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iOS 13 Wallpaper– How to Fix the Live Wallpaper Issue on an iPhone?

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

"How to download an iOS 13 wallpaper? I would love to add more color to my iPhone with new live wallpaper. Can I download a new wallpaper on my device with any additional hassle?"

The conventional layout of an average iOS-based device could seem a little dull, and there are several ways to spice things up on your iPhone. One of them is adding a new and fresh live wallpaper to the device. If you use the iPhone 6s or any other version beyond that, then you know what we are talking about as the new live wallpaper feature on the iOS adds an extra flair to the device. In this article, we will look upon various parts of the internet that allow you to download both live and simple wallpaper for your device. Not only that, but we will also look upon the method to fix the issue when the live wallpaper's animation refuses to operate fully on the iOS-based device.

Part 1: iOS 13 Wallpaper – How to download a live wallpaper to your iOS 13 iPhone?

You have the utmost freedom to download any live wallpaper on your phone from any third-party platform on the internet, but the securest way to download authentic wallpapers is from the Apple App Store. All you need to do to get any worthy live wallpaper for your iOS device is search "Live Wallpaper" on the search bar of the app-shopping platform and download any particular wallpaper you like.


iOS13 wallpaper 1

After downloading the wallpaper, you would have to set the animation manually as your permanent wallpaper by performing the procedure mentioned below:


iOS13 wallpaper 2




iOS13 wallpaper 3

Part 2: iOS 13 Wallpaper – Where to download iOS 13 wallpaper?

There are several independent platforms on the internet that allow you to download every type of wallpaper(Live & Simple) on your iOS 13 device.


iOS13 wallpaper 4

The most common platform is by typing the keywords "iOS Wallpaper download" on google and click on the first link Google offers to you. You can also download iOS13 wallpapers from the following platforms:

Part 3: iOS 13 Wallpaper – How to fix live wallpaper not working in iOS 13:

The sudden drainage of battery and other common issues like that could lead to living wallpaper not working on the iOS 13 devices. Here are some solutions to fix the iOS 13 wallpaper not working problem:


iOS13 wallpaper 5

The Bottom Line:

Once you get a device as brilliant as an iPhone, the users get more inclined to add some additional features such as a live wallpaper. In this article, we have talked about various platforms to download and use the live wallpaper on the iOS 13 device. Furthermore, we have also talked about some solutions to common problems that could happen to Live wallpaper. It is highly recommended for you to download wallpapers or any such file for that matter on your smartphone from trusted sources if you wish to avoid the phone getting infected with malware.

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