

Step 1: Select the Resize Partition wizard

After entering the Partition Genius, there are different partition wizards for your choice. Select "Resize Partition Wizard", which allows you to split partitions.

split partition

Step 2: Choose a partition

Choose your designated partition from the list or block area on the main screen. Then go to "Next".

split partition windows 7

Step 3: Set the partition space

Set the partition size here. You can enter the size number you want into the box, or just drag the yellow circle to enlarge or shrink the space of the partition.

xp split partition

Step 4: Split partition

After setting well the size, click to "Resize now" to split the partition. After the splitting, your hard disk will be like the one below displayed on the interface as follow.

split partition windows xp

Tips for splitting partition:
1. Splitting partition may cause loss to your data, therefore data backup is recommended.
2. Before splitting partition, checking partition is also highly recommended.
3. Splitting the partition that includes your operating system is not recommended.
4. If Split is dimmed (unavailable) on the Partition menu, it is most likely because you are trying to split a primary partition when you have already reached the maximum four primary partitions (such as three primary partitions and one extended partition) allowed on a hard disk. You can, however, use Split on a logical partition within an extended partition. You cannot use the Split operation to convert the original partition from primary to logical or vice versa.

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